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  1. All mirrors are now working as before.
  2. Here we go: "The Mandriva primary mirror outage is now fixed and a re-design is in progress" http://blog.mandriva.com/en/2011/02/21/primary-mirror-outage-fixed/
  3. Thanks! It seems they were two different problems. My old link for Mandriva Club must of been redirecting to the main site until recently (makes sense). As for the mirrors, they are still "zapped". I'm having the same problem as described in the link you provided. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.
  4. Thanks: 1. For the cool and handy link. 2. For confirming that it's not just me. 3. Moving my post to where it should have been. I wasn't sure where to post it. So, does anyone know what's going on? I hope the Russians haven't shut it down. Ceyx
  5. Am I the only one unable to access any Mandriva servers, including the main portal Mandriva Club (http://club.mandriva.com/), or any of the software servers? It's been like this for at least 2 days. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  6. Thanks to all. I'll try that out. KDE 4 virus Also, if I wanted a Mac, I'd buy one.
  7. Hi, To put things simply, I'm not a big fan KDE 4.1. I've noticed that although there isn't an option during installation to choose between the two, and that initially KDE 4 is the only version available, after installing certain applications, KDE 3.5 suddenly becomes available. It works, but displays odd behaviour because of the co-existence of KDE 4 components. Is there a way to install Mandriva 2009.0 with just KDE 3.5, and no KDE4 components? Thanks. Francis
  8. Thanks, but I already went through the compiling route, with basically the same results. My problem is that the packaged rpms don't seem to put the modules in the correct location (but they do exist). For example, if I try to load the modules manually, this is what happens: [root@localhost ~]# modprobe tveeprom FATAL: Module tveeprom not found. The point is that the rpm packages shouldn't be placing modules where they can't be found. Isn't this a configuration issue with the packages?
  9. Hi, I have installed the following rpm pacakges for my WinTV PVR150 personal video recorder: ivtv-firmware ivtv-stable perl-Video-ivtv - All required modules are present in /lib/modules/2.6.12-22mdk/kernel/drivers/media/video. - The firmware is present in /lib/modules. However, the dmesg file indicates that modules tveeprom, tuner, and msp3400 cannot be found, even though they are present as indicated above. So far as I can tell, this is the only thing keeping the card from working. Is anyone else having this problem? I have a standard 2006.0 setup with everything installed through Mandriva rpms. The dmesg output is as follows: ivtv: ==================== START INIT IVTV ==================== ivtv: version 0.2.0 (rc3f) loading ivtv: Linux version: 2.6.12-22mdk 686 gcc-4.0 ivtv: In case of problems please include the debug info ivtv: between the START INIT IVTV and END INIT IVTV lines when ivtv: mailing the ivtv-devel mailinglist. ivtv: Unknown card: vendor/device: 4444/0016, subsystem vendor/device: 0070/8003 ivtv: Defaulting to WinTV PVR 250 card ivtv: Please mail the vendor/device and subsystem vendor/device IDs and what kind of ivtv: card you have to the ivtv-devel mailinglist: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ivtv ivtv: Prefix your subject line with [uNKNOWN CARD]. ivtv: Found an iTVC16 based chip PCI: Enabling device 0000:00:0e.0 (0014 -> 0016) ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:00:0e.0[A] -> GSI 17 (level, low) -> IRQ 17 ivtv: Unreasonably low latency timer, setting to 64 (was 32) ivtv: VIA PCI device: 0x3189 vendor: 0x1106 ivtv: Failed to load module tveeprom ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x50 not found! ivtv: Error -19 reading Hauppauge eeprom. ivtv: Possible causes: the tveeprom module was not loaded, or ivtv: the eeprom kernel module was loaded before the tveeprom module. ivtv: Failed to load module tuner saa7115: starting probe for adapter ivtv i2c driver #0 (0x10005) ivtv: Failed to load module msp3400 ivtv: Encoder revision: 0x02040011 ivtv: Configuring WinTV PVR 250 card with 4 streams ivtv: Create DMA stream 0 using 256 16384 byte buffers 4194304 kbytes total ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 0 minor 0 ivtv: Create DMA stream 1 ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 1 minor 32 ivtv: Create stream 2 using 40 52224 byte buffers 2097152 kbytes total ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 2 minor 224 ivtv: Create DMA stream 3 using 455 4608 byte buffers 2097152 kbytes total ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 3 minor 24 ivtv: Setting Tuner 50 ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x61 not found! ivtv: Could not detect tuner standard, defaulting to NTSC. ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x61 not found! ivtv: Setting audio matrix to input 3, output 1 ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x40 not found! ivtv: Switching standard to NTSC. ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x61 not found! ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x40 not found! ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x21 not found! ivtv: Initialized WinTV PVR 250, card #0 ivtv: ==================== END INIT IVTV ====================
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