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  1. Why there is only i586 compiled kernel in Mdv 2007? I need the i686 or K7 compiled kernel with the most optimisations for my CPU whitch is Athlon XP (Thorton).
  2. Ceco

    XMMS in 2007?

    i've tryedin XMMS with mdv 2007 and it was very laggy.I hope they will make a newer, updated version of XMMS with more features...
  3. Ceco

    Microphone & Skype

    When i click on the green point in kmix the microphone works and whan i talk i heard myselve at my speakers but others cant hear me.Under Windows it works perfectly.
  4. Ceco

    Microphone & Skype

    i have selected Record mode and +20 db but it is still the same.No change
  5. Ceco

    Microphone & Skype

    I've downloaded Skype v1.3.0.53 but the microphone don't work.I've tryed to switch from ALSA to OSS in the Skype options but it still don't work.How to fix this?
  6. Oh yes it runs! Thank u very much! What whas the name of the rpm which makes the gnome apps to use the kde fonts?
  7. I've installed nvidia-8774 and dkms-nvidia and when i click on Configure 3D effects the KDE restarts itselve.
  8. Ok i've installed the beta drivers 9625.It cannot run AIGLX but it runs XGL but the screen in KDE goes white so i can't see anything.For now it is better with the normal X server without 3D effects.I'm waiting for a newer driver of the 9x series.Thank u for support :P What whas the name of the rpm which makes the gnome apps to use the kde fonts?
  9. When i open "Configure your computer->Hardware->Configure 3D Desktop effects" it tells me "Your system does not support 3D desktop effects". How to use AIGLX or xgl? My video card is GF4 MX440 and support OpenGL.I've downloaded the newest driver from nvidia.com and it is the same.What to do? [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  10. "Why are people afraid of Linux?" Because it have console. Because it is different. And because there are missing important programs for linux... there is no software for my GSM for linux os and thats why i have dual boot linux and windows on my PC.
  11. Hey i installed "xsettings-kde" and it do great job! Thanx for the help ;)
  12. Ok i've installed it but how to use it? Edit: I saw how to use it but when i log out and then back log in it returns to previous! It dont save its changes.
  13. Ok but i have a problem.I am selecting the new fonts and everything is good but when i log out and then log in to KDE the fonts are restored to previous and i have to run "gnome-font-properties" every time!
  14. I've installed the Gnome Control Center and i've changed it.Thanks for the help ;)
  15. [user@Ceco ~]$ gnome-font-properties bash: gnome-font-properties: command not found
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