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  1. cm2k

    PHP5 for Apache 2

    Hi, Thanks for your help, I have already installed something called apache2-mod_php and the php common libraries, but still doesn't seem to work :( Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to install PHP5 onto my Apache 2 Mandriva 10.1 box. I ran urpmi php5 and it installed a lot of applications, yet when I open Webmin and uncomment the PHP files from the conf file for Apache it fails saying it cannot find: modules/libphp5.so I have run a search for libphp5.so on the server and cannot find it anywhere :s Can anybody help please :) Thanks :D
  3. Never mind - I got it working now :) I used blank passphrases and called Putty from the command line with the switches, shuts Linux down great - Am going to add it to my larger script and test it now :) Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated
  4. Thanks for that, I have configure SSH and it is using Public/Private Keys now howver the only problem is that it now asks me for the passphrase each time. If I made a Public Key/Private Key with no passphrase would this get around it? How can I get around this, I need it to login and fire off the the shutdown command
  5. Hi, No it's quite a new one, we just don't have the cables to connect them through serial, and I cannot get any spend to go get some :( So I have to make the best of what I have got.
  6. Hi, I have the Linux box working great now :D - thanks for everyones help :) I just have one last hurdle to conquer, I have the box connected to a UPS however there is no serial cable so it cannot tell when it has gone to battery. I have a script that sends a shutdown command to a Windows 2003 box on the same UPS and that works great I need a similar way to do this with Linux. I have looked at SSH, but couldn't get the script to work without needing me to enter the password. I am now trying RSH, but keep getting Access Denied, or when I run RSH -L Linux Shutdown the DOS Screen just sits there with RSH.exe running doing nothing. I have enabled RSH in RSH script, and added my IP to the Host.allow. Am I missing anything? Or does anybody have a better way to fireoff the shutdown script from a Windows box? Thanks again :) [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. Hi, I only got the error message No Device Found :s I don't think I explained too clear in my first post. I have one NIC eth0 (192.168.88.x) which I am using for my internal DMZ network, so the LAN can talk to it and other servers on the DMZ. I am using Eth1 (82.x.x.x) with a Live Internet IP Address, so people from the internet can connect directly to the server for FTP and WWW. However when I configure Eth0 as the gateway then Eth1 cannot be reached online and if I configure Eth1 as the gateway the connection with the DMZ is lost. It's confusing - I'm sure it's just something strange I am doing wrong :) Thanks for your help :)
  8. Thanks I will give that a try :)
  9. Hi, I have configured Mandriva to use two of my three NIC's however after I enter the details for my second ethernet card, and press apply it works fine, but after a few minutes the gateway is reset to the same gateway as my original NIC Card. I need it to keep its assigned gateway. I am using one NIC to publish files to the web (bypassing a firewall) and one to allow communications to the DMZ network. Thanks :)
  10. cm2k

    FTP Server [solved]

    Hi, Thanks for all your help - I had been struggling for days before asking here, I have now got it working thankyou very much :D
  11. cm2k

    FTP Server [solved]

    The EasyURPMI link was great thanks, I am adding those into the server now and will try install again when it has completed :)
  12. cm2k

    FTP Server [solved]

    Hi, Thanks for your replies, when I run urpmi proftpd or urpmi drakwizard I get the error: No Package named proftp e.t.c Will try adjust the URPMI settings now :unsure: Thanks.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me, I am trying to install an FTP Server on Mandriva 10.1 and am having a lot of difficulty. I have tried installing ProFTPD and WUFTP and I either get a failure message, or it asks for lots of dependancies that I cannot track down. Can anybody recommend an easy to use, secure FTP Server and the best way to install it? Please be gentle I a Linux newbie Thanks :)
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