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  1. The easiest thing would be to install that copy of mandrake and ask in here when specific problems crops up - I'm sure you'll be fine, i don't feel that linux is a scary operating system any more if you're using something like mandrake.

    You definitely don't need to know anything about programming - its mainly clicking on the right button, just like windows.

    good luck,


  2. did you scale it down or is that a screenshot straight from your computer?

    the shot is at 1024x768, not "Resolution: 1152x864 24bpp" you say. That would make things look bigger. Apart from that, your gnome icons are fairly big, but they're designed that way.

  3. Not Found
    The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server.
    <<<apache advertising removed>>>


    Apache doesn't think there is anything in there, which is possibly why you get the 403. It may see that there is no index.html, then try to auto index (display a directory listing), find its not allowed and so show the 403.


    i don't really know though, i've just got back from the pub


    edit: you might wish to get rid of all that advertising information about perl and openssl etc, its a mild security hazard

  4. first, does the user 'apache' have access to that folder?


    IF so try adding this somewhere at the bottom of the config file:


    <Directory /var/www/data/>

    order allow,deny

    allow from all



    You shouldn't *really* need that, but just try it for now while i think of a proper fix


    edit: sorry discount my first sentence, i skimread

  5. the ati 9800 AIW will use about 100W more power than your old card... I've just bought a similar geforce fx card for my shuttle - it won't boot. If you want to build a performace computer like an amd socket 939 based pc, i'd really advise not getting a shuttle, as cute as they are.



    *read the whole thread*

    oh, yours works.. lucky you!

  6. I think this is a NAT issue. I don't know exactly why but I know that this is not an apache specific thing if you can access the server from an xy pc with no problem. Somewhere I read that you can't access your server's WAN IP from your LAN.


    that depends on your router really... (some, probably cheaper ones, don't like forwaring the packet that has come from inside the network back inside the network using the port forwarding rules.)


    photoworks, a cheap trick to make it work would be to edit the /etc/hosts file, adding pwks.no-ip.org after localhost on the line.

  7. you've installed the ATI drivers at some point haven't you?

    You should probably try removing them first, then installing the nvidia driver, you'll want the one which is for xfree 4.3



    if the nvidia driver is an rpm, you could also try force installing that, it might work, but its your funeral.

  8. you'd put those lines in samba's main configuration file which should be /etc/samba/smb.conf (you'll need to be root to edit it).

    Also, to allow the user 'guest' to view your shares you might need to enable the guest user for samba. As root, run this command: smbpasswd -a -e guest

    Then when it gives you a password prompt just press enter both times. Hopefully that should work.

  9. Attached is a pdf guide to creating virtual Apache servers on linux (so you can have more than one website on your server).

    Couple of notes:

    I'd appreciate any feedback, i haven't tried it on mandrake.

    May not show in gpdf or kpdf but should work in xpdf. I have no idea why, the gnome and kde versions both use the x version as their base. :huh:


    EDIT: seems to work in the latest version of gpdf

    EDIT2: i messed up the <Directory> the first time around.


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