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  1. UNFORTUNATELY, i agree with BOTH of the previous answers. I have NEVER been able to install with RAID present, and I have RECENTLY gotten a LOT of corrupted magazine disks. One of the UK mags is using a new "green friendly" DVD which basically means its MUCH thinner than a DVD ought to be and they are VERY unreliable for me here in the US. if I were you, I would put just ONE drive in to start with, add the raid later, and then download a CLEAN cd from MDV's site and start from there. one of the most brilliant PC techs I know always told me, when all else fails strip it down to what you KNOW works and build from there! it has saved me 100's of hours of frustration
  2. if those are the 2 youre looking at go for the shuttle. now realize you are paying a LOT for their case and PS but thats because they are good stuff. also much as I hate to say it, with that selection, the Intel will give you much better log term performence thn the atom. i'm an AMD man myself, but I own an asus eeepc 1000hd with the atom, and i'm running mdv2009.1 and thats as far as I would push that chip, it is in NO WAY meant for a desktop (even though there are TONS for $300 thinlines out there with atoms) but if you can, go to tigerdirect.com and piece yourself together one, you willl get top notch performence for excellent prices (but i cant tell if your US or euro) even if youre on the big land their have to be websites like TD over there. j
  3. PLEASE tell me you upped your ram size at the same time? I like you have a "low end graphical" box thats used as a file/web server and the BEST thing I ever did was increase the ram. it will speed up your file transfer speed between boxes. what cpu are you running now?
  4. well that BAD part about this, ok thats obvious The good part, well ok, maybe thats stretching it. The potentially positive part of this is that it may actually get 1 or 2 tweenagers off windows and interested in Linux. The SAD part is that the spelling in that sourceforge post is so poor as to be illegible to anyone over the age of 19. My question is, why is a UBU reroll on a Mandriva Forum?
  5. i guess I shouldnt mention that K3B has been working just fine for me for at least the past 2 years? now I admit I'm using it ONLY for data and LARGE images (MAC OSX LEOPARD for example), but seemed to be a no brainer j
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    I use PEAZIP works great from sourceforge
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    hiro, one that worked for me when everything else was failing around me was WOLVIX it worked where even puppy or the other small ones didnt. but its a dog SLOW download: http://www.wolvix.org/ ALSO you might try MCNL, its based around 2007.1 so has a lot of newer features but still runs VERY light!
  8. BTW, Anyone having this issue I found the solution. Turns out that the UID wasnt the same on both PC's so what I had to do was to login as my OTHER user name open a terminal SU chown -Rf old-user:old-user /home/old-user worked AWESOME!
  9. I did a forum search and found a few things I will try when I get home but let me lay out the details. AMD Quad Core 2.8 4GB ram 2 500GB drive 1 1.5 TB drive. I had a 320GB drive as my boot device but that went bad, so one of the 500's is now taking its place. /home is on a seperate partition. when I went to reinstall 2009.1 I started with a new user. New user logs into KDE4 just fine. While in as the new user I "create" the old user account. All the old info, down to the desktop icons are still available fr the old user account. Reboot, try and log in with the old user and I get that error: n"Can not Start KSTARTUPCONFIG4. I press OK and it takes me back to the login prompt. I tried to logni with ICEWM an nothing comes up, not even the login prompt . so before I went to work I started to install XFCE , we'll see if that works. I am quite sure there MUST be a brute way to get KDE4 to work, I just cant think of any. So I'm open for ALL ideas! Thanks J
  10. i did do a clean install and even then used the nvidia from their site and MDV's. still no go. got a REALLY bad "ghosting" shame too because what i saw i liked. j
  11. I recently tried to go from x32 2009 to x64 2009 on a quad core AMD, immediately my video wasnt what it should be, nor was it as good as the x32. I was using the proprietary NVidea driver in x32 and when i tried to update to the x64 it just never worked the same. that right there sent me back to 32 bit I did use x64 2008 on my AMD X2 and had zero issues, however I was using a much lesser performing vid card j
  12. the really sad part is that the 2009 distro is really nice, if they could get the persistence working it would be a GREAT distro. personally, having dealt w/ pclos for several years texstar has NEVER had vey good communications with the community. I've seen posts and emails (financial emails) remain unanswered for WEEKS thats why through everything i have stuck w/ MDV. I've seen what happens when the primary developer decides to take the ball and go home. j
  13. i dont know if anyone else has had this issue, but i did have an issue attempting to setup several different USB adapters when using open WEP as security. On most distros I could see my link and everything esle. but NOTHING could get them to 'connect' via open wep I would manually enter the key asnd it failed every single time.
  14. in case any one is interested worked like a dream Asus M387M MB AMD 9950 CPU 4GB ram (will go to 8 next month and may go to 64bit as well) 2.3TB of HD's 22" wide screen LCD ATI 7859GFX PCIE vid card works like a PC actually should. click on icon BAM its there! whether its KMAIL, GIMP of VBOX it all runs BAM!
  15. sigh, i knew it would be too easy. it stops at "Uniform E-IDE Driver" Thats what shows across the top of the screen and thast where it stays....
  16. cool, I have used it in the past, but its been a while. is there anything that would need to change to use 2009? j
  17. I just bought an Asus eeepc 1000HD great item (especially at $250) 1gb ram, 160gb hd 10" screen etc. it will ALSO boot from an SD card. I know because I was able to load the "YOU CAN CODE" version of KUBU on an 8GB SD (with room to spare), and it boots fine AND allows me to practice some coding. BTW this is a great edition of Linux Format Magazine, I highly recommend it. But anyway, I know I could buy or create my own MDV flash USB key, BUT that sticks WAY out from the side of the little beastie. whereas the SD cards slide right in the side. My wife wants me to keep XP, and rather than dual boot I thought if I could install it to an SD card the way kubu did, it wouldnt have to touch the HD at all. So assuming MDV's installer sees the SD card as a USB HARD DRIVE, I'm pretty sure that once I got done with the install, there are some changes I would have to make, to ensure I didnt overwrite the boot sector/\\if anyone could lead me to a "HOWTO" it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks J
  18. I have an HP LJ 4 and a samsung ML2010 that both work flawlessly. the samsung actually lives on a netgear USB print server
  19. BTW your link keeps timing out, is the address still the same?
  20. i just ordered a 1000HD, umm whats a conky?
  21. I'm using Wolvix Hunter in a CarPC/MP# player. ow I do have the 8GB flash to boot and then a 500GB HD for MP3 storage ;) but even w/o the HD it works GREAT!
  22. TUX thats very cool. that will definately be something to give a shot! were you using mdv2009?
  23. wow. thanks for the information, things must have changed dramatically since 2007.1 Thats what I was running last year when i tried this. Any other suggestions i'm all about the learning, although it sounds like this may be easier than I thought. Thanks J
  24. Ok, back in the day (pre linux) if you were going to replace a MB, CPU and add another HD, you threw in the win98 cd and did a "dirty reinstall" You ended up with lots of redundent files, but with 120MB drive who cared! its that time of year again. I'm going to move my MAIN PC running MDV 2009 from a duo core to a quad core. I will be replacing the MB, the COU, the ram and adding another 500GB HD. Currently my system is running on a 320GB drive, with another 400GB drive for downloads and stuff. since i JUST rebuilt the system (HD crash)I'd rather not have to zero out and start from scratch. I know I can save my HOME. Is there ANYWAY, a magic command line switch, what ever, that would allow me to take my current "\" "swap" and run some sort of update (?) that would load all the drivers I need, configure things etc? Then of course I would LIKE to take my "\home" and move it to a new 500gb drive all its own. I must say the wisdom of putting "\home" on its own partition should be part of Linux101 But anyway, anyone who has any commandline switches (I'm not expecting my GUI to comes up) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks J
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    KDE 4.2

    ANy idea when it will be available in the mandriva repos? j
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