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  1. Hi all I have update all my computers ( dell inspiron laptop, Thinkpad T0 laptop - this one was a clean install, and a shuttle xpc ) to 1010.1 and almost everything works correctly. However if I try to print anything from the gimp I only get a blank sheet. The print preview also shows blank. My printer is a Color laserjet 2500 and it prints perfectly with all other applications. I have tried to find a solution online but nothing seems to help. I have tried all the cups drivers for my printer but this made no difference. I tried the gutenprint plugin in the gimp and this will print but only in greyscale. Has anyone got any suggestions please? Tim
  2. Try kppp. In the setup you can tell it to autodetect the modem, and you can specify your ISP details if they are not in the included list
  3. Sounds like something has messed up a bit. I had the same with the rpmdrame from testing. Try logging in as root from a console and run 'urpmi --update --autoselect'. Oh and check you havent got testing as one of your repos ( probably a good idea to disable any plf repos temporarily as well )
  4. This was a regression in the build for firefox. The latest version gets rid of this message.
  5. I think the command you are looking for may be telinit 3 ( once you have done su to root ) HTH
  6. sorted now it turns out gnome-volume-manager and gnome-mount were not installed
  7. I tried adding sda1 to fstab and that worked, but I was hoping to solve the problem fully, rather than hiding it. Also ( and I haven't tested it because of lack of time ) I have a usb scanner + variuos cameras, and I dont know if an entry in fstab would affect these. Additionally, if for example a camera were mounted and I plugged in the usb stick, it would probably be sdb1 rather than sda1, so we would have the same problem Tim
  8. On my Mandriva 2007 I have so far escaped pretty well all the problems reported here. However, yesterday the mounting of the usb key stopped working. What happened was that my daughter was logged in to the machine, and I needed to do something, and logged in in a nested window. I plugged the USB key in and it appeared on both desktops. I transferred my files, and then from her desktop (KDE) selected "Safely unmount". The usb key unmounted and the icon disappeared. It also seemed to crash my login in the nested window. Since then the automounting of the USB key does not work, just coming up with a message that there is no entry in fstab for sda1. I have looked to see if there were any files changed at that time which might lock the usb, and to see if there are any lock files left lying around, but could not find any. Any suggestions ( other than putting the old hotplug package on )?
  9. I have a security dongle I need to get working with a custom kernel. It works correctly with a standard Mandriva kernel, but in addition to the dongle I need to patch the kernel to support a multiport serial board, and using a patched standard Mandriva kernel, only two of the four ports on the serial board will work. With a patched vanilla kernel the serial board works correctly but the dongle does not work. My question therefore is: How do I find out which Mandriva patch it is that enables the dongle to work, without applying each patch in turn and building a new kernel for each? I have tried loading and unloading modules, but none seem to make any difference. PS This is for a system which is due to be deployed in about three weeks..... [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  10. It could also be a kernel problem. The 2.6.17-5 kernel produced similar problems on my home machine. I upgraded to 2.6.17-6, and so far it appears to work ok. You might find it worth a try
  11. Can anyone recommend from personal experience a colour laser printer suitable for SOHO use with an MDK2006 system. I would like one that is fairly cheap and is available in the UK. I have tried using linuxprinting.org, but with 1000's of printers listed I find it a bit confusing, and if I look at the websites of companies that sell printers, most of their (cheap) models dont seem to be on linuxprinting.org. TIA
  12. Sorted now. It was the dhcp server in the linker. Thanks to ianw1974 for pointing me in the right direction
  13. I am using eth0, with cable connection to an MSI wireless router. /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 contents are DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=dhcp IPADDR="No IP" NETMASK="No Mask" BROADCAST=255 ONBOOT=yes METRIC=10 MII_NOT_SUPPORTED=no PEERDNS=yes DHCP_CLIENT=dhclient NEEDHOSTNAME=yes PEERDNS=yes PEERYP=no PEERNTPD=no Is it possible that the hostname is being set from the router?
  14. I looked in there and this is what is in it: HOSTNAME=amadeus.launchbury.org.uk NETWORKING=yes Despite this, it still comes up with hostname sysresccd ( see below)
  15. I booted my computer ( Mandriva 2006 ) with the latest sysresccd last week and now every time it boots up the hostname is set to sysresccd instead of the correct one, which is amadeus. I have looked through all the files under /etc and could not find anything that would give me this unwanted hostname. If I change it back to amadeus using mcc it remains correct until the next reboot, when it is again set to sysresccd. I have looked through all the logs and cannot see any mention of setting the hostname during bootup. Also, because the hostname is wrong, gnome will not start correctly. I cannot see any mention of this behaviour on the sysresccd website. I can't think of anything else to try, and this is really annoying me. Can anybody help please?
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