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  1. I had 2010 installed OK, but when I tried to upgrade to 2011 it failed and wouldn't boot. I've re-installed 2010, but now the option to suspend to disk is not available (which I had selected for when I puch the power button). I have no notes of doing anything special, so how can I re-enable suspend to disk again?
  2. How do I get the scanner to work? The Sane webpages indicate it is supported. It is initially recognised by the GUI scanner, although it claims it is unknown, so I selected it manually sane-find-scanner at the command line finds it but scanimage -L doesn't. Help!
  3. Many thanks - that now works perfectly.
  4. It's been a while since I was working on getting this computer going... and I've been suffering Windows crashing (although today even Mandriva kicked me out to the login screen - so maybe I have a hardware fault - need to keep an eye on that and then if necessary debug the log messages). Anyway, I didn't have RAID (sorry for the confusion - I could swear the two disks had been set up as RAID but the computer knows better). But I've found that entering "modprobe pata_sil680" at the command line brings up new devices (why is this module not loaded by default - it's listed under the information in the Hardware section of the control centre. Then more hard disks appear when re-loading the control centre. What is the correct way to get Mandriva to automatically load the module on boot? If I understand correctly from the web, I add it to /etc/modules.
  5. I have a Sunix PCI card for IDE drives to increase the number of drives in the system. Under Windows I had two drives configured as RAID (I thought it was hardware RAID but having searched for a Linux driver it might have been part software) and a third separate drive. It's based on a Silicon Image 0680 chipset and from searches either the siimage or pata_sil680 module seems to drive this under Linux (possibly not RAID - but I can sort that out using software RAID if I can get the card to work). lsmod doesn't list either of these as running and I can't find them on the system or in any places I found suggested. Can anyone shed any light? I need to get this going as I don't have enough drive connections so I'll be grateful for any advice.
  6. After previous unsuccessful attempts at getting Mandriva to work woth multihead video cards, now that my Windows installation is regularly blue-screening, I have given it another go with the latest version. Now it is nearly there, although it wasn't a painless installation (only one monitor worked and I had to dig around the net and manually alter my xorg.conf file to get all the monitors going). With the Matrox G200 I have four displays working. But only in 16 bit colour depth and only at limited resolutions. Up to 1152 x 864 screen resolution is fine. If I go over that (1280x960, 1400x1050 or 1600x1200 are the ones I tried) or try 24 bit colour depth at 1024x768, the primary display is corrupted although the other three displays are fine. The corruption is in the form of random horizontal lines, interference where the mouse cursor is or was, somtimes lines copied from other bits of the screen. Can anyone suggest what is causing this as I really want to fix this to run both higher resolution and higher colour depth. If I can't fix it then it might just be enough for me to end up having to go back to Windows :-(
  7. I've now tried a Matrox G400 AGP and that only works on one monitor even though the configuration recognises it as a dual head and I set up monitors for both heads. Has anyone got either a G200 or G400 working in dual head mode under Mandriva? What dual head cards have people got working as I might buy a different card if I know it'll work?
  8. I have 2008.1 installed but can only get a display on one monitor at a time, not both. Should it "just work" or do I need to go tweaking to get both displays to work. I'm not really bothered whether it is in clone mode or two separate monitors (one will be for the projector, one for a monitor). I have downloaded the only drivers on Matrox website for this card and tried installing it but get "ERROR: The X server drivers included in this installation package do not support the current version of your X server".
  9. I started again, complete re-install but this time didn't choose to install updates - all OK now.
  10. I have installed Mandriva (the full 3CD download) but only get a command line prompt. The graphics card is an ATI Rage card. Running XFdrake under Mandriva One (that works fine off the CD) reports that the driver is ATI Mach64 Utah. This is the same as that installed in my installation of Mandriva 2006. I've also tried VESA. On both occasions when I select Test I get: Shutting down X Font Server [FAILED] Starting X Font Server [FAILED] During the initial installationt he Test button worked fine. I do see a failure during the boot process - but it goes off screen too quickly - is it logged somewhere?
  11. I have downloaded the 3 CD images for Mandriva 2006. They are shared (from a windows share //server/linux/mandrake/2006) I'd like to do a network install. How do I go about it? Mandriva One is already on the machine (but I will start from scratch). Do I need to burn CD1 or can I install it entirely from the network?
  12. Response is: The following packages can't be installed because they depend on packages that are older than the installed one: libxorg-x11-devel-6.9-1.cvs20050915.2mdk libqt3-devel-3.3.4-23mdk libxpm4-devel-3.4k-31mdk Continue? (Y/n) I answered Y and the response was: The package(s) are already installed The following package names were assumed: libqt3-devel Still no qmake...
  13. I am trying to install MythTV and require Qmake (Qt v3.2 or higher, but less than Qt v4.0, is required.) The problem is that Qmake seems not to be installed. I have installed Mandriva One to the harddisk from the bootable CD. I have tried various commands (that seem to be suggested for installing MythTV, either from the MythTV website or others who have installed MythTV): Urpmi qt3-mysql qt3-devel urpmi libqt3-mysql urpmi libqt3-devel Each attempt responds "The following packages can't be installed because they depend on packages that are older than the installed ones:" and the following are listed: libxorg-x11-devel-6.9-1.cvs20050915.2mdk libqt3-devel-3.3.4-23mdk libxpm4-devel-3.4k-31mdk answering y to Continue resutls in "The package(s) are already installed" urpmi libqt3 responds "The package(s) are already installed" The directory /usr/lib/qt3/bin exists but has no qmake listed (using ls), which I think it should from other info I have found. Why isn't qmake installed and how do I install it? PS., I'm a Linux newbie!
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