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  1. Wn i went to log in i chose the very last choice at the bottom instead of KDE and now all i get is a blue screen with a console box on the right hand side how to i get back to loging in the normal way thanks in advance
  2. Exploring the menus a bit by yourself ain't that hard, right? thats true but ive not long come back to mandriva having been using Suse for some time but found it to problemmatic ive solved it now, i have a choice of 4 windows again, thanks a lot
  3. When i right click the taskbar the only options i have are help, configure panel, lock panel, add new panel, remove from panel, add aplication to panel, add aplet to panel. There is no add to pager option. thanks
  4. Ihave somehow removed the the multiple windows from the taskbar and have tried everything to get them back but to no avail. Has any one got any advice on how to get them back i am using mandriva 2007. Thanks in advance
  5. studmuffin007


    While changing styles in KDE somehow i now have lost the close, minimise and maximise buttons on the top of every window also i cannot type while running under the KDE gui what has gone wrong and how do i fix it Thanks in advance [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  6. Ive done that quite a few times and its not bringing up progs like blender and opera. smart is installed where do i find it /configure it thanks in advance
  7. I am using mandriva 2007 and have gone the urpmi route for software install but its not finding the software i want is there another way of doing it without having to keep inserting the instalation disk Thanks in advance
  8. thanks for that but i am unable to find my xorg.conf file as mandriva does not show the drive its installed on so i think i will take you up on your advice and google it thanks
  9. i have now got both monitors working but am unable to have it as i do when i log onto windoze I.E firefox on one monitor and some thing else on the other any help please thanks in advance
  10. Thanks i know what easy urpmi is now ive been down that root b4 and that site you linked to me u tend to get forgetfull after a whyle of not using something new hopefully with my 10 weeks off i will lean a lot more about linux and remember a lot more thanks 4 your help
  11. Thanks a lot i am now in mandriva and will try and update the driver again for the GC and try to enable duel monitors like i have in windoze thanks a lot
  12. Ive just rebooted into mandrake and run the FXdrake command and nothing happened i will print off your advice and try again Thanks (ps i hope i dont have to do a re-install as my wireless card is a s**t to get working )
  13. mandriva powerpack which i installed this year
  14. Yes i used the Mandriva repositories to update i then went to ati website for the driver aswell. i do not know how you can easily browse and edit files without a gui and how to use urpmi? as i am still new to linux i installed some time ago but due to college and studies i was unable to find time to get to know MAndrake a lot better so i thought whyle i have 10 weeks off i would Familiarise myself withit a lot better thanks
  15. After uninstalling my ATI drivers i pressed the CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE keys to restart the X something (sorry forgot it was called) and now when i turn the PC on i am presented with a black logon screen, i logon then nothing happens i still have a black screen on the PC any one know what ive done wrong or how to correct this prob thanks in advance
  16. fglrx64_6_8_0-8.26.18-1.x86_64 is the driver i have installed from there website @ https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...amp;folderID=27 but i have no clue on how to setup duel monitors under mandriva i DL another version but it tells me that it is a txt document when i right click it but iits supposed to be a driver any idea on how to install it thanks in advance
  17. I have a ATI Radeon 9550 graphicscard and would like to know to have both monitors running the same as i do in windose i have just updated the driver (i think) after following another post here but i am unable to determine whether it wast he correct driver i installed. thanks in advance
  18. the only reason my first choice is suse on the laptop is because mandriva will not install with the network card i have otherwise it would be mandriva thanks
  19. my kernal version under suse 10.1 is smp if that means anything to some one (which i know it will) thanks in advance
  20. Ok this may seem a little stupid question but how do i find out what version what kernal my chosen distro has and how do i update (i am new to linux) thanks in advance
  21. the best i can tell you about the card is it's AboCom Systems, Inc. - Networking - 802.11g Wireless MiniPCI Card Texas Instruments network software update released on December 01 2004. I'm sorry but thats all the info i have on the card there is no documentaion for it the info i have supplied i got off the MS update site thats why i was thinking of getting a new card one that will run under linux with ease or one that was intendid for linux aswell as windoze thanks
  22. I have tried many linux distros mandriva,suse,pclinuxos,linux xp, ubuntu just to name a few on my packard bell laptop and not one of them will work with my wireless network card. My first choice of OS is Suse then Mandriva does any one know of a wireless card that will work with linux no problem IE plug in the card install linux then just configure it without using ndiswrapper hopefully thanks in advance ps i live in the UK
  23. Thanks that way worked (ithink) but its not in the system that i can see thanks
  24. thanks for that link but it couldent help me out my drivers are installed but suse will not recognise the card it tells me there is one there but its not working
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