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  1. While this site is not going to offer you any images, I recommend taking a look at www.w3schools.com for anything HTML, XHTML, or CSS. It's a great resource if you are stuck on the coding side.
  2. I would also just like to throw in that the new Intel Duo chips are both extremely powerful and require little energy. While I love AMD, I find it hard to purchase an AMD at this point because they don't offer an all in one package like Intel does with the Centrino. While I can't state how well the new Intel notebooks will work with any sort of linux flavor, I will recommend waiting for the new Centrino Duo laptops to start rolling off the shelves.
  3. What are you trying to do with the card? If you are looking to just browse the web and run through the command line you might be able to purchase something even cheaper.
  4. Open up your MCC and you should be able to change your login preferences from there. If I remember correctly it actually has it's own tab down at the bottom of the list. From there you can choose KDM, GDM, and I believe X Window logins as well as some options. Hope this helps.
  5. If you are looking for a good Photoshop like program check out The GIMP. I'm sure it came with your Mandriva installation and it should also come with most others.
  6. I'm not quite sure what kinds of features you are looking for in a printer, but I've had alot of success with an HP Deskjet 5740. It is immediately recognized by Mandriva 2005 and 6, prints black text blazaingly fast and the color quality isn't that bad. The ink cartridges are cheap and so is the printer. They may have replaced it with a new model, but I believe the one I bought ran about 100 bucks.
  7. Also look into Puppy Linux. It's a great Linux variation for aging computers.
  8. Does your monitor support that size? If not then you would get the problem of windows being too large. Also, try installing the Nvidia driver. There is plenty of posts here that should be able to help you to install. Also www.linuxloader.com has a great guide.
  9. Yes that's Kate Beckingsdale from the Underworld movies. She's rather attractive isn't she. If you havn't seen Underworld 2 I suggest going to see it. The movie isn't that great as a whole but you do get to see a rather graphic sex scene with her in it. :D
  10. Your Windows drivers work better because Intel has alot invested into Microsoft's OS. I doubt they have even looked into writing their own drivers for Linux or the project has little support. The driver you are using under Linux is most likely written by somebody other than Intel, and thus would lacks some of the features that are found under Windows. The only suggestion that I could make is possibly looking into upgrading or changing the current driver you are using under Linux.
  11. Your problem is you are trying to use RealPlayer. :D
  12. Does your CD-ROM drive have a cable running to your soundcard? This is the simplest fix. Most of the players look for this by default to play your CDs. If you don't have one of these cables, then open the player you would like to use and go through the options looking for digital playback.
  13. www.sonos.com Has support for Linux too. :D
  14. What about trying to run your Hotmail Popper program through Wine?
  15. I think you are all missing what Google really does and that is deliver AdSense. Everything they do is to deliver more and more ads to a highly targetted market.
  16. If you have a POP3 Hotmail account I would imagine you could do this rather easily with KMail or even Thunderbird.
  17. I guess I will just install from the tarball on their website. It's not difficult at all, but a little more work than just waiting for the autupdate.
  18. Thanks for the help, I wasn't quite sure because the browser hadn't said anything yet.
  19. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I was wondering if Firefox 1.5 will automatically update itself much like it has for my Windows box. I'm running 10.2 and have installed 1.5 from the tarball on their site and not from an RPM if that matters. [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  20. I doubt any major computer vendors are going to be selling anything but Windows Operation Systems on their machines for several more years. Every time Dell and HP hint at possibly shipping computers with other operating systems, even computers without an OS, Microsoft pulls them back in. It would take alot of Google muscle and users to push it onto computers ship directly from manufacturers.
  21. The question is whether a Google OS will be full of ways to deliver it's customers AdSense. Afterall a entire OS devoted to studing the habits of individuals would be a great way to sell customized ads, a business that Google knows alot about.
  22. When you untar something it should create a folder for that particular zip and place it directly into the folder where the tar is located. So if you have the tars located in your download folder then the untarred folder will also be placed into the download folder. From there you should be able to move the folder wherever you want on your system with the mv command. Or I believe you can untar folders to different locations all in one step. Try typing in your normal tar commands followed by the file name, and then a space and the location you would like the new folder to be placed.
  23. To be honest with you I wouldn't worry about losing your data on CD-R's. I'm sure there are some cheap brands that over time can lose your data, but what other medium doesn't do the same? If you are really concerned about your backup CD-R's, invest in another external hard drive or just do more backups, CD-R's are extremely cheap. Plus don't put your backups in a place where they are more susceptible to damage. For me, I'll continue using CD-Rs.
  24. Are you able to get through the install and into a working desktop? From what I take it, everything on CD1 is essentially, with both CD 2 and 3 being additional software. Try ignoring the error messages about the disks and seeing where that takes you. Also, try doing a minimum install. Hopefully this will keep everything on to the first disk.
  25. Also try burning your CD at a much lower speed. Try 2x or 4x. It might be annoying, but burning CD's at 52X can yield some errors, possibly ones not letting you install the kernel.
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