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  1. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Steve, Thanks for the thought, however it is too late. I'm running the New Ubuntu. I might add that my wireless mouse worked out of the box, so did my wireless D-Link wireless card. I really enjoyed Mandriva, and probably would have had a better experience if I had did a fresh install of LE2005 rather than upgrade from 10.1Community. I may be back to Mandriva, we will have to see, but for now I'm exploring Ubuntu, and rather impressed with it. Shane
  2. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Ok, this is ridiculous! I put the numbers back after Mandriva switched them, and now, I'm back to no scrolling??? I'm about to do a complete re-install, and I may install Ubuntu to try it out for a bit. This stuff is driving me crazy. I just want a user friendly operating system that is usable! I really like Mandriva, but there are many issues to be worked through for the average user to pick it up and use it. I'm burning CD's in case I come back to Mandriva, but I hope it is just my installation that has all these issues, goofy scrolling, no laptop battery monitoring, no wireless working, slow boot-up issues and KDE is choppy sometimes??? I have all updates, and theoretically should be running fine!!! Shane
  3. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    I don't know where to find this info??? or what I should be looking for, could you expain a little more? Also, I booted up today and it replaced my xorg.conf file, it changed my numbers again. I had to go back and re-edit that file. Any ideas on why it would do that??? Thanks. Shane
  4. I'm using a Toshiba laptop, and it always shutoff when I use the shut off computer menu. I have used 10 Community on a HP laptop and it worked fine. I'm now using LE2005 and have never had a problem with the shutdown. I have not got the Battery monitor thing to work though. I never know how much battery I have. Sorry can't be of help to you there. I would try to run the updates, that seems to solve a lot of issues. If not, it is probably specific to your model Laptop, since I have run on two, or three different laptops with 10 community and LE2005 and shut down fine. Good luck. Shane
  5. Ok, I checked the startups and only found one, the Tetrinetx that mentioned server in it. I disabled it. Everything else seemed normal, or something that I use. I guess I could uncheck samba, how hard is that to start. I had XP and Mandriva networked before, but not now. Thanks for the tip. I will try it in Gnome too later. I rarely boot into Gnome. Oh, by the way my laptop is a Satelite M or something. It doesn't say, but I remember it was a Satelite M. Shane
  6. ianw, Great!!! That was easy. There were a few alsa's that I didn't remove because of thier dependencies, it would have removed about 50 things, many said KDE, and Gnome which scared me! I would be a fish out of water without them! Thanks. Shane
  7. lanw, Yep, I have all updates applied. I like to keep things up to date, and found that they have fixed my USB port problem that I had before. Shane
  8. Ok, I dual boot on a Toshiba laptop with a celeron M, with about 700 MB ram. I use XP home and LE2005. When I boot into Mandriva it takes 1 minute to boot to the KDE startup screen and then another 1 minute to boot KDE. Is this normal? I have DSL, and usually am connected. When I pull all the plugs to my computer to take it on the road, and want to boot into Mandriva, it is even longer yet (I haven't timed it yet). Are there any practical ways to fix this? I still want the usability of everything without having to open a terminal and typing a bunch of confusing commands in that I won't remember. Any ideas? Thanks. Shane
  9. Ok, I was weeding out files that I didn't think I used. I was running short on space, and cleaned house. I don't know how to do that in Linux other than deleting my files, and then MCC remove files. I did this about 2 months ago, and now realized I don't have sound. I think it was a result of my house cleaning, but am not sure. I'm a causual linux user running LE2005. Anyone got any ideas on what I deleted??? Thanks in advance. Shane
  10. I get them often, and I don't know where the cooker is! I know that it is something to do with new stuff that is still in development stages, or at least beleive that is the case. Anyway, I always ignore them. I guess I'm conditioned that way too. Shane
  11. Ok, I did the same for my card, and it still doesn't run. What would be the next step. I don't know how to make it active? Thanks. Shane
  12. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Hovel, Well, I have basically be content to have a scrolling mouse. The last site you posted was helpfull, however I still haven't figured it out. I have buttons 4 and 5 as my scrolling wheel. That leaves 6 and 7 as my "tilt wheel" to scroll side to side. I have tried a few different configurations, but haven't got anywhere. I don't know how to incorporate my 6 and 7 buttons. I'm really not a programer, just a computer user. Thanks for the help. Shane
  13. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Hovel, Ok, I added the extra numbers and it didn't do anything. I put what you said. After I tried to switch the 6 and 7 so it was Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5 7 6" It didn't work either. At least I'm scrolling!!! Any other ideas for the side to side scroll feature? Thanks for the help. shane
  14. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Ok, that line didn't help any. It didn't mess things up either. Does anyone know what a line like that should look like? Thanks.
  15. shaner

    Wireless Mouse?

    Finally!!! Thanks hovel for the post!!! The numbers explanation really helped! Now I can scroll!!! Now, this is a side thing, and not nearly as important. It is more of a challenge to fix. The Scrolling Wheel can tilt side to side for scrolling side to side. And ideas on that?? Maybe if I make it 7 buttons, and make a new line that would read, Option "YAxisMapping" "6 7" -- I'm guessing on this, I just made this line up based on the other line. Any thoughts on this?? Any one have a left to right scrolling option? Thanks. Shane
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