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  1. Ian, Thanks for the reply. ONce again I have chosen the exception to every rule. The Palm Lifedrive. An AWESOME PDA to be sure, between the internal and 1 sd card I have 8GB of storage and after xmas I'm swapping the 4GB HD w/ a 4GB flash so it will FLY! BUT because of the way the lifedrive works it gets recognized by linux as soon as its plugged in, you hit hotsync (if your connecting with USB) and it DISCONNECTS from the HW and then immediately RE connects, and then bombs out. this is a known issue with the lifedrive and linux. SO everyone that I can find that uses one, uses WIFI. Mine "seems" to connect just fine, except that I have to keep running that one line BEFORE I launch KPILOT, or it doesnt connect at all. I agree that there seems to be a KPILOT issue, but since most folks here use WM devices theres not a lot of folks who use pilots, so i tried to address it from a programming angle. I actually posted the same thing ON the KPILOT forum, but since its been 18 months 3 weeks and 2 days since the last post there, it may be a while. Thanks for your suggestion and you may be right. I may just write a small script file and run it all from CLI. The wife wont be thrilled, but thats ok, as lomg as it works, thats what counts. J
  2. I'm using Mandriva 2009 with KDE 3.5.9 and a Palm Lifedrive with wireless networking to sync to KONTACT abd KPILOT. Due to some construction issues in the hotsync button and the USB combined with the way Linux reads the USB, I cant sync using a cradle. So I load KPILOT and try and sync and nothing happens. From a search elsewhere I have found that if I open a console and type "pilot-xfer -p net:any -l" <return> It then starts listening on all ports and as soon as I hit hotsync on my lifedrive everything proceeds fine. Questions: 1) Is there something wrong with my KPILOT install that this should be loading automatically? 2) If I load KPILOT before this conmmand there is no way to sync after that. 3) Once I DO sync this command "ends" and if I want to sync again I have to open another konsole relaunch the command, the re launch KPILOT SO if KPILOT is installed properly, is there some way that I can load up a shortcut or script or something that would launch THAT command: "pilot-xfer -p net:any -l" <return> Then launch KPILOT and the once the sync is DONE relaunch that command in the background? "pilot-xfer -p net:any -l" <return> I know that this is more of a generic linux issue than a KPILOT issue, but any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks J [moved from Software by Greg2]
  3. One suggestion that I could give you is to ask this question in the general HW forum if you havent already. Although your using MCNL, it really isb't anything more than a stripped down MDV 2007.1. So i think its less a MCNL issue and more of a driver issue. although I understand the issue. I have a 'car pc' that uses a VIA C3 processor and unichrome graphics. EVEN though MDV now "supprts" oth out of yje box, I never make it past the selection screen to even start my install. Gnome works great (but I hate gnome) so i finally resorted to WOLVIX. works great and i really only use it as a BIG mp3 player so I'm ok with it j
  4. unfortunatly 2007.1 wasthe last offical version of MCNL released, the creator retired. there are several of us working on a more contemporary version, but thats a whole nother story. ive never worked with intel video, but linux in general trips me up a lot in resolution changes typically in the same way. 1st I would go into the hardware display setup and make sure you hardware is setup properly. you mentioned that your monitor is configured as a 1200x800 generic flat panel. I've never had good luck with thoise "in between sizes" have you tried using generic flat panel 1280x1024 for the monitor? and then under the DESKTOP setup see if it will allow you to resize it to 1200x800? again its a 2 step setup 1st you setup your hardware properly, THEN you go in and setup your desktop, always used to catch me too! try that and let us know. however if MCNL is working well for you BUT you want a LITTLE better HW detection you can always try PCLINUXOS minime 2008. Its a cross between 2007.1 and 2008. I'm using that, along with the scripts from PDL and MCNL and everything is pretty stable. the ONE caveat is that PCLOS uses the Synaptec Package Manager (instead of URPMI - although RPMI is still available) hope this helps. j
  5. am i the ONLY one who posts links? http://www.pendriveapps.com/category/audio-video-tools/ this page has 3 different "portable burner" apps pn it. I havent used the 1st one "infra" fut totally free and deep burn i use a lot. you notice the site is called portable apps. these were made to be used from a USB key, but dont HAVE to be. the idea is that you can run them from soemthing like a usb key and NOT have to install them. I use them on my wifes VISTA laptop (compaq) as well as at work all the time they work very well. and of course has already been suggested. you MUST use the option to "burn and IMAGE" not create a data disk. its an easy mistake to make, but once you get it down its a breeze! j
  6. ditto on taking your time. although wiping your drive and starting from scratch does make things move a LOT faster, it will ALMOST bring a grown man to tears the 1st few times it happens by accident. but I figure that now a days if you have a broad band connection, the ONLY thing you cant immediately recover is personal docs and pix, so killing an entire drive isnt as big a deal as it used to be. HOWEVER that IS why I suggest a SEPERATE /home partition. people will TELL you this a lot, but until you go through an "upgrade" and LOSE youre home and then have to try and rebuild it, and then later put it on a seperate partition and do like I just did, 2008.1 to 2009, and are able to reboot and EVERYTHING you need isn right where you left it. then you'll be a believer. but as dave says Linux will only get better and better. I came to MDV back in 7,1 (?) and thought that COMPARTITIVELY Mandrake was the greatest thing since sliced bread. well you compare 7.1 to 9 and its like comparing windows 3.1 to winXP j
  7. dave thanks for the 2008.1 link, I found that last night after someone said over at MDV.com that AW had posted it. Kompozer works great again! as for Bluefish, I actually had that installed at one time and just never took to it. I cant remember now what it was, but I guess because I dont spend THAT much time working on the web, i forget and have to re learn a lot. just like Joomla, lOOKS INCREDIBLE, but WOW Even with the great documentation there are some very BASIC issues I'm not seeing addressed. j
  8. ok, I am just about OVER killing my partition and doing a whole new install everytime a 6 month version upgrade comes out. so after running 2009 clean insatll on my wifes pc since it was released, and running 2009 plus kde4 on my laptop for 2 weeks and not having any issues So for grins I updated my repos to 2009 and tried auto update all MANY hours later (I have a DSL connection)I found that it stopped at 1231 of 1341 files with an error. having been stupid in the past I hit auto update all again and this time it came back with 341 files to download and install. so I told it to proceed and about an hour after was presented with some options, basically do I want 2008.1 files or 2009 files. so i choose the 2009 versions and a while later rebooted (MY pc is in the garage so its a lot of back and forth sometimes) lo and behold reboots right into 2009 kde3.5.9 and the majority of everything works the 1st time! I didnt have to touch my email (except replace the ICON). The one disappointment I do have, but apprently a lot of folks are experionecing this is KOMPOZER. doesnt work at all. I'm working with joomla to see if that will meet my needs, if not i have a copy of kompozer on my winbox i can continue to use until the issue in MDV gets resolved. Now obviously I havent had a chance to send a TON of time with it. auto login is nice, but i'm not convinced i need it on my desktop. but the majority of everything else works. the one concern i do have is my printers. they are all runing off of print servers on the network, so if anyone has any ideas about making them work let me know. I havent tried but a lot of posts have commented on printers not being supported? now i have a hard time believeing that MDV corp missed something THAT inportant, but hey my company is HUGE and they do stoopid stuff every day! Also, anyone who has a nice simple web editor along the lines of Kompozer I;d love to hear about it. One thing I REALLY like about kompozer is the ability to point it at an existing page and open that and change it as needed and then save and upload it as a new page. j
  9. another 2 cts, I just re did my car pc which runs on a 900mhz VIA c3 I'm using WOLVIX and like it a LOT http://wolvix.org/
  10. from KDE.ORG docs %u A single URL: if the app can handle e.g. FTP or HTTP URLs itself, otherwise KDE. %U A list of URLs; will download the file first and pass a local file to the app (!!)
  11. good question so i went looking heres one reply: The understanding of this is a bit complicate, the %% keys only get interpreted by the desktop (Gnome, KDE...) it defines certain arguments which can be processed by the application. Use case for %u: You click a music file in your desktop's file manager. The file manager know that Amarok can play the music file because it hopefully is listed as the supported files in the amarok.desktop file. Now the file manger just starts Amarok and passes the file URL because of the %u right away. If you do the same thing with more than one file, the %u prevents the file manager from executing Amarok with a whole list of files but instead it passes file by file as argument. So the exec keys basically just tell the desktop what kind of argument the application can process. If Amarok couldn't stream directly from HTTP we would use %f because this would make the file manager download the HTTP file (i.e. store it locally somewhere) and then pass the local file to Amarok (/tmp/cache/file.mp3 vs. http://localhost.com/file.mp3). ...I really don't know what the %s option is supposed to do, it might be something GNOME specific. it looks like it MAY be a KDE command not an amarok command
  12. one thing i didnt see addressed, i may have missed it I'm not wearing my glasses, but it seems as though he said his XP drive is COMPRESSED now I remember doing that YEARS ago (remember STACKER anyone) I compressed everything is site performance be damned give me more MEGS! HOWEVER, not having dealt with it in MANY years I would NOT believe that he could dual boot a linux/XP system on a compressed drive. I hate to be the one to suggest a TON of work, but having lost TERABYTES of data in my time I would say your #1 option is this: #1 Copy EVERYTHING of ANY VALUE that is NOT part of the windows install or program Files directories to your 500GB external HD. #2 gather ALL of you install disks for windows, that games utils, drivers etc. If you downloaded them at some point in the past re download them again and put them on your external drive. (you'll actually be getting better files that way) #3 FDISK your C drive #4 make 2 LARGE partitions, I would say cut it 60/40 with 60 going to Linux (as you learn more you'll need more) - DO NOT COMPRESS ANY DRIVES AT THIS POINT #5 install windows and as many of the VITAL programs as you NEED (you learn a LOT about whats important when you lose it all). #6 once windows is up and running (you will probably notice it more stable and faster now to) start your mandriva install. You will need to take the 2nd half of your drive and make at LEAST 3 other partitions: "/" "/HOME" and "/TMP" beyond that make up what you want, putting HOME on a seperate partition will save you LOTS (look for my reent post on 2008.1-2009 upgrade) #7 move your email accounts to your linux partition (even if you have to do like I did with my wife, and set KMAIL or whatever leave a copy of the mail on the server - that way outlook can still get to it) #8 As you use linux more and more you will use windows less and less. I now have a seperate linux box and windows box, and ALMOST feel guilty about the windows hardware being wasted. I only use it as an extra TORRENT machine and because I'm not 100% confident of my RAR skills in linux. Other than that all my audio/video editing is doie one yet another seperate windows PC -oh yeah I also HAVE to use my windows PC to remote connect to my office, but thats a limitation of my IT setup not linux. my 2 cts. please anyone add as needed!
  13. mindwave

    Lisp? [solved]

    very cool. i look forward to it j
  14. mindwave

    Lisp? [solved]

    no one probably noticed because LISP doesnt really get the opress it deserves. i remember using a LISP interpreter on my CP/M laptop (good ol PX-8) If you DO get one running please let us know, it would be interesting to play with again
  15. i'm not suggesting he pay the $20 i'm suggesting he try the product and IF it works then at least he knows that the card WILL work with MDV what i think is lame is criticizing an answer while not offering any assistance
  16. my recommendation would be to TRY this: http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/?PHPS...84da5dfefb7767e this has NEVER failed for me, and I even bought the driver to use on one of my laptops. The nice part is that the license you get for $20 is tied to the MAC address of the card, so you can load/unload as many distros on as many different laptops as you want, as long as its all the same card. saved me a LOT of headaches, PLUS you get to try it for free to see if it works! J
  17. all i had with me was the 2009 FREE cd, I ALMOST waited, but I was bored at work so thought what the heck. load cd, reboot maintain partitions reformat all but HOME, 30 minutes later 2009 kde4 all up and ready. nice, smooth, easy 2 observations (related) since i wanted to keep my primary husers info i put my HOME on a seperate partition and then created a NEW user during the install. The idea being, login as that new user "create" my old user, and tell MCC NOT to create a NEW home, reboot and hen log in as my primary user. Everythings great right? well a NEW feature that I hadnt seen reference to, is the dedicated AUTOLOGIN! so without choosing to my laptop immediately logs in as my "new" user and goes straight to the desktop. wanting to avoid that, and not really needing the other user (other than as an emergency login) I went into mcc and removed it. BOOM! Nothing boots. I'm handed the initial GRUB menu and once I select it whirs away for 3 minutes and stops. it seemed to stop at a SCSI (?) probe? the internal HD is PATA so i dont even know why that was happening. reinsert cd, reboot all is well. now stuck w/ 2 users. i just have to poke around until i find EITHER a way for the system to not autologin or to choose my primary as the user to login. HOWEVER, overall I like 2009 from what Ive seen (I've been playing with it on a spare pc since the beta1) things are snmooth and quick!
  18. ok, long story short. The Palm Lifedrive PDA, when connected via USB and the hotsync button is pressed it immediately breaks and then re-establishes the connection, thus killing the ability to hotsync. Thats a well documented error HOWEVER, the PDA has WIFI and it seems as though everyone in the world can sync that way, but me. So looking through LOTS of issues and blogs etc, I find this statemet: "Be sure you have pilot-link installed, to test the connection type "pilot-xfer -p net:any -l" Press the HOTSYNC icon on the PDA and you will see it FLY BY" so just for grins I open a konsole, type that in, I get a message saying "pilot-xfer listening on port net:any" and the darn thing synced up IMMEDIATELY and SUPER fast! SO my question is this: obviously I have pilot link installed (plus I verified it through the package manager). Am I MISSING something on THAT installation? OR better yet, is there a brute force way to INSERT that into the boot process ("pilot-xfer -p net:any -l") AND have it reload when its done with the sync last night mine quit after the sync was done. any and all ideas welcome! J [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  19. it SHOULD be easier, but its not always. SAMBA comes VERY naturally to some folks, me I have to keep going BACK to a 2 page written manual i have. this VISTA drive, are you trying to access it in the same pc as youre linux box is in or are they trying to hook up via a network browse? sorry if these questions were answered earlier... j
  20. having never used SSH I probably sound pretty stupid. but I did a search of all my HD's and dont have a file sshd_config. Is this a config file that gets built by hand or should it be automatically setup by default? Thanks j
  21. thats a darn good question my wife has the kodak 5500 which everyone says is a NO WAY, but my question is this. if instead of attacking it AS an all in one, and instead started the approach as several individual components, would THAT work? You know, figure a way to PRINT, then with another setup/configuration work on a way to SCAN then work on the USB card readers. seems to me as though it WOULD be complicated. it shouldnt be im[possible. unfortuinately i'm still several weeks from trying to work on it j
  22. ok, since ive only ever used kompozer in linux, and now that may no longer be an option (for a while anyway) what do you like abouit joomla and how, learning curve wise, dopes it compare to kompoer? j
  23. how did you perform your upgrade? DVD or URPMI ? I have the same model w/ 2008.1 PWP but havent upraded my subscription (yet) i wasnt ploanning on doing so yet, but maybe i need to j
  24. ok, everyone says NX is SO much faster than VNC, and since i moved to DSL from cable VNC is unbearably slow, so any tips would be appreciated. i have tried a 2009 and 2008.1 install and get similar errors from both. thus far: I downloaded the client, nonode and server RPM, installed them in that order. I try and connect, EVEN from within the same network and still get connection refused, time out errors. it APPEARS as though nxserver installed ok, although it does look like its grabbed onto the loopback, is that normal? however wehn i try and use: nxserver --useradd mindwave --passwd XXXXXXX I first get: NX> 900 Verifying public key authentication for NX user: mindwave. NXSERVER - Version 3.2.0-16 - LFE Thu Oct 16 14:55:31 2008 running as user: 'root' (uid: 0, pid: 14439) on 'localhost' Info: selected user 'mindwave' is authenticated (NXNodeExec) Info: password for selected user is in 'unknown' mode (NXNodeExec) Info: preferred auth method is '' (NXNodeExec) Info: selected NX Node with host name '', port '22' (NXNodeExec) Info: selected su to access NX Node (NXNodeExec) Info: nxssh command line is 'su mindwave -c /usr/NX/bin/nxnode' (NXNodeExec) Info: nxssh child pid is: 14515 (NXNodeExec) Info: received data in out channel from NX Node: 'NX> 1000 NXNODE - Version 3.2.0-13 ' (NXNodeExec) Info: received message 'CONNECTED' from NX Node (NXNodeExec) Info: sent request for service 'setkey' to NX Node (NXNodeExec) Info: no parameter to send to NX Node (NXNodeExec) Info: received data in out channel from NX Node: 'NX> 716 Public key is already present in: /home/mindwave/.ssh/authorized_keys2. which seems ok so far (?) but then after an ENTIRE screen of similar data I get: Info: nxssh command line is '/usr/NX/bin/nxssh -nxservermode -l mindwave -p 22 -x -2 -i /usr/NX/etc/keys/node.localhost.id_dsa -o 'PubkeyAuthentication yes' -o 'RSAAuthentication yes' -o 'RhostsAuthentication no' -o 'PasswordAuthentication no' -o 'RhostsRSAAuthentication no' -o 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' /usr/NX/bin/nxnode' (NXNodeExec) Info: nxssh child pid is: 14564 (NXNodeExec) Info: NX Node out channel was closed (NXNodeExec) Info: Removing not recognized buffer from stdout:[] (NXNodeExec) Info: received data in err channel from NX Node: 'ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused ' (NXNodeExec) Info: NX Node err channel was closed (NXNodeExec) Info: closing nxssh's in, out, err FDs (flagfinished is: 0) (NXNodeExec) Error: no 'CONNECTED' message from NX Node (NXNodeExec) NX> 595 ERROR: A fatal error occurred in NX Server. NX> 595 ERROR: The exception id is: 8FD0C292. To get detailed information about NX> 595 ERROR: the error search for the string 8FD0C292 in the system log NX> 595 ERROR: file (usually '/var/log/messages'). NX> 500 ERROR: Last operation failed. which without being an expert is PROBABLY why i cant connect I have READ all the PDF's and some of the FAQ's as well as a DOC I found online, and still cant figure it out. I'd REALLY love to get this working. any and all help is appreciated. thanks J
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