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    not booting

    got it to mount in ubuntu but still not booting
  2. ffi

    not booting

    I wanted to try ext4 (yes I have kernel 2.6.28) so I converted, so I followed this little guide here: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Create...om_ext3_to_ext4 But now when I try to boot, the kernel panics complaining about not being able to mount root because an optional feature (of ext4) was enabled, so I guess I have to add some options to fstab but I am not able to mount the partition anymore in intrepid sudo mount -t ext4dev /dev/sdb1 /media/ext4/ mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so from dmesg [ 467.152672] EXT4-fs: sdb1: not marked OK to use with test code. So how to mount and how to then correct my fstab?
  3. add: option "ignoreABI" "true" to the section server flags of xorg.conf
  4. Ah I see, it used to be a panel plugin now it' s standalone app; I also see one of imho most annoying thunar bugs: not being able to paste in detailed view, is fixed It worked for my old user but I decided to clean out my home and then stuff broke, new users don't work anymore either...it's supposedly the update process to beta3, I can run the apps but not a session :sad:Â
  5. I never managed to get the xfce-screenshooter plugin to bind to the prt scrn key Exaile and Banshee are good gtk alternatives for amarok; Exaile' s aim actually is to be one day gtk' s amarok Same here as you know but 4.2rc1 is bringing some of that love back and xfce won' t even run currently in cooker :sad:
  6. not really as before long my partition was ful when using it, smart allows a simple downgrade from the repositories though...
  7. It's not only those 2 tools but many parts of the mcc and installer. I tried to get bugs fixed many times, so I asked on irc and no one understood the draktools or even dared touch them... ps: I never did get rpm hell, I have encountered deb hell many times, where deb install just would out-right refuse to do anything anymore because of broken packages or incomplete upgrades but never an rpm system....urpmi has gotten a lot better too the last 2 releases, 1 bad package won't break an upgrade anymore but I still think urpmi should consider downgrades, but by design it will never, and that it does not makes upgrading, especially with 3rd party packages present tricky...
  8. For the ones that don't know Pixel is the author of urpmi, maybe not the greatest package manager but a capable one and it is our package manager but he is also the author of maybe mandriva's greatest asset XFdrake and many other draktools
  9. http://wiki.mandrivausers.org/index.php/In...are_using_Urpmi
  10. just do blkid without any parameters and it will list all drives
  11. welcome to mub :D, boot your regular install and open the mandriva control panel and go to sofware management and select install/remove software (or something similar to that) and install firefox also read our wiki for some info on how (and how not) to install software in mandriva: http://wiki.mandrivausers.org/index.php/So...re_managementÂ
  12. you have to be root to issue blkid. Anyway do you dualboot and share a swap partition?
  13. Nvidia finally released the 180 series driver for Linux. This driver should significantly improve KDE4 performance, especially on series 8000 and later cards. Details here.
  14. the fanciest effects are not enabled by default in mdv you need to run and install compiz settings manager for those
  15. that's the one, install and and be sure to run XFdrake afterwards to make sure it is set up properly
  16. non-free backports has 8.11. It has fglrx in its name, ati is the opensource driver...
  17. I guess not then because the drivers are in backports, which arent enabled by default
  18. and you have the latest drivers (8.12)?
  19. Maybe that was true a while back but their drivers are atm better than nvidia for kde4 for sure, xvideo works, suspend/hibernate works, switching vt's work...most bugs actually have been fixed in the last 6 months
  20. If you want the best performance and best performance/$ graphics card nothing can beat the ati HD 4870 X2 atm, comparison to any other cards isn't even fair, it's in a league of its own; google the reviews, it is so powerful the rest system even if you would pick the rest would be the limiting factor...the card is not cheap though, as expensive as nvidia's best but it blows nvidia out of the water; nvidia and kde4 are also a bit problematic still, even with the more powerful cards kde can seem quite sluggish... regarding the soundcard: I wouldnt buy creative x-fi atm since their drivers are problematic and on-board useally is good enough; audigy 2 and 4 are well supported though but not really worth the extra money compared to on board audio, maybe in a few months alsa will support x-fi (in 2009.1)
  21. They all play for me in Opera 10a1 and FF, I see the same error too sometimes on other pages occasionally in both Opera and FF and reloading the page a couple of times usually is enough to fix the problem...
  22. It happened to me to this weekend in ubuntu after upgrading kde4 to kde4.2beta1, eventhough I still had diskspace left, turned out the upgrade hadn't completed for some reason
  23. A common and easy to fix problem is that the volumes where not umounted cleanly, start windows click on the drives and exit windows, if this works you are done, else we need to look into it a bit deeper
  24. This is a kde4 feature, not a bug, the kde4 designers want you to use policykit instead of kdesu, nevermind the fact that policykit hasn't been integrated into kde4 yet, they already hid kdesu to some obscure path (something like /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kdesu or something like that), I don't know where exactly and I am not using mdv at the moment either but it is this there...somewhere... Alternatively try to launch dolphin with su - (notice the trailing minus sign)
  25. Mandriva always had a tendency of being somewhat buggy and since Adam got hired he workes very hard in getting those bugs, the devs just dont seem to care about but can really annoy end users, fixed; together with his effort backporting and packaging requested packages and adding little but useability wise little extraa like syncing mobile devices has made a huge difference to the feel of Mandriva. I wont even mention the tireless pr work.... Without Adam we endusers would have a far more buggy, bland Mandriva with outdated software. For the bugs he helped fis he would be worth his weight in gold if Mdv wants to focus on the corporate/oem market...a very bad decision indeed....
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