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  1. More from the Mandriva Blog today:


    Unfortunately, the bid proposed by the external entity has been refused by a minority shareholder and we cannot go for this solution. Fortunately, the financial situation – far better than expected – allow us to search for a new way to solve the current issue until mid-February. We’ll be able to count on the help of the Paris Region Economic Development Agency for this important move.
  2. Full text of Ostatic post:


    In a short post today Jean-Manuel Croset said that recent events have lead the failing company to postpone any final decisions for a week. Earlier this month a letter to shareholders stated that Mandriva would have to close its doors by January 16 without an influx of capital.


    January 16 came and went without word while anxious users paced the floors over at the Mandriva Forums. Then earlier today Croset published his post. Unfortunately, it's a little short on detail.


    All we know now is that someone is interested in buying Mandriva, but it's still in the talking stage. It sounds as though Mandriva is hoping for an official written offer by January 23. If it comes through, and the check clears, Mandriva may be saved.


    I said it last time, Mandriva always seems to pull some benefactor out of the hat at the last minute every time. Let's hope there's a little of that magic left this time. Croset said they would let us know on January 23 the future of Mandriva.

  3. 2 Kernel issues

    2.3 The system doesn't boot after update to the kernel


    5 Software issues

    5.11 KDM default ROSA theme issue


    6 Powerpack release (These are mostly issues reported on the Mandriva Expert channel)

    6.6 Cannot connect via ssh (passwordless)

    6.7 Thunderbird always using Opera Browser


  4. Native Client – a Google open source project more than three years in the making – is specifically designed to run native code securely inside web browsers, putting web applications on "the same playing field" as local applications, providing the raw speed needed to compete with traditional software on 3D games, video editing, and more.


    Mozilla is among those who take a dim view of Native Client.


    Read more at The Register.

  5. The Errata for Mandriva Linux 2011 has information on known problems and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them.


    1 Installation issues

    1.1 On some machines Mandriva Desktop 2011 may freezes during install

    1.2 Installation from a flash drive

    1.3 Unused locales and drivers aren't removed during and after the installation of Mandriva Linux 2011

    1.4 Upgrade process in Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2011 from previous version


    2 Kernel issues

    2.1 In official Mandriva releases the current kernel ( haven't the proper support of IDE (PATA) devices

    2.2 Since Kernel 2.6.39, all kernel-*-latest packages are no more needed

    2.3 The system doesn't boot after update to the kernel


    3 Hardware issues

    3.1 New video driver for the Nvidia chipsets doesn't work with some of them

    3.2 On some ATI GPU system starts with a black screen

    3.3 Internal drive (usually Windows NTFS) not mount automatically and need password with open by user

    3.4 Unable to mount a DVD or CD discs in Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2011


    4 Upgrade issues

    4.1 When upgrading/updating an x86_64 system using urpmi.removemedia -a ; urpmi.addmedia --distrib RPM update 64bits packages libraries with 32bits one.


    5 Software issues

    5.1 Alsamixer doesn't save settings on every boot if PulseAudio is disabled

    5.2 Drakguard and drakguard-policy packages are replace each other during the update via urpmi --auto-update

    5.3 CD-ROM in Dolphin ejects and immediately closes

    5.4 Clementine still uses 100% CPU after it is closed

    5.5 RPM-DataBase could not be open sometimes

    5.6 Incorrect access rights to certain files in the home directory

    5.7 Dropbox GUI does not work

    5.8 Window of gtk programs running in KDE4 session will be resized if push left click mouse on space in menu bar

    5.9 The tool "Configure 3D Desktop effects" was removed from Mandriva Control Center

    5.10 Error opening the Flash player plugin settings from site adobe.com in the KDE4 System Settings

    5.11 KDM default ROSA theme issue

    5.12 Error: "Main media is not availiable" in Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2011


    6 Powerpack release (These are mostly issues reported on the Mandriva Expert channel)

    6.1 amd74xx

    6.2 Network

    6.3 PAE error

    6.4 Cannot connect via ssh (passwordless)

    6.5 Thunderbird always using Opera Browser


    [updated 14 March 2012]

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