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  1. Do make suggestions on the kde bugtracker or forum but most likely you'll get flamed by aron seigo, kde's lead plasma developer or a few kde fanboys, or you are told that this is the new way and to get used to it.
  2. if you are using kde4 then this is normal, you have to click the device icon in dolphin or the new device notifier plasmoid to mount the device, you no longer get an icon corresponding your partitions on your desktop
  3. the notification daemons are almost identical except that the xfce one has a small patch that allows  the settings to be managed from the xfce settings panel
  4. the upgrade will not upgrade to kde4 but will keep kde3, you can install kde4 later however (though I do not recommend it as it mixes some apps, like that sorry excuse for a filemanager called dolphin will insist on being used in kde3 all the time)
  5. This is a kde4 feature, they [the kde4 devs] call it the cashew or plasma toolbox, it does nothing useful however. kde4 feature I think the snapshot thing is work in progress, I uninstalled it; regarding the root thing, this is a feature; you are not supposed to launch a full graphical shell as root; use su - in terminal and launch apps from there (in /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc however you can set allowrootlogins to true if you really really want to) It downloads information, or it should; in the past you had the very large hdlist which are now split up and the bits are downloaded when needed.
  6. In free markets people will only pay the amount that they think the product is worth to them if the nominal cost to produce a product is higher than what the market want to pay the value of the product is not that of the nominal costs but that of the market, no one of their free will will pay more. This is beside the point charity/volunteer work has a value only when someone is willing to pay for it with goods/money or servicesÂ
  7. Economic wisdom has it that the price of a product is not determined by the cost to produce it but rather how much people on the free market would want to pay for it; if people are not willing to pay for it (but will use it when it's free) linux is worthless...
  8. if you use kde3 or 4 it's probably the session manager that selects the previous session, you can find it in kcontrol (kde3) or systemsettings (kde4) look for session manager that's a pretty scarry avatar btw
  9. i had installed the ose edition from the repos but wanted the full version, all I had to do was download and install the rpm of the full version
  10. nah, leave it core x fonts *are* vry ugly. maybe you could make a screenshot of some ugly fonts?
  11. maybe you don't have enough diskspace?
  12. if you have ugly fonts in opera, go the the following address: opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableCoreXFonts and disable core x fonts
  13. IMHO opera is the best browser but its torrent client is quite crappy; I have switched to deluge for gtk and ktorrent for kde torrent clients, far less resource hungry than vuze, only for very small files I use opera
  14. the problem is not pulse but libcanberra, although disabling pulse will solve the problem. I already reported the bug and a fix is in /testing, though I havent tested yet
  15. when you hover over it some toolicons should pop up and you can disable it.
  16. a bug...it s just a bug, I always close the folderview right, it annoys me because it makes the desktop look to messy; you cant have files directly on the desktop in kde4 instead you need this folderview widget, which can be used to show arbitrary folders contect on the desktop (which sounds like a good idea on paper but works badly in practive for me at least)
  17. Many of these annoyences are considered major new features by the kde devs
  18. A good nickname for this release would have been Janus:Â Mandriva could call this the best mdv gnome or xfce release but for the kde users :sad: kde3 didnt get the tlc kde normally gets in a mdv release and kde4, well...I have given my opinion more than enoughÂ
  19. that's since the last stable, I meant from last beta (the driver I am currently using)
  20. I had to downgrade: the release files (mandriva-release-common and mandriva-release-XXXXX, where XXXX is dependent on your version of mdv, ie free, powepack, one) harddrake and its dependencies drakx-kbd-mouse-x11 about 9 files in total
  21. well the front page clearly points to 2009.0 for me http://www.mandriva.com/
  22. I always just use smart, it allows forced downgrading...
  23. apperantly it's a server side error but still the people that downloaded, installed and updated are screwed
  24. what has chnaged since 177.78?
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