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  1. When I update my K menu in the task bar, they keep resetting. They turn into normal folder icons. Any help on this? I keep going back to K menu editor just to fix it. And it really takes up a lot of time.. Whats worse is this happens in my root folder. In my user folders, I can fix it easily buy deleting the user and just remake the user. Please help me. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  2. Guys, Real Player works well in my RC 2006 systems, except that it open a separate console. Is there a way for me to just make it work thru Firefox? When I was in 2005LE it work on the bbc.co.uk page not on a separate console. Any help would be most welcome strummsteel [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  3. I just finished installing 2006 RC1 when RC2 was announced. How do I do this? Any help would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, strummsteel moved from Installing Mandriva by mystified
  4. Thanks for the replies, hmm so the consensus is for me to take the plunge and Go 2006 RC1, then upgrade my urpmi source when 2006 officially launches right? I never thought this would be possible Praise be Linux. Any idea how far away 2006 final will be? I cant wait. Im stuck with KDE 3.3 and Gnome 2.8 and im too chicken to upgrade because I keep reading nasty stuff about the KDE 3.3 to 3.4 update.
  5. Im so excited for mandriva 2006. I'm currently on 2005LE. Do you guys think I shoudl upgrade to the 2006 RC1? And if I do can I just updrade via URPMI when the Final 2006 release comes? Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I messed up my setting by setting anew font. When I changed my mind I clicked Default and now my fonts are not smooth anymore. I just want them to go back the way it was, any ideas? Thanks in advance [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. Thanks for the Help guys. I solved it. But I just used common sense, hehehe sometimes I forget to use it. I looked at the back of the monitor and found the vertical and horizontal values and inputted it in the Xorg.conf file. It now works perfectly. WHoooo hooo Thanks a lot guys.
  8. I have successfully upated my NVIDIA driver. But unfortunately after that when I boot up I get a black screen. Which gives me a desktop that extends beyond my monitor. When I adjust my setting thru MCC to 1024 x 768 i get a blank screen too. Upon further examina, I manage to make it work by adjusting my refresh rate at 60 in the "Screen Resize and Rotate. Is there a way for me to permanently setup my X to default to a refresh rate of 60hz? ANy help would be most welcomed.
  9. Once again thanks guys, I guess I wasnt clear, the wheel (scrool) works, but the wheel also works as a third button right? Why doesnt it do anything when I puch on the wheel button? When I was in SUSE it works, when I was in Mepis in works. Im sorry if I wasnt clear enough, thanks again for you advance, I sure hope you can help me out.
  10. I have been bitten by the Linux box, and no matter how hard the problem is, I have persevered and have made my Linux Box a wonderful machine. Installing apps is not that hard but what really ticks me off is the way WebCams are largely ignored, I mean I have to patch a kernel? to recompile a kernel? Windows is flat out a mess but we get ebat by M@ loyalists becuase we can make a webcam work. USB pen drives-check, VideoCards-check, FireWire Cards-check, but why no WebCam drivers out of the box? Why? *nix is the backbone of the internet, Linux can do anything that Windows can, and do it much much better, without virus and spyware. Recently "Gyach Enhanced" has made major strides to be compatible to Yahoo Messenger's Video features. Now why isnt Gyach on our machines? And we scrape by with Gaim and Kopete (which are in their own right better applications than Trillian). Because we cant use our webcams. My parents, old couple... likes everything about Linux but suddenly comments- "Why cant I see my grandson, on the WebCam?" And I say Your Linux box cant access the WebCam, MCC recognizes the dman, thing including the name Creative WebCam PD1001 but cant get it to work. Why doesnt Linux pack the drivers inside the Kernel in the first place? Honestly, I guess im just too chicken to patch my own kernel. Any one here who can help me? Please? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks mate, on problem is doesnt Option "Emulate3Button" "yes" make the left and the right button work together for the third mouse button? hmm i will try it later when I get back home. Thanks very much once again
  12. Guys, Is there a way for me to configure my scroll button mouse as a third button? The scroll button is an excellent time saver in Firefox as it open a link in a new tab. Thanks in advanced. Strummsteel
  13. Thanks for the reply, unfortuantely for me, tehre is no driver for the Creative Camera (WebCam PD1001) that I have. From the infos iI need to recompile the kerenl to include a diff file. That is far too difficult for me. And I dont think im that confident to mess up my system. Everything on my Linux Box works now and other than the updated KDE and Gnome, im quite happy with it. Regrading the Webcam. Can you give me a brand/model of the most Linux (Mandriva) Friendly Webcam? I will just buy that instead, rather than mess up. Thnaks once again.
  14. Guys, I know this has probably been answered before, but does anyone have a simpler and much easier step by step method on how to update my KDE3.3 to 3.4? and my Gnome 2.8 to 2.1x? Im a complete Linux Newbie and would greatly appreciate any help on the matter, thanks in advance. [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
  15. Guys, Its been a happy 4 weeks since leaving WINDOZE. Im trying to convince anyone that I could do anything on Linux only better. One problem has been my Webcam. I know that Gyach supports Yahoo Messengers WebCam features. How do I know if my Webcam is recognized by Mandriva LE2005? And if its not configured how do I do it? One major Problem is I dont know anything about my Webcam except its brand which is Creative. If I cant get it to work, do you have any suggestions on which brand to get? I want it to work out of the box for Mandriva. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
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