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  1. some GOOD news guys .. http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/news/a...hp?storyid=2347 test it :) :D
  2. some fresh BAD NEWS http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nomoregamespy/ and http://www.prounreal.com/?t=73341&f=180 :( realy sorry for the BAD NEWS
  3. sorry but ... linux version of UT3 maybe not on this year While hanging out on IRC, I asked the big question of the day, "Has anyone heard from Icculus on the UT3 server or client?" Here's the dialog that resulted from the question: <icculus> it's stuck in legal <augustus> Legal? Seriously? Have you had legal involved in previous games? <icculus> Not like this, no <icculus> There's some issues with middleware <augustus> so is the hold-up indefinite? <icculus> augustus: not indefinite <icculus> augustus: the politics should be worked out for the server soon, I'm removing the offending piece of code. <augustus> icculus: And the client? <icculus> augustus: that's going to take somewhat longer <augustus> icculus: From the sound of it, there is no ETA then? <icculus> augustus: I'm not committing to one <augustus> icculus: I understand. Seems like it's quite out of your hands. <icculus> If I told you what the specific problem is, you wouldn't believe me * icculus declines to say more. :) And, while I had his attention, I had to ask: "Are you doing a Gears of War port?" <icculus> augustus: for Mac OS X, yes. <augustus> icculus: Linux no then? <icculus> augustus: There's something about a Linux port that the Gears publisher doesn't like...can't quite put my finger on it... <augustus> icculus: I was afraid of that. <augustus> icculus: Funny that Mac isn't a competitor but Linux is. <icculus> I don't speak for Microsoft, but I assume it's just company policy to not do anything Linux related. :(
  4. i love every work of icculus but i think ... EPIC its a huge company and i think that they have a linux coders but ... linux sill in maze in for all this big companies .. i'm realy sorry for that i ask any information here this will be for the last time :wall:
  5. Without linux demo .... u must be joking ... No oficial information at this time and i hope that linux client realise faster than linux client of serios sam 2 (6 -8 months after game out)
  6. no linux demo at this time .. in previous ut2004 we had linux demo and .. i thing maybe something wrong now .. but ... i sill waiting ... and waiting.. and ...
  7. Realy i haven't any information about this client ... so now waiting for best game ever on linux. 10x for information. Have a nice day
  8. I need any information about ut 3 and linux at all. I LOVE this GAME and i upgraded my PC with new Nvidia 8600GT but i play now only new Quake. I need ut 3 on my PC more than a beer tonight ( not realy but.. ) I hate windows but ... i love UT 3 ... What i must do now? Still wait for UT 3 on linux or .. put another HDD install hated windows and .. o my god ... reboot in winmod and play my favorite GAME. Help me pls i need tis game on my linux box . :) I had a bad day today and i need ...... DOUBLE KILL :) Have a nice gaming on linux guis ... UT RULLLSSSSSSSSS :)
  9. i have all but ... i have error When i try to load module "lirc_gpio".. but get error I haven't success to compile lirc from source .. when i Install with rpm pacets "dkms-lirc" ,"lirc" and "dkms-lirc-gpio" everything looks good but not working at all ... any ideas?
  10. hi all i upgraded my mdv up to 2008. Its look and run great but... my remote control stop working... :( module lirc_gpio no longer work on my pixel view play tv pro ( bttv = 37). I tried many ideas but without sucses. If any have a solution of this problem ... write it here pls :)
  11. 10x for help but problem is still here... but when i use konqueror all fonts are fine and no problem... Strange .. i have all packages intsalled if any have idea pls post it :)
  12. hi i have strange problem with my fonts , maybe xfs make something wrong ... i have more than 200 fonts but in kcontrol -> fonts i have only 20.... my xorg is last from cooker and xfs start without any errors... here i post my /etc/X11/fs/config but in my kde i see fonts only in first directory .... And my cyrrilic font looks like hell.... my system : Mandriva 2006 up to last cooker , kde 3.5-08 xorg-x11-6.9-1.cvs20051204 [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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