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  1. Thanks tyme You are right, the write permission was unchecked and then the sign vanishes when it's checked.
  2. :D Do anyone know why some mp3's have the red no entry sign on like in the picture? http://xs70.xs.to/pics/06093/k.png lol probably see you in the "art and design" area for the reply.
  3. http://img238.imageshack.us/my.php?image=scre8hs.png
  4. I once bought a pci card for a modem made by belkin and on the box were the words :D Windows Mac Linux even had linux drivers on the CD, i can't tell you the exact model because i returned it, and now still have the notorious eagle-usb modem installed. :mdk:
  5. Thanks for these links and info bvc, i have already seen the link you posted on this subject in the sticky.
  6. :D Can i ask where you got the wallpaper from? And do you make all these themes youeself? I think I got it at deviant art (almost impossible to find anything there), and I'm not sure how it has it's curren name on my hd, so here it is http://kwh.kernow-gb.com/~bvc/images/25080.jpg Some of my themes are ports MMX-Mercury-L BBX-Mercury-L Xi Albook TiSkin Classic Marcintesh_OS-L-Icon-Color_Pack Marcintesh_OS-L-GTK-Color_Pack TiCons Opus3-Gnome Everything else is mine. Why? Well, you post them often and make it look easy, i know you're not a newbie but if making a theme is something a newbie can do then i'd like to look into it,
  7. :D Can i ask where you got the wallpaper from? And do you make all these themes youeself?
  8. lol http://xs67.xs.to/pics/06065/snapyy.png
  9. Desktop Images anyone? 1053 desktops and counting http://www.pixelgirlpresents.com/desktops.php
  10. :D I'v been with gnome for about three days and can't see why people prefer kde, there is so much more i can do in gnome like get xmms to work perfectly, firefox does'nt crash and that resource hog KAT does'nt come installed. screen .
  11. :D Many thanks for quick responses, Wonderful.
  12. I'v done a quick search but can't find anything about this. Does anyone know how to change the yellow star icon in the gnome panel to the original gnome icon? I'm new to gnome. Another thing i'm asking you is how does one remove the floppy device (need to be root) and wastebasket (no delete option) from the desktop, again in gnome. thanks for your time.
  13. :D This thread helped alot because i had a dodgy burn and Ubuntu failed on install, I guess it's the size of the DVD d/load and the huge file size, a bit torrent d/load seems much more stable or even with a d/load manager.
  14. Thanks devries I know it isn'nt easy, the main thing was knowing that it could be done with the tools that mandrake provides and with some more reading i don't think it will be long.
  15. thanks chap, i will look into the link.
  16. :D I'v been searching the net and linux forums for ways to burn an avi file to DVD, It looks like to do this one must first make the file DVD ready by turning it into a VOB file, you should correct me if im wrong on any of these points! Maybe if someone has had any experience with the process or anyone who knows how it works can tell me if there is any programs that change the avi file or even what software is needed to burn the VOB file? ...thanks for your time...
  17. johnz

    DVD burner

    :D Thanks to you all for the quick replies, really appreciated. One of the best things about linux is solving matters don't you think? :woops:
  18. johnz

    DVD burner

    :D I have a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-105 (1-4x), now when a blank DVD is loaded into this drive k3b does'nt open automatically like when a blank CD is loaded. Then i try to write some mp3's to the DVD with k3b and again it does'nt recognise the DVD in the drive. The DVD's are just the standard RW 120min 4.7GB recordables that you get from the stores, my goal is to burn an avi to the DVD's but at the moment cant even burn an mp3 file, Do you know if i need to install anything or know whats up?
  19. :D A big thanks to YinYeti For weeks i'v been looking for a program to join a big mp3 file that was split up into a dozen small files, just tried YinYeti's command line tutorial and it worked a treat.
  20. Installed one of them transparent window decorations. http://xs62.xs.to/pics/06014/snapyness.png
  21. :D http://xs62.xs.to/pics/06013/snapyness.png
  22. http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs58&d=05494&f=snapness.png
  23. For me Sophomore looked about right, just wish i had more time to put into learning about linux as probably you all do.
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