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  1. Hi, I solved with the "/etc/rc.local" thing! Thank you !
  2. None of them are listed in the services section. I looked at "Mandriva Control Center->System->Enable or Disable Services". I installed Apache and MySQL manually, and not the mandriva cd version. Thank you
  3. Hi, I've just installed MySQL 5 and Apache 2.0.59, and I want to know how to run those services at startup. Thank You! :D
  4. Hi, to install the modem just do the following: # modprobe usbnet # modprobe uhci-hcd # ifconfig -a # dhclient eth1 //(or eth1)// It worked perfectly for me. :D
  5. Solved! No need for more information! Thank You!
  6. It didn't work... I've probally did something wrong... Can you tell me in details how do I set up the "Mandriva Box"? Thank you
  7. Ok, but I will need to setup something on the winXP computer? like workgroup, domain or something? And also... this connection will work either if I use linux or win? (I´m the only one that uses linux at my place) Thank you so much! I´ll try that as soon as I get home!
  8. Hi there... I was having the same problem... and I solved this way: check if the following lines are in your /usr/x11r6/lib/xinit file: CONFIG_USB_CDCETHER = y CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD = m CONFIG_USB_USBNET = m now, get root privileges: $ su then run : # modprobe usbnet # modprobe uhci-hcd # ifconfig -a # dhclient eth1 //or eth0...check the list given in ifconfig That should work...it worked for me! Good Luck!
  9. Hi, I have 2 computers. One (Mandriva) is coneccted to the internet using a cable modem (Motorola USB 5100), and the other is using WinXP SP2. I need to share this connection... When I used WinXP in the 2 computers, was ok... but now I'm stuck'd... HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D
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