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  1. I would try changing the "root" entry for the "title Windows (Pata)" entry to: root (hd0,0) Given that it is the first partition on the first drive.
  2. Try this: title Windows XP map (hd0) (hd1) map (hd1) (hd0) rootnoverify (hd1,0) chainloader +1 Source: http://fedorajim.googlepages.com/dualbootl...6xpthesafeway...
  3. Tried it a while back, didn't think much of it. IIRC it's just firefox with several social networking plugins installed by default.
  4. Sorry I meant menu.lst (some distro's use menu.lst, some use grub.conf).
  5. Looks like the installer/you did not add a grub entry for Vista. Try adding the following to your grub.conf: title Windows Vista rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader +1
  6. If that is the case, why bother having the libraries? (the O/P's list of installed rpm's includes "libpulseaudio0-0.9.6-3mdv2008.0")
  7. There should be a menu entry somewhere called pulsaudio control (or at least I hope so), it will bring up a dialogue that tells you what audio streams have been recognised.
  8. Does your pulseaudio control recognise any streams when playing sound?
  9. Yes which is reflected in the strategy discussed by the O/P, it looks like the company has developed a risk neutral attitude as of late. Which might be enough to get them out of a rut, but it won't have them leading the market any time soon.
  10. To be honest artic, if you actually ran a company you would realise that sometimes you may have to compromise your beliefs in order to make money. and if you can't you won't be in business much longer. It is possible to give something away and make a profit, any notion that you can't is pure ignorance.
  11. You might not agree with it, but it's something that happens a lot and works well in the business world.
  12. A lot of business do give things away, it's called advertising. It's quite a common and legitimate investment for companies that want to try and broaden their customer base. It can be risky, Mandriva seems to be trying to mitigate that risk by going against common practice and charging for the privilege of promoting (the mention of install parties to some degree implies promotion) their product. that kinda puts people off when they are already devoting their time and effort for free to promote the product. I find that remark to be rather aggressive and bang out of order.
  13. I would be more inclined to change the the owner to the users regular account: su -c "chown user -vR /home/quality.lock" Replacing "user" with the O/P's username, then the user is able to browse the folder without needing to maintain root privileges.
  14. Removed, ffi pointed out that the info in his post was correct. My bad.
  15. Could you please provide the contents of /boot/grub/grub.conf
  16. Now now, there's no need to kick a man while he's down.
  17. The O/P noted that he needs the 32-bit Java, IIRC what you have posted would give him the 64-bit plugin?
  18. What browser are you using?
  19. The openoffice.org guide recommends the following steps: The same should apply for Oxygen Office
  20. Did you ever have sound in the first place (for flash). Make sure you have the i586 (i think) libraries installed for your sound server (IIRC this is pulse audio on Mandriva 2008.1)
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