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  1. geforce 4/2.5 GHz processor

    so no ;-)


    If you drag a window round really quickly the screen doesn't get refreshed and you get ghosts of the window left behind for a few milliseconds. Seems to happen a lot more in pixmap themes.

    Thats not annoying in itself, but its the most obvious (to me) manifestation of the slow 'feeling' using a pixmap theme gives me.

  2. could they perhaps be categorised into subforums with a structure like musb structure above it? so networking, software, terminal shell..., etc


    edit: then i though, and moderation and comments to make them better and better.


  3. Certainly nothing special, is amazing to use though... get a recent version of xcompmgr and start it using xcompmgr -cCfF -r7 -o.65 -l-10 -t-8 -D7

    So many nice fading effects, and fast too.


    gnome 2.8 with a bluecurve theme and aqua extreme metacity.

    irssi and muine running.


    i guess i might as well nominate this


  4. using your router's web interface, you need to 'port forward' port 80 on your router to port 80 on your webserver machine using the tcp protocol. Port forwarding is sometimes called 'applications' in the router software.


    Alternatively, you can take a shotgun approach and use a DMZ. Give your webservers ip address (something like to the router to use as a DMZ and all incoming internet traffic is sent its way. If you do that, remember to setup a firewall on your computer.

  5. actually, yes - i also have windows xp but i haven't downloaded or tried it on it, but i once ran there ABC (a bittorrent client) and it went well. then, what do you think the problem is, doc'?  B)  :D

    Azureus will still work if it has NAT problems, it would just work better without them. I'd suggest trying azureus on windows and seeing if you get the same problem. If you do, doing the port forwarding thing will make azureus (and ABC) work better in both windows and linux

  6. you need to forward ports 6881-6890 to your desktop pc from your router.

    Give your computer a static ip address - eg then use your routers web interface to forward the ports to that address.

    Alternatively you could make a DMZ - all ports are forwarded there. If you do that make sure you setup your firewall because your computer will be open to the internet.

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