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  1. Sorry got confused.... I remember the difference was 1000/dinar in libya but 100/pound in egypt... but that egypt also had millieme at 1/1000th of a pound... all very confusing :D Language.;.. all latin.... with arabicisations thereof.... originally indicating a sheath of wheat...and tax on... one of the reasons for differences is it depending if the town was a colony or not since colonies paid less tax... I dunno about you but I wouldn't like admining a system with /bin being renamed and transliterated into arabic .. I used to use WfW3.11 in arabic and this was a complete pain... because some directories had latin chars and others arabic... To be honest I haven't used linux in different alphabets.. but I can't imagine the directory structure being easy if its mixed alphabets and L->R and R->L....I had to use XP in a mixed fr - en environment and that really sucks... /windows/system and /windows/systeme ?? not to mention my docs etc. all being repeated in both langs...? Half of the apps had varying support... in one opr the other lang as well so notes I never could get the interface in english only part of it... and the spell checker wouldn't stop in french... (and about 200 little quirks).. Honestly it can be complex enough... IMHO ...I'd leave the base directory install as it is instead of changing it... since you never know when something might randomly break.... another tip you might create yourself 2 users, one in arabic and one in english... and give each full permissions to the other's files... you can even run them simultaneously and use the switch user to exploit this...
  2. Does it matter? Its only relevant to setting timezone/currency etc. How many pestari per pound ... etc. granted Egypt is huge in terms of population so you'd think it would be worth it but wouldn't it be more frustrating if it took Egypt and then set everything to Arabic ?? including all the directory names...and defaulted to hindi numnbers instead of arabic ones? It could be worse though... you could select North Africa and get everything in a mix of French, Arabic and Berber... with random regional dialets thrown in like toureg or Moroccan Arabic which is incomprehensible to almost everyone??? Imagie the confusion over currency with Egyptian Pestari and Libya Pestari .. the Libyan ones would be like millieme ... a thousand per pound... Think of the confusion if you lived in the only other African country with a bigger population with 9 official languages and hundreds of dialects... Don't let it bother you really ... as a Wise man once said...(roughly translated)
  3. I don't know but I'll surely check :D thanks :D
  4. Yeah that's weird.... I know I have a compatible plug-in since the site actually works if I go direct to "/home.asp" which is where the index.htm redirects the successful...detection... and I can then navigate the flash normally.... Anyone have any clues on this? edit: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070208 Iceweasel/ (Debian-
  5. Well I tried the first one (to be fair it said "this will crash your browser") and it definately did :D however it restarted WITHOUT that page (pretty smart) 90% of the time there isn't going to be anything to interest us on those pages anyway .... :D but some stuff is just annoying... Found another lazy page today by accident... interested to see if it works for anyone?
  6. This one is just lazyness I guess but does this work for anyone ??? http://www.topsecretrecipes.com/
  7. Probably not MS directly.... its too obvious :D Its really easy to find stuff to crash browsers. :D just google search ... (I tried one so I have been gone for a few mins ) Its more likely Windows fanboyz.... and its usually using a flash detector that's hacked just to redirect to a address that crashes browsers if the browser isn't IE and not on windows... so you can actually circumvent by spoofing the info... or just find the page it redirects IE to and paste...
  8. Ilia, some sites just have maliceous code to crash anytihng but IE.... I found one last week... (someone posted a link)... so I just did a wget and retrieved the code .. it was actually documented as crash non IE browser... on the flash detection plug-in...also crashed konqueror ... Weird thing... I looked at the redirection for IE and pasted THAT into firefox and the rest of the site works fine, including flash... I guess some people just hate non MS products???
  9. I think its just a problem with closed source drivers and anything NEW in linxux, matisse being an example... I doubt nvidia is worse than ati or visa versa... I know for instance at the moment there is a problem in debian unstable for Xorg for ATI owners but it could just as easily be any closed source driver... since it forces the suck n see approach....
  10. Simon.... send me the links.... I'll translate what's necassary ... although wanadoo are not know for being linux friendly... (to say the least)... but proably 90% of the threads are just bitching that wanadoo disconnected them when they told them they were using linux or something....
  11. John, I don't see any links between the two... its a university... the allow public mirror as a courtousy but if the people at the university aren't using it then they have no reason to mirror it in favor of something else... If you take numbers of mirrors as a metric Mandriva is probably well below Debian.or Gentoo...? In the same way my ISP has also removed most of mandriva.(significantly slimmed) . something I'm glad of because it reduces bandwidth use and frankly there are many better distro's deserve the space more... (Since Mandriva is commerical they are somewhat less deserving IMHO) Frankly there is nothing wrong with Mandriva.... but just because its the 1st you stumbled across and the first I got a special fuzzy feeling for etc. doesn't mean its popular or any better??? I got a Nikon for my 21st.... I still use Nikon and always have but .... if by random chance I had been given a Leica... (and it was totally random.. my father's friend bought a FG for his daughter in Singapore and she could't work it out so my Dad bought it off him for my 21st) I'll always love my Nikons :D but it doesn't mean they are the best at everything or the best camera for everyone...just what I stumbled into... hey I like Mandriva.. its was the first distro really worked for me back in 199something.... but I also realise its not the best for everyone :D
  12. I have used (mencoder) via kmplayer to convert dvd.iso to .avi file. Cool... thx.. I now actually realised I can actually watch it direct in mplayer anyway :D but realised that from you saying I can use mencoder.... so it works pretty good...
  13. tyme... that's what I'm thinking ... but its obviously just speculation... Mandriva have so many concurrent versions and arguably no real stable one... (i.e. some people aren't happy with 2007 or 2007.1 so they have to mirror a LOT....like which one to mirror? Would they mirror Mandriva move? etc. I dunno if it was my space I'm giving away I'd lean towards free as in beer distro's....? Buit they mirroir Suse and OpenSuse so I doubt its that??? It could simply be that each year they vote and this year nonone voted for mandriva? or the guy who originally mirrored it has left and someone noticed they were mirroring GB??? Or it could be the whole lot? who knows the amount og GB needed and the number of votes to carry it???
  14. I guess its a question of space/bandwidth etc. Given how many distro's are out there they can't carry em all.... I guess their criteria are their own concern... but they are still holding thac and plf so ... ???
  15. Check this 1st... (do read it else the names will be confusing) http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages Next http://www.debian.org/mirror/list Usually closer is better... For me my primary source is either deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ sid main contrib non-free or my ISP actually prvides a full mirror I get 22Mbit dloads from so I use that... After this is some stuff like deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org/ sid main This contains mplayer etc. and codecs not on official sites.... Finally www.apt-get.org has thousands of unofficial sites.... you add them to /etc/apt/sources.list in the format above.... you can add them through synaptic etc. but its usually easier to just edit the file directly after editing it apt-get update
  16. OK :D it does make a difference.... try as your normal user... (starts it without plugins and stuff) firefox -safe-mode
  17. That's weird Try which firefox (in the control centre check the name of the files it installs if this doesn't work.. could be mozilla-firefox etc. ) do it as root and as the user... There is still a large chance its something just in one user profile... but its also possible you have it installed twice and root finds one first and your user another.... when you say nothing.... does it just give an empty line or sit there doing nothing .. ??? (and you need to crtl+C to stop it)
  18. Start it from a non-root CLI.... It will then probably tell you that some lock file needs deleting or similar... because this is on a per user per profile basis... you can also type ps -ef |grep firefox and check its not running but stalled somewhere...
  19. Reverse question ....? How about converting a DVD .iso file into AVI? Annoyingly I am missing one episode from a series.... can't find it alone anywhere but I have a DVD .iso but obviously mounting the iso just gives the video and audio folders? Anyway I can make avi's, even better just for the one episode I'm missing?
  20. Bought two new disks so its now all on RAID 1 .... I just didn't get round to doing my stuff yet !! Rather stuff I had for other people! I guess I should stick a redirect in my apache2.conf for now for the gluten free pages...
  21. ian, If you need any help just pm or email me.... I'm getting pretty good at making my own templates :D and just started writing my own mambots... (1st one yesterday)... So if you want some help from someone with experience no prob's... (erm... and I also screwed my mail server again.... well I lost the whole disk on the server so I will swap you :D )
  22. Before you just click this read what Jagwah said.... Once you have a proper download it will have no .part and you can follow this http://wiki.mandrivausers.org/index.php/Burning_ISOs
  23. or even if this still gives problems you can stop kdm .. (but do what arctic says 1st...) /etc/init.d/kdm stop (should do it so long as the login manger is KDM ) and try the old startkde (as your user) also make sure you actually have space.... df -k should show mounted drives and used space .. just to check it its not starting because it can't create a little lock file etc.
  24. You know there will always be some bugs :D However I hope that mandriva has found the ones which are going to be either critical or give people a bad 1st taste.... If they have actually done this then (red-)hat's off to them...
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