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  1. Oh, and you might have to install java yourself too, but that's only slightly more trouble.
  2. I don't know about the dual layer thing, but inless you have an incredibly fast internet connection, it's really not worth the trouble to get commercial drivers and software. The versions in the PowerPacs and club ISO's tend to be slightly outdated, like realplayer8 and the nvidia drivers are almost always several version behind. These things are all freely available in UP TO DATE rpms from the companies that make them (with a few exceptions you probably don't use). The only reasons that Mandriva doesn't put these freely available and freely distributable things in all ISO, are: 1. The desire to only include open source software. Call me a cynic, but I don't really buy this one. 2. If they included them in the downoalds, there would be no reason for anyone with an internet connection to ever buy a retail version. I think this is the biggest reason. Not that this is a bad thing, Mandriva is a bussiness after all. I'm all in favor of Capitalism. Anyway, why bother with the second downlaod? Just set up urpmi sources for the contrib stuff and install nvidia driver, flash and RealPlayer yourself.
  3. THere's LOTS of ways to do that, but my best reccomendation is sell it without the hard drive. If you have stored sensative info on your hard drive, and someone wants it badly enough, there is very litle you can do to stop them. The reason is that formatting does not actualy remove any data. It simply tells the partition table that the drive is empty, so it can be written over. There are various methods to actualy remove the data, and they are all a pain. If all you care about is having the drive clean, I suggest putting in the install disk of whatever os you're going to sell the computer with, and running far enough throught he installer to get to the formatting/partitioning section of the install process. Most versions of linux and all versions of windows can handle this nicely. If you have stored truely sensative info, you should keep the drive. Alternatively you can find your self one of the various tools out there that will write 0's to the entire drive reccursively untill there is no chance of recovering data. MAybe someone can reccomend one if you're concerned.
  4. If this is a 'fresh' install, try upgrading your kernel. I seem to recal having trouble with the kernel on the disks myself. The kernel has been updaed and fixed quite a bit, and I actualy didn't have any trouble with module conflicts until I upgraded my xorg and kde to thac's rpms. Then, once the kernel is updated, blacklist usbmouse (it's not like you need it) and then plug it in and follow devrise's instructions. Alternate commands that I find easier. ctrl-alt-f1 (log in as root, or su to root) service dm stop rmmod wacom rmmod usbmouse modprobe wacom Then, take a look in dev to see what's going on there, see if there is an event for your tablet. I'm guessing it will be the same as my wacom. Normaly it's /dev/input/event0, but with the latest kernel and xorg, I found it's event1 with no other pointing device and event2 when my trackball is plugged in. Anyway, cd /dev/input/ ls (look at what events are listed) cat /dev/input/event* Try that with each event, or just start at event 0 is you want, and then put the mouse on the tablet and move it around, see if you get loads of output. If at some point you DO get loads of output, your tablet is working for sure, and we can get you configured. If you do get output from /dev/input/event1 or whatever event, make note of which event it is. You'll need that info to configure the tablet. I really hope we can help you get this sorted. The gimp is awsome with a pressure sensative tablet, as there are WAY more options for pressure sensativity than in photoshop. edit* one more thing, with some versions of the driver, and I don't know why, the tablet won't reccognize the mouse, until you lift the mouse off the tablet once, so when you first enter a cat command or first startx, you may have to pick the mouse up once. Not a big deal really, but it confused the hell out of me until I figured it out.
  5. Oops, read more carefuly now, I see where it's hanging. What I suggest, if you haven't done anything silly like deleting the drivers, is blacklisting the usbmouse module. I think the blacklist file is /etc/hotpulg/blacklist MANY people have problems with the conflict between usbmouse and wacom, so give it a go. Then reboot with it plugged in and see what heppens. If it boots, we're past that hurdle and can work on getting it configured correctly
  6. I completely agree. I meant I'd be on 2k5 until 2k7 comes out, edited now. I think mandriva is heading the right way, and merging with conectiva looks like it may well be a big improvement in the long run, even if the short term results, like the name and the feared quality of the first merged release (2006) are both really bad.
  7. I was going off this "Supported USB Devices * PenPartner * Graphire & Graphire2 * Graphire3 * Cintiq & CintiqPartner * Intuos & Intuos2 * Intuos3 * Cintiq 21UX * Volito " Right from thw wacom site, and mandrake has a very recent version of the wacom driver. Now, first off there is no configuration at all for the intuous in your xorg.conf. It's just not there, and you'll have to fix that. Now about the booting, at what point does the boot fail? Does X refuse to start, or does it hang earlier along. If it's X refusing to start, it could be a conflict between the intuous and ps2 mouse since the intuous isn't configured. If you're hanging earlier in the boot, then you're probably right about the driver problem. We;ll cross that bridge when we get there. In the mean time, I'd avoid monkying around with drivers. It's really unlikely that you'll fix it that route.
  8. That's been another big concern, 2005 looks good and 2007 holds a lot of hope, but I just can't see 2006 being very good with the drastic changes thst are supposed to be coming and still only 6 months. I hope I'm wrong, but I think I'll be on 2k5 until 2k7 comes out, or until I get bored, whichever comes first.
  9. Said it before, and I'll sat it again, the CE/OE split is just plain stupid. Anything that does that much to cause confusion about your product is the wrong thing to be doing.
  10. Yeah, 2d direct X works with rpetty much everything, including, wine for the last couple years, as does DirectX Sound. It's that DirectX 3d that only comes with Cedega.
  11. I'm almost certain that the intuous3 is supported. please post your XF86Config or Xorg.conf (same file) I just got my graphire working with Devries help, I'm sure we can get you rolling between us. Also, is it your only mouse, like my wacom, or do you use it in addition to a regualr mouse?
  12. I can't speak for lars, but for me, I don't have the command rar on my system. I di9dn't bother to install it, since looking at tarballls you can't tell that rar will unrar also, and I would NEVER package something in a rar file. Frankly, I would never package anything in any of the less common formats. Anyone who tries to distribute files in a 7zip, ace or rar archive, needs to rethink.
  13. Honestly, never heard of it. I'l lookit up though.
  14. Well, philosophy is a whole different subject all together, I'm just talking about the release schedule, and as far as th release schedule goes, this is coming out at the point that a CE would come out at. cooker>rc's>ce>oe
  15. now if only I could find something other than unace from the cli for ace archives. oh well. Thanks for the tip on using ark in 3.4 been on 3.4 for a litle while now, but I was so used to it not working that I didn't even check.
  16. Yes and no, it's coming at the same point in the release cycle, BUT, those who use it say it's better than your usual CE, and there will be no OE for this version. This is s a single version release. Just install it if you're so inclined, and wait for updates. The one in the fall will be mandriva 2006. They are doing away with the old numbering scheme because they've switched to a more reliable yearly release schedule. IT's still unclear to some whether there will be CE and OE in the future. I've ehard conflicting reports. Perhaps adamw or someone else can lay that out with certainty.
  17. It's that second line of eth0 that throws me. Should list your local ip and subnet, so the network is not configured right. Here's what I would do. Open up MCC, go to network and internet, then the "remove a connection" button, and remove all netowrk connections that are listed. Then, got to create a new notwork conenction, and set up a lan. NOT a cable internet connection. Those settings are for internal cable modems. You know, adamw, you might try buzzing in people's ears are mandriva. Every single release there's tonnes of people who can't set up their internet connections because the think they need a PPPoE or some other such non-sense, because the MCC has a different link for DSL/Cable, and they don't understand how these things work. You could fix this by creating a litle pop-up when the DSL/Cable setup dialog is opened that reminds folks that external Cable and DSL modems virtualy all work as a standard network conection, and don't need the broadband dialog.
  18. Too right adamw, and it's xorg.conf that's the symlink on my system. XF86Config is the real file, even after updating to thac's kde3.4 and the new x .org that came with it.
  19. I deffinately agree. Be sure you get the rpm version if there is one on that site. I've been using the helix/realplayer for a while with no troubles on audio or video. I use it for the audio at http://www.npr.org mostly, but I was watching trailers for the upcoming "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie just the other day.
  20. Well, that's the whole point with linux isn't it. I was talking with a friend of mine last night about linux, and you know, switching to linux won't solve all your computer problems, it just let's you trade them in for new ones. But, if you get involved in the linux community, the new porblems are so much easier to deal with than the old ones.
  21. did you download the .bin or did you use the rpm link just below the button
  22. Wow, I couldn't agree with you less. There is a tendancy amoung linux users, which I have never udnerstood, to use open source software that sucks, when there is freely available closed software that works better. Don't get me wrong, I understand the draw to open source, but there are no media players that handle RealMedia files better than RealPlayer. The same is true of adobe acrobat and macromedia flash. Of course, many people will point you to third party programs, that don't work nearly as well as the real thing. Anyway, there is no compatability issue with RealPlayer and mandrake 10.1, so, let's figure out your problem. Where did you get the installer from? Was it from the powerpack DVD or something you downloaded? If it was a download, can you post the address? Was it an RPM, or some other package? Baring that, it's probably something in your settings, I'll take a look at mine and see if I can come up with something helpful
  23. Well, I noticed that too, but then I noticed that the embeded applications for extractiong compressed files were not installed with kdebase. Install Ark, and kde extras and andything else you can find for kde that realates to archives, and the menu will come back , or at least it did for me. In fact, instead of extract here, I got a whole 'extract' menu with 'extract here" "extract to...' and 'extract to filename/' Very handy. **edit: btw, nice avatar
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