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  1. I remember way back when root was an option on the boot menu but if it was chosen the default theme was bright red and you got a warning straight away - this seems to have gone now (though I haven't logged in as root for a while). It was handy because if you did open konqueror (or anything else) as root from the CLI then it too had this red theme making it stand out from your other windows in an obvious way. Personally I like everything single click but root stays double click as a reminder if I do open konqueror from there for a bit of file management. I should probably open kcontrol as root and change the theme but I'm fairly sure it won't work with Emerald.
  2. I wouldn't bother trying as performance will suffer anyway - if I play sauerbraten with compiz enabled I get 10 - 20 fps with it off I get 50 - 100 fps. Fusion-icon is a handy little app for switching between compiz and whatever other WM.
  3. Seems not to work with compiz enabled but works ok with kwin - also it does help if xkill is installed.
  4. You could try Mandriva one live cd to check if it works without installing - but a quick google suggests it will work but miight require a bit of fiddling.
  5. I was going to suggest re-add the home icon to the task bar shift+drag it off to move it and thus delete the task bar icon in one go, but it won't let you so you would have to remove it from the task bar again manually. A PITA once more. This did lead me to thinking (a bit off topic , sorry) what happens if you copy your home directory to your Desktop (on indeed any folder to one inside itself - does it just go into a loop until you run out of space?
  6. Hmmm, just to add to tghe general fray.... Since when have root logins not been allowed? It's not an option in the graphical login but if you use a text/commeand prompt login it still works. I used to like it on Mandrake when you did log in as root and ran X that the default theme was RED, just to remind you, this seems to have gone. If I am doing any kind of troubleshooting/admin work I have a terminal open where the first thing I did was run su - I can easily run anything with root priveledges from there, why bother logging in as root? You can log in as root - if you know what you're doing - if you don't know what you're doing, you shouldn't be logginig in as root. I thinkit a very sensible decision.
  7. The dkms-nvidia-current rpm works well - just install this and reboot and it will compile for you, then reconfigure X to use this driver (either manually or via MCC) restart X and away you go.
  8. I did indeed try all the adaptor options, to no avail (in fact I tried everything I could find/think of) . I will work out which options are necessary some other time, I've got a bit bored with loading/unloading drivers today. I still want to get the other interface going - I don't actually need it but it's annoying that it doesn't work. Thanks again, knowing the correct name for the driver really helped it seems to have been variously known as snd-serial, snd-serialmidi and snd-serial-16550. I spent the last while listening to some old midi files - the quality of the MU10 compared to the soundblaster is just miles better, and if I remember correctly it was cheaper too.
  9. Finally got it working the magic line is: /sbin/modprobe snd-serial-u16550 port=0x3f8 irq=4 speed=31250 Though I'm not sure it is all strictly necescary. Now I can concentrate on getting the mpu401 interface working.
  10. The line that says vfat should hae ntfs instead as for the other options I would assume they would be similar to the other lines containing ntfs but you would want to leave out the ro option as this would make it read only. Not having any windows partitions myself I'm afraid I can't be more accurate.
  11. Ok making some progress, I at least have a flashing data light!! The error running modprobe snd-serial-u16550 was no such device, fixed that by running setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none first. I now need to find out what settings to send - the best result so far has been with no parameters - this produces a flashing data light and very occasional random notes which leads me to think I need to specify the base rate, based on info on the alsa page. Back to google.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I did try loading snd-serial-u16550 but got 'fatal error module not found' or something similar - I'm at work at the moment so I can't replicate it. I will try either this evening or tomorrow depending on how tired I am when I get in.
  13. Is it a bluetooth connection then? If so do you have bluetooth installed and running? If you do then pairing them manually shouldn't be too hard, though last time I tried it on this box it was a PITA but was ok on my laptop (both running Mandriva).
  14. For your first problem you could try this: I am assuming you can't mount or it is mounted as root - this will all you to mount it as a user and thus solve both issues (hopefully). With the pendrive inserted - Open the Mandriva control centre. Click on 'Local Disks' - then 'Manage local disks' then 'continue' Then on the tab for that drive - probably sde Click 'toggle to expert mode' and then on the 'option' button that will appear and click the checkbox for 'user' Then click 'ok' then 'done' then 'yes' Hope this helps.
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