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  1. Made my very own interpretation of the M$ 'dinosaur' advertisement!
  2. It's really cool so many people are posting their FPS... because it means their cards are actually working! I'd have to commend nVidia, every new driver they put out seems to improve things for both newer AND older cards. Also, it's nice to see some people got their ATI cards running.
  3. Geforce MX440 64MB ... finally works without crashing with the latest nvidia drivers ( AGpart problem solved). Pretty good performance too, for its price (of course, it's a very old model and POP won't work [on windows] although it has sufficient RAM... :( ).
  4. I think you can only import chars from an earlier version. But leveling up in LP1 goes quick enough! Did you play it in Linux though?
  5. *Bump* ... so anyone tried these out yet?
  6. other question: what advantage is there choosing the Coolermaster PSU and case over the combined In-Win 430W case?
  7. Is this the Linux demo for a game, or the installer for when you already have the discs?
  8. That's me :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> aaw, you poor lonesome thing.. I like Opera quite much too, but I've become adicted to some extensions on Firefox. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mmmm yeah, me too... like Adblock, Web Developer Toolbar and BugMeNot.
  9. 33% other!? What are these?
  10. Also, downloads through the update-mechanism don't count. The firefox rpm that is on my SuSe DVD does not count. Network installations only count 1x. Etc. etc. if anything, I'd say the stats are slightly under-stated.
  11. Firefox is the most-used browser on Linux. So this news is interesting for a majority of people running Linux. See?
  12. They made it! B) http://www.spreadfirefox.com/
  13. You could test with a LiveCD first, like Knoppix or MandrakeMove or Mepis.
  14. Does this mean the cost savings they'll get will be deducted from SoulSe's tax bill? ;)
  15. I've got a wireless network and on the XP machine, there's a folder "C:\mysharedmap" (name of the map doesn't matter really). Then you right-click on the folder and select "share folder and contents" somewhere. I think I used the Samba module in Yast to connect to the network, there you just specify your network name(e.g. MSHOME). However, I don't know what the corresponding configuration tool in Mandrake is. It's so long ago though, that I don't really remember. But maybe I'll give it a go again this weekend.
  16. I have, with Samba. But I'm not using Mandrake, so I can't help you. But yes, it's possible of course.
  17. I also asked on another forum, the general consensus is, it's really not that big of a deal. As you can see, I choose a " AMD Athlon 64 3000+ , Socket 939" processor. Are Athlon processors (like this one) less power-hungry?
  18. Can anyone elaborate on the difference between a power supply with 24 pins and one with 20 pins?? I've heard you've got 20-to24-pins cables, but a lot of people where having problems with those. What does it do and why do I/don't I need it? If I take the in-win case, probably with 20 pins, could this backfire on me later if I want to upgrade? And if I take the Coolermaster power supply (I'm pretty sure it has 24 pins) and a new case, is that over-powered or does it offer specific advantages? What's the difference between 430Watt (In-Win) and 450 Watt (Coolermaster) anyway?
  19. Now be patient, someone will answer. ;) This isn't exactly the most busy time of day on this board.
  20. Summary: PC configuration 894,75€ BTW (=VAT): 21 894,75€ - [skt 939] AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 3000+ 64bit Skt 939, Retail - [PCI-E] Asus Nvidia EN6600GT, 128MB Tv-out, DVI,2*VGA,PCIX - Coolermaster PSU ATX, 450W + Power Consumption indicator. - WD 200 GB SATA 7200rpm WD2000JD - Pioneer DVD Bur DVR-109 OEM 16x+/-,6X+/-Double layer - Coolermaster Wavemaster Alluminium Casing - PC assembly - [skt 939] ASUS A8N-SLI,Nforce4 Ultra SATA,Raid,1394,Glan,2x PCI-X - [PC3200] DDR400 1024MB Corsair ValueSelect [2x512MB for DUALDDR] Total (excl. BTW): 894,75 € BTW : 187,90€ Total recupel: 9,00 € Total (BTW in): 1091,65 € It's VAT included B) Maybe I'm repeating myself now, but that is not a bad system for that price. In fact I'd say it's a very good system for the price.
  21. Yes, I've got a couple of those So I was told to make sure that that PSU has 24pin connector I'm not sure, but I don't think the in-win case's power supply (we're talking about that, right?) has 24 pins. So I'll just switch it as I had before: - Coolermaster Wavemaster Alluminium Casing - Coolermaster PSU ATX, 450W + Power Consumption indicator. If I have to believe this review, it has 24-pins it seems. After all, why else would this be needed (from the review): Oh yeah, and for the hard disk: WD 200 GB SATA 7200rpm WD2000JD instead of Maxtor? This after some recommendations that Seagate and Western Digital are overall better and less noisy than Maxtor drives. The noisy part I can believe, I've got a 80GB maxtor drive in my current PC and that's not exactly quiet! Total: 1082,65€ (all other options stay the same).
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