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  1. Thanks Guys for your help sorting this problem. I'm up and running again. will require a few tweeks here and there. But more importantly have learned a little more. Thanks Again. CARTERGSX
  2. OK, did that, error message reads 'Could not start Kdeinit4' check installation. I presume then that the downloaded upgrades were incomplete. and a complete new install would be a better option.
  3. Thanks , did as suggested. Message reads 'Could not start Kdeinit4' (EE)failed to load module "type 1" (module does not exist,0) (EE)failed to load module "freetype" (module does not exist,0) hope this helps, thanks.
  4. NO nothing else. have tried Ctrl+Alt+F1 that gives the log on prompt It allows me to type local host name but not password.
  5. Hi daniewicz, thanks for your speedy reply, ok, did that now I get the log in prompt. it allows me to type 'local host login :' but not password. CARTER.
  6. HI, a little help to a Newbie from you Guru's out there. I've been running '2009' free version ok for ages, until the 'Install updates' drop down appeared. Clicked on the update now all I get when I try to open 2009.1 is a black screen with a flashing curser in top left corner. thanks, CARTER still learning.
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