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  1. The only way to be 100% safe is never connect to the Internet.
  2. I would check that the lan ports are activated in the BIOS before pulling the battery. Even though the lights are on it doesn't mean the ports are active by default.
  3. If it's any consolation I have the exact same problem on an old Toshiba. It won't even reboot ever since 10.6, or something like that. I never got to the root cause and have got used to pushing the button.
  4. You forgot to mention network center in mcc.
  5. I have used dvdauthor with its corresponding gui frontend. It is easy to use and quite versatile.
  6. Mandriva 2010.0 will not install on a laptop with 256mb. I have been trying and it will not complete the install. I did manage 2009.1 & gnome, but 2010 will not install.
  7. I am quite aware of the procedures to get printers working. :D My post was so that the OP may even add to his/her post how he did it, rather than just saying thank you it now works. Not in those words of course.
  8. To help others with a similar problem it is helpful if you post your method of correcting the problem.
  9. It would appear as though the wrong driver has been chosen for your printer. This does happen as Linux tend to provide a generic driver because the manufacturers fail to support Linux. If you have the driver CD for the Windows installation there will be a driver file on it which you can use. Insert the cd/dvd whichever it is and search for a file with a .ppd extension. If there is more than one, or more likely more than one version of windows chose XP, this may not be the right one but it usually is. When you have found the file make a note of where it is. Go into mcc and open the printer set-up dialog, and double click on the printer icon, then where it says make and model click the change button. When presented with a list of drivers select the radio button that says provide PPD file. Make your way to the file on the cd/dvd and use that driver. Click your way back to properties dialog and try another test print. Good Luck.
  10. Opera does not appear to be available for 2010.0, and Seamonkey is fine if you like Netscape Navigator :D
  11. Will your computer boot from a USB device?
  12. Isn't Mandriva One 2010.0 a down-loadable cd .iso from the Mandriva website?
  13. If this was my system I would take this opportunity to do a complete fresh install. The /home directory does not have to be formatted, however not formatting /home could leave some corrupt config or temp file on there. So my solution would be to copy any important directories/files to another partition, I have others that don't need formatting. Do a fresh install, formatting / and /home partitions. Once install was complete move the important data back into a new shiny /home. That would be my solution mind you. ;)
  14. You could perhaps post a few lines of /var/log/syslog before and up to the crash. Don't post the whole log because it's quite large, say 20 lines. What you will be looking for is any errors, Oops and warnings. That should do for starters.
  15. Have you had a look in the logs? You can go into safe mode and check them to see if there is any clues.
  16. I couldn't afford a Spectrum, had to make do with a 32k ram pack on my zx81. Thank goodness for blue-tack to stop the ram pack wobble. Alas the machine is no longer. The bubble pack keyboard gave out long ago.
  17. SilverSurfer60


    To change your group ID's you need to edit /etc/groups (as root of course). You will see the layout of the file when you open it. You just need to change your group and xguest group if you want to keep it. Save the file and go into mcc > system > users and make sure you are in the kieth group, and that it is your primary group. All should be well then. I have just done mine, as it didn't show up because I did a clean install.
  18. SilverSurfer60


    Is your problem addressed here Kieth? In particular
  19. Wouldn't it be the case that M$ are going against the sudo license, i.e. providing a patented gui using the underlying code and then selling that code as their own, thus making a profit out of it? As far as a graphical front end goes all computers that display window type environments could be said to impinge on Microsoft patents. I believe that argument has gone on for years. I'm obviously out of my depth here, so I'll stop digging. :D
  20. Oops! I should have said 1 half gig. A senior moment. I still run my pc on 1 gig of ram. It soon fills up though. My first computer had 1k of ram, and I could run programs in that amount. No graphics mind. You may have heard of the Sinclair ZX81. :D
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