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      Official documentation for extant versions of Mandriva can be found at doc.mandriva.com.   Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there. You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed - files are prefixed mandriva-doc.
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      Forum software upgrade   10/29/17

      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
      We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed (It costs money) See this thread: Here


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  1. Glad it worked. serge.
  2. Hi to all: Just wanted to ask if anyone knows if the "One" versions can be booted from its ISO located on hard drive? I have done it with the "Free", and it's so easy to do, but I'm not successful with the "One" versions. Regards, serge.
  3. Can anyone play these videos? [solved]

    Guys: Thank you all very much for such great response and help. I'm marking this thread as "SOLVED" because after reading your expriences, I'm convinced that it is the cbs.com problem. So for now, this site is off my "to visit" list. Thanks again, and best regards, serge.
  4. Can anyone play these videos? [solved]

    Hi neddie: I'm at home, i.e., no "corporate" firewall, and even the Mandriva's Firewall is disabled (i.e., "Allow everything"). Regards, serge. OK, I just tried to play the same site using Debian Etch and it behaves exactly the same as Mandriva, i.e., it doesn't play. So maybe the problem is with the site itself. Can anybody confirm this? I'm trying the first video on the top-right of the page. Many thanks.
  5. Can anyone play these videos? [solved]

    Hi daniewicz: Thanks for helping. Firefox, ver Flash is ver. 9,0,115,0. I think this is the latest version of flash available. Yes. Note that other sites requiring flash, like youtube, play just fine on my system. No. The screen with CBS logo pops up, but nothing plays. Regards, serge.
  6. Can anyone play these videos? [solved]

    Thanks scarecrow for helping. How do I do that?
  7. Would someone be kind and try the videos from this site. I cannot play them: www.cbs.com/daytime/yr Regards, serge.
  8. AussieJohn: Thank you so much for taking time to give me such detailed instructions - Very kind of you. OK, just before seeing your reply, I was "fooling around" with couple of things on my own, and here is what solved the problem (well, I did a number of things, and maybe something else contributed to the solution also, but the following is the "thing" that really did it): Open MCC -> Local Disks -> Mange disk partitions, then open the sda (my USB hard drive) tab, then click on Toggle to Expert Mode button and then click on Options button and tick the "user" check box (this allows an ordinary user to mount the file system). And that was it - it WORKS now. Thanks again John for your help. Best regards to all, and BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO MANDRIVA for an excellent product. serge.
  9. thanks pmpatrick: yes, I followed your instructions to the letter, and no change; i.e., I still get "permission denied" notice. BUT, I do not want to bug you for help on this item any more. As I mentioned, I can mount my USB hard drive from the command line just fine. I'm just a bit surprised that Mandriva would exhibit this kind of negative behavior. Other distros I tried on this same PC and USB hard drive had no problems mounting it by just plugging the drive in.
  10. Hi scarecrow: I'm sorry for being an idiot here, but when I plug in the USB drive, the only thing that happens is that a window pops up, telling me: "A new medium has been detected. What do you want to do?" So I'm not sure how do I do what you suggested me to do? Again, sorry for my lack of knowledge here. serge.
  11. Hi to all. Just installed 2008.0 and it looks excellent. The only thing so far is that when I plug in my USB hard drive, a little window pops up telling me "Permission denied". But when I use command line to mount this drive it mounts perfectly. Many thanks, serge.
  12. problem with pulse audio

    Thanks scarecrow ! I'm in complete agreement. I will be re-installing 2008.0 this evening. Best regards, serge.
  13. problem with pulse audio

    Sorry,sorry,sorry, YES, I first installed 2008.0, and then "upgraded" it to the latest cooker (Alpha) last night.
  14. problem with pulse audio

    Hi: I just installed 2008.0. I also installed mplayer/mplayerplug-in. Now, when I go to pgatour.com and try to play a video, it plays fine the first time. But, it fails to play the second time. The only cure is to "# killall pulseaudio", and then it plays the video again. Anyone can comment on this. NOTE: earlier versions of Mandriva never had this problem. Many thanks, serge. [moved from Software by spinynorman]