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  1. I think that budget managers in general would agree with that statement, it would explain why going over budget is so common. :P
  2. Still this fixation on price when the exercise was to measure cost, no point carrying on this line of discussion. Utility theory would disagree with that.
  3. Economic wisdom should also tell you that there are pricing strategies other than market/target pricing (e.g. cost plus, marginal cost, markets are imperfect allowing these strategies to exist) in existence and that they work well. Similarly, your economic wisdom should tell you that goods and services can be exchanged on free markets without using money as an intermediary, money itself is not an asset.
  4. Your sarcasm did not copy well :P Although I would not argue that the research is totally pointless, it contributes to defining the nature of GNU/Linux as a whole. However, I do not believe that the time and effort spent on the research was an efficient use of resources, I'm sure they could have been spent on more prominent issues.
  5. I think the point was to put an economic value on the on the service provided gratis/at cost by the community to the linux project as a whole, comparing the services provided for free with comparable services provided at market rates. Just because money doesn't change hands, does not necessarily mean that no economic wealth has been transferred. Money is just an intermediary function that minimises transaction costs, it's absence does not necessarily prevent the transfer of economic wealth.
  6. I smell FUD, if Linux was pre-installed it should work out of the box, otherwise it isn't configured, by them, to the same standard as the Windows based device they are drawing comparisons with. This is an issue with the ineptitude of the supplier, not the consumer. I would not read to much into the server OS, the server is provided by 1&1 Internet, it's likely to be hosting managed by 1&1, not Apricot. (P.s. Who is Apricot and why is their insignificance making such a fuss? :unsure:)
  7. Given that OOo3 in Mandriva is compiled by Mandriva, wouldn't qa.mandriva.com be the first port of call?
  8. Installing OpenOffice using a package direct from Openoffice.org should install to /opt by default. In addition to the link provided by Ian, you could try a mirror, you could also try here (I got this pretty much straight from the OpenOffice.org homepage).
  9. I used to use ask.....about 10 years ago when you had to perform a search using a question, that soon stopped when when I discovered google. It's of no surprise that its as every bit as poor as it was ten years ago.
  10. Got it yesterday as an update through PackageKit (so nice of Adobe to set up a yum repo ;) ).
  11. Why stop at using nano, vim has syntax highlighting ;)
  12. Works very well in Fedora, without a hitch for me, maybe not so buggy as you make out!
  13. In the case of OOo3, RC4 is identical to the final release. I have been running RC4 for a while now, when I tried to update with the RPM's from the final release there was nothing to update.
  14. Probably the same scenario as at the last release, if your local mirror isn't one of the "primary" mirrors, it's not guaranteed to have the ISO's at release.
  15. So what happens when you "lose the key"?
  16. My wife has an Aspire One, Linpus Lite runs very well, but I have had limited success getting Fedora 9 or Ubuntu to work on the machine, and when I did they were dog slow. However I don't get a chance to play with it much as she is attached to it and to remove her would require surgery!
  17. Yet again they don't manage the release process to a reasonable standard (although I expect the one-man PR department to "beg to differ"). The most sensible approach IMO.
  18. Whatever Ladislav's opinion has been in the past, it is in the past. I don't see any current negativity or bias against Mandriva, if there is please point it out. I can't see outdated opinions being anymore indicative of Ladislav's bias than the Distrowatch rankings being indicative of popularity (given that they are worthless, as verified by our independent adjudicators).
  19. Over-hyped by the "trustworthy" media, should be taken with a pinch of salt IMO.
  20. Increased competition, increased pressure on the participants to deliver good quality software and innovate quickly to a higher standard. I also believe that there is a profit motive for google with it's tight integration with its ad supported services, blurring the distinction between a web-based office application and a local office application, therefore collaboration with Mozilla or any other company may compromise any competitive advantage it wishes to gain.
  21. Not necessary IMO, it would have been preferable to change the boot priority and modify the existing grub on the second hard drive, it can be done quickly and easily. However that is a non issue now since the o/p has overwritten the Windows bootloader on the first (physical) drive. To the o/p Are you able to boot one of the live cd's? If so, can you please give the output of: fdisk -l and try to obtain a copy of the menu.lst file on your Mandriva install (you will no doubt have to mount the partition that contains the "boot" directory). Any problems, just ask.
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