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  1. When I use urpmi I am told "Everything Already Installed"
  2. So, should I "uninstall" the file and reinstall it?
  3. Thanks, Here's the Link: http://solutions.brother.com/linux/sol/pri...pr_drivers.html There are directions at the top of the page. When I type cd /tmp/lpr I am told "file not found". I have installed it from the home directory but that hasn't worked. Do I need to "enable" LPD printing somehow?
  4. Thanks, but that printer doesn't work. I have the drivers for this printer from Brother and need to know how to intall them.
  5. Thanks but I can't find a readme file the package or on Brother's website, that's why I posted here. B)
  6. I am a newbie trying to install the drivers for a Brother MFC 4800. I am using Mandrake 10.1. The drivers are from the Brother site under "LPR printer drivers" for my specific printer and it claims to work with Mandrake 9.1, The files were "control.tar.gz","data.tar.gz" and "debian binary". I copied the drivers to my home directory and unziped them with ark. I am not sure what to do next. The Mandrake Printer Management Tool asks for the manufacturer supplied PPD file which I do not have. I have the printer connected via USB and the Printer Management Tool Recognizes that there is a Printer Present (Raw Printer - No Driver). Do I need to do something with the installed drivers other than unzipping them in my home directory? I would be happy just to have the printing function (without fax or scan). Thanks, Will
  7. It's always darkest before the dawn. Ok, after "Cntr - Alt -F1" then "Alt + F2" will get a login prompt. I tried to load the nvidia drivers and was told I couldn't do it while X was running. After a couple of options, I think "killall x" did the trick. Typing startx resulted in the familiar dark screen. However, a reboot resulted in the beautiful white Nvidia screen. The only problem is that the screen won't go away. It's nice and I wouldn't even mind setting it as wallpaper, but it would be nice to "get beyond it". So, I am no longer filled with despair, and feel that the process is moving forward. I will start from scratch and believe that the 11th install will be the charm. -Will
  8. Yep I changed this one also. I think that I have tried everything suggested and still get: NV: could not get NV card info (invalid argument) (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initalize the NVIDIA kernel module! when I get anything at all. I keep thinking that there is something simple that I am missing. One of the referenced threads above suggested that this is a Mandrake problem. I like the Linux concept but this is beyond frustrating. I don't mind a learning curve, but I have installed the program ~10 times and have tried all of the solutions that have worked for other folks. Perhaps the next Nvidia driver release will address the problem but if I can't get 9.1 going this weekend, I'm going to have to jump ship to another Linux distribution (which would be the pits as I bought the 7 disk Mandrake package). However, all of the help and brainstorming has been wonderful. -Will
  9. Ok, lsmod shows that nvidia is there. However, with all the changes above, I still get a blank screen when typing "startx" or letting the program boot normally.
  10. It seemed to install just fine. Where do I go to check to see if it actually did install.
  11. Still no luck. Reinstalled 9.1 followed directions with these exceptions: At step 2 when I hit "Ctrl-Alt-F1" there was no prompt to log into. There is a line that says "using vt7" but nothing under it- even after I hit enter. Do I have to go into X then "CTRL-Alt-F1" or can I type "linux 3" from the start menu and install the files from there. When I did follow the directions and install the drivers from the linux 3 prompt I don't think it "took". I got the message: NV: could not get NV card info (invalid argument) (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initalize the NVIDIA kernel module! And when I tried "sh NVIDIA ...pkg2.run --uninstall" it returned "No such file or directory" I used "sh NVIDIA ... run -ane" when I typed "urpmi binutils" it said the files were already installed, however the mandrake software installer said that libbinutils wasn't (so I did) Any other ideas how I can install the files? -Will
  12. Loaded from /mnt/cdrom then installed with sh NVIDIA . .run -ane Still blank screen when rebooting. I must be missing something simple.
  13. when I type "ls" it returns "Desktop/ Documents/ tmp/" Lets make sure that I am copying the nvidia files correctly. I have them on a cd. I enter the file manager, copy the files from the cdrom, then paste them in the /tmp directory. I then start Linux 3, change to the /tmp directory and load the nvidia files. Is this a valid way to load the files? Do they get put where they belong? Will my son ever be able to play Tuxracer? Is it a problem that I am developing a nervous twitch and muttering about Config-4 settings to friends and family?
  14. James, thanks for the effort you went to. I tried to mirror your effort but without success. Right after a fresh Linux install, I typed "urpmi binutils" but was told "everything already installed. The mandrake installer let me install "libbinutils" but binutils wasn't listed (does that mean it was installed)? sh NVIDIA .....pkg2.run --uninstall again said "no such file or directory" What directory should I be in to try this. "nvidia-installer --uninstall" didn't work either. I keep feel that I'm getting closer to the solution, but the screen in no less dark.
  15. Just ran the installer again and it didn't work so I'm going to reinstall Linux from scratch (8th time's the charm perhaps). Before loading the nvidia files, I have been using the software installer (the mandrake installer) to load "binutils" which I understand is necessary for the nvidia program. Any problem with this?
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