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  1. I must be a bit of an oddball because I use kmail. :weird:

    I tried Thunderbird but couldn't get used to have another app open on the task bar. Kmail just sits nicely on the right hand side of the task bar. All my mail is left on the servers because there isn't much to worry about. So if I want I just download it again.

  2. I've been thinking about your problem John and I ask myself what are the pop-ups that you are getting?

    Do you get a chance to read them, or are they to fast at disappearing again?


    Rather than doing without the things you want to run maybe it would be an idea to deal with whatever is causing the pop-ups.


    I have checked and Akonadi is installed in Mageia also because it is something that binds many parts of KDE together. All to do with PIM or Personal Information Manager. So I'm thinking if you are getting warning pop-ups it may be worth fixing that.

  3. Not knowing exactly what your input is like I am guessing a little.

    However I did paste the wrong Regex for the second sed.


    The first is OK as it should split the input into a list of lines, each line with a \n where there is a space in the input.


    That is sed 's/ /\n/g'<input.txt >temp


    The second part should be sed 's/SA/-Replaced-/ 1' <temp >out.txt

    Notice the absence of the 'g'


    The '1' in the expression should replace the first occurrence of SA on each line.


    Now if SA occurs before the 6-9 numbers that is a different situation.

  4. That's a bit drastic Boatman.


    LC. Run alsamixer as Isadora suggests, in a command window, and look for any control that is muted. If there are none then look for the 5.1 volume control, usually at the extreme right. Select it and press 'm' to mute it. Setting the control to '0' will not work, you have to mute it using the 'm' key.

  5. Downloaded full version, installed as a dual boot. Apart from a few problems with my USB keyboard and Logitech Bluetooth mouse all went well. The small niggles are now sorted and for a Beta the release is better than some Mandriva finals that I have installed. It is good enough to use as a main desktop as is, so I am looking forward to the final stable release.

    Met some very familiar names in the forums. That was an added bonus. :thumbs:

    It could be that Mageia will become the main distro on my machine and Mandriva as a test distro in the future. ;)

  6. Thank you for the suggestions, most of which I had already tried.

    I have now disabled all the possible options in the section that John suggests and will wait to see if that works.

    I will have a look at the link that daniewicz has posted.


    Thanks again.

  7. Where do I stop power management closing down the monitor(s)? I have as far as I know turned off all power management in KDE, BIOS. I have been pestered with this since 2010.1

    As I have LCD monitors I have not used power management for quite some time. The annoying part is when watching video and the screen always blacks out at the vital point. :furious3:

    I know this is a newbie question, but I'm not a newbie. Getting older, and the memory is not what it was. Help will be appreciated. Thank you.

  8. I haven't read in any of the replies whether you have wireless activated on your router or not. If it is activated and not set up with any encryption then your system is already wide open for intrusion. As far as passwords/passhrases go unless you have a dictionary type word then it is very difficult to guess. Even with a super massive list of words a computer would take an enormous amount of time to work it out. So long that only the most determined would attempt the task. The main point about wpa encryption is the the password which can be quite long and a very mixed one containing all printable characters not just alphanumeric ones.

    I think the best option for you would be powerline plugs, The kernel issue does not come into question, it is just like using Ethernet. The only caveat I can see is the possibility of your upstairs and downstairs wiring being on different circuits. This would mean they would have to have their own meter etc. These powerline plugs have their own encryption built in which is usually optionally activated, meaning they are secure as secure can be. :)

  9. But the biggest barried is the encryption. WPA is the one to use. WEP can be easily cracked, so once they have a MAC and cracked WEP, they are in.

    That I totally agree with. As far as the act of scanning etc, I did it to find out how easy it really was and how secure my own system was. On both counts I was astounded. From there on I learned how to make it tight. It's job is done, however the tools are still there and I have no visions of using them again. My neighbours are also pleased and feel secure.

  10. I was thinking of the environment that neddie would be operating in. A flat gives me the impression there will be other operators in close proximity. In this sort of environment there is a greater possibility of some unscrupulous person want a free ride or other malicious acts. Of course for the totally unitiated then a MAC is a barrier, but one that is very easily overcome. I have done that same thing between houses to show my neighbours how easy it is. With their permission of course. Maybe I should have said that MAC filtering is next to useless. Neddie appeared to want to feel secure when using wireless so I mentioned about MAC filtering as being insecure.


    Willie: You most likely wouldn't know if anyone was listening in on your wifi until your bank details were stolen or worse. Of course the system will work it's just insecure. I would be worried.

  11. Sorry, I was forgetting where you live Neddie. The homeplugs that I use in the UK are superb. I have use some for about 3 years now with no problem. It would depend on the mains wiring you have whether they would work for you.

    A word on MAC filtering though, it is useless. Anyone with an ounce of modicum can fake a MAC No. There are apps freely available to do the job, It's only a script at the end of the day.

  12. But this is Mandriva and it has given me problems since it was introduced.

    So I wouldn't say it was the greatest. Just like Ubuntu is not the greatest in my opinion. :P

    I asked the question because people come and ask what happened to their mixer and how to get it back ?

    It was a little while back when I got a brand spanking new pc, built to order and the sound wouldn't erm sound.

    I disabled pulse and all was well again.

  13. You could run 'ifup' in a command shell. It at least gives you a clue as to what it is doing.

    If you don't know the command just open a shell and type (as root) ifup followed by whatever the dice is that you are connecting with.

    E.G. 'ifup eth0', for your first hardwired connection, or 'ifup wlan0' for your first wireless lan.

    You will get a bit more information of what is happening. If you want more information on what the process is doing run in a separate shell 'tail -f /var/log/syslog' and watch real time log entries of the attempted connection.

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