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    My interests are trying to figure out linux, music, photography and reading Terry Pratchet or science fiction.
  1. Hi Clevedonal Just to say I have a epson r200 running on mandriva 2006 and everything seems to work ok. Mandriva installed the drivers and they seem to work fine for me. I print cd s more than photo's so this was the best option for me and I have been getting my ink from choice stationary for some years now with no problems. To print cd s download the cd covers from the internet and then open them with gimp, make sure you select the right printer (not default) then you get the option to print to 5 inch cd then you are away. I have found copying cd s using K3b and printing with gimp easier than using nero and epson cd creator in windows xp. :D Hope this helps
  2. Thanks for the link it looks like I will be able to get it working. I think it looks like a good buy I will be able to copy my old photos to an album at last. :D
  3. Hi I am running mandriva 2006 and would like to buy a epson photo flatbed scanner and have seen this EPSON 3490 PHOTO SCANNER at amazon.co.uk and was wondering if anyones using one in linux and what they think of it.
  4. Hi I'm new at linux and have set up a duel boot xp/mandriva2006 desktop machine and would like help to get linux setup online with a wireless modem/router which linux recognises using a usb wireless adapter not a ethernet cable as the computer is in the next room to the phone point. I have been looking at the 3 com with wireless usb adapter or the D-link Dsl-504t. If anyone's using mandriva 2006 could they let me know before I buy so I know its compatable as they do not say if they are on the box or if you could recommend anther type, I live in the uk. Thanks
  5. Yes its an ADSL Thomson speedtouch 330 modem/router with built in firewall. I have found some instructions on how to get it working but for a newbie its to complecated so I thought I would try to get something which other people have got working in linux with no problems. The speedtouchl is next to the phone socket and I have a usb adapter in the back of my desktop the other side of the room so I do not have to have extention wires going around the room. B)
  6. Yes I am looking specically for a wireless setup but I want to get one that is easy to setup. I have had a reply from another forum on how to setup the speedtouch 330 modem from wanadoo but it is way tooo complecated for me at the moment, anyway I would prefer to have my own modem which I know how to setup.
  7. Hi all I used to have duel boot xp and mandriva 2005 on dailup and have now updated to xp and mandriva 2006 on Wanadoo wireless and talk broadband 54mbps. I havnt been able to get the wireless adapter to work on linux as I am new to linux. I was thinking of buying a new modem/router/firewall which I know will be detected by linux. Can anyone tell me where I could get one and what make and model please I live in the uk. I have only had linux for a little while and would love to get it on broadband as I think it is fantastic. Cheers all :D
  8. I have found I have soundjuicer 0.6.0 but it does not have the option to extract to mp3, does this mean I have got to download gstreamer-lame or if I get the newest version of sound juicer is it built in. Cheers
  9. Sorry i did not know it will not see audio files I put a data cd in and it read it fine. I am trying to copy audio cds to mp3 format but am having trouble getting a program to do it with my mp3 player will not except ogg format which I have managed to do using rythmbox but it only gives me three options to extract it in cd quality loss, cd quality loss less and voice but does not seem to have a menu for mp3. format.
  10. Thanks I think I am going to have to have a look at this when I have been using linux for a while as this looks rather complicated but i will certainly have a look into it when I feel more confident. Cheers for now :D
  11. I have been trying to mount my cdrom I created a device on the desktop and clicked on the pull down tab device and selected dev/hdc (/mntcdrom/). When it trys to open there is a brief window with a download bar then i get the error message Could not mount device. The reported error was: mount: No medium found And I tried selecting dev/hdd (mntcdrom) and it came back Could not mount device. The reported error was: /dev/hdd: Input/output error mount: /dev/hdd: can't read superblock I have tried it with several different cdroms in the drive. As you can see I am new to linux and am trying to find my way around so any info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  12. I have found grip and am trying to work out how to configure it I will let you know how I get on thanks. :D
  13. Hi newbie here nice to meet you, I had a look in MCC in software packages installation but I could not find grip allphabeticaly or doing a search. When I installed mandrive 10.2 limited edition it gave me the option to copy the dvd to hard drive which I did. Do you think it may be filed under some other name, I looked in the gnome headings. Bye 4 Now Sunshine13
  14. sunshine13

    saving mp3s

    I have quite a good cd library and would like to save them to my hard drive so i can make compilation albums in mp3 mode so they do not take up to much room. Which program would you all reccommend
  15. I went back into kppp to look at the modem settings and turned the connection speed down to selected connect at 115200 and now it connects at 115200 but that's the highest it will go which seems quite fast. I went back to terminal window and logged back in as root and tried getting into /etc/resolv.conf which came back with permission denied so I typed chmod 777 list./etc/resolv.conf then I typed /etc/resolv.conf and it came back with this: /etc/resolv.conf: line 1: domain: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 2: search: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 3: nameserver: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 4: nameserver: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 6: nameserver: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 7: nameserver: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 8: nameserver: command not found /etc/resolv.conf: line 9: nameserver: command not found I was trying to change the permissions but I don't really know if this was right. Thanks for your patience with a newbie!!!
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