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  1. Man you must be bored now. I'm always looking for things to do with the comp whenever I'm not otherwise occupied. Just managed to install Quasar (the set up of the postgresql database was a bit daunting at first, but managed it, eventually, hey I have only been using Linux for approx 2 months now :) ). Anyhow I think that's gonna keep me content for a while (I'm a trainee accountant, gotta get my kicks some how, lol). Cheers
  2. AFAIK in older BIOS (at least I know mine does this) the boot option atapi CDrom covers all 5.25 optical drives, i.e. CD Roms and DVD Roms, all you should need to worry about is the whether it is the Master or slave. Another possibility, maybe that two drives are on the same ribbon set to slave, the BIOS will only recognize the drive at the end of the ribbon.
  3. Nope, I don't experience any screen scroll like that, or at least I haven't yet. Monitor resolution is set at 1024x768 running at 60htz (24 fps), which is I believe to be the max for for my 14" Daytek monitor. May try tweaking with the res, see if that helps. Cheers
  4. I second that. Ain't your week Mr Gates, especially after shelling out $775m to IBM to keep them quiet!
  5. No such luck, I updated everything last night, all security, bug, and other fixes. But it has just happened to me in the last five minutes, with GNOME (giving it a bash, things seem to sork faster so far cmpared to KDE, maybe sold me here). Anyone got any suggestions? Cheers,
  6. Hey there guys, Little annoyance here, don't know whether it's X.org or KDE that's responsible. Now and again my screen goes a bit wierd. Basically the bottom-left corner moves up and along about 2cm on the screen, and the parts of the top-right corner now appear as blocks to the left and the bottom of the screen, kinda like this (if you can understand this at all): --------------------- -------------------- | | | | | | | | | | | | |-------+---------- | | | | | | --------------------- -------------------- Normal Screen Screwed up screen It's almost like the screen has forgotten where the center is in a way. So far this has only happened to me using KDE, although I tend to use KDE all the time (not a gnome fan personally). Up until now I have fixed it by noting down the process number for X, that is if I can manage to read the process monitor, and then kill X through the terminal, which of course restarts the GUI. I have noticed in the star menu a app called Xrefresh, tried it but nothing happens, same with a similar app titled Xkill, it doesn't work either. Looking for an alternative to the process above and possible figure out what is causing this problem. Any suggestions as to if and where the problem may lie with KDE, X.org, or possibly the NVIDIA driver? For info, I'm running LE 2005, on a P-III 550, 384 M RAM, 8Mb AGP graphics card (NVIDIA VANTA I believe). The only packages I have updated so far are kdenetwork and it's libraries! Any help appreciated. Cheers,
  7. Berkowitz, have you tried running the command in a terminal window. I know that when i first installed Firefox I had to install a library before the install script wold work (I was missing something like libstdc, of the top of my head that is). If you run the firefox-installer from the terminal you will probably get some sort of error message that will give a clue to any probs. Have a try and see how you get on. (p.s. the library I was missing can be found on the installation disks!)
  8. According to a few articles you did, but then again I couldn't verify when those articles were written (allegedly there was a time when splash images weren't supported?!?!). Anyhow, my moneys on AJ's advice... Cheers
  9. Thought I would add to this, with a consideration for Multiple users. What ChrisM has said works, that is tru, but the problem is that if your Home is in no way accessible to other users, then they will need to install again so that they can use the file. Becuase of this I usually make the firefox installer install firefox to /usr/share/, and tar thunderbird to the same directory using: # tar fvxz thunderbird-VERSION.tar.gz -C /usr/share/ I then run menudrake as root so that the applications are available to all users from the menu. Although this ain't perfect, you will have to reinstall if you don't mount /usr on it's own partition and then proceed to do a clean install of system files (done this a couple of times myself during the teething stage). Just a suggestion! Cheers
  10. Hmm, i'm sure the release of 2.6.12 will start some speculation regarding Mandriva 2006!
  11. Hmmm, might be asking the obvious here, but does your version of GRUB have splashimage support? Cheers
  12. Hey guys, tried a search on this, got nowhere with the serach terms I used I already had the standard 3cd LE2005 Distro istalled, after joining the club I downloaded the standalone cd4. I have successfully installed the hardware lists into the Software Media manager, thus can now access the rpms from rpmdrake. I installed : nvidia-kernel-2.6.11-6mdk-i586-up-1GB form rpmdrake. All this appears to have done is install a directory within /usr/src/ called NVIDIA 7414, contating one file called dkms.conf. (when I installed the rpm rpmdrake also asked me to install a dependent rpm concerning dkms. What should I do now, should I install the source and compile it, if so what should I do when to include this file? I looked at kristi's howto, but it was concenred with a .run file, not these rpms. Cheers
  13. I agree, I'm running Mandriva oon a eMachine and it works fine, and again the slower write speeds should ensure that the images is burned correctly (e.g. I burn mine at 20x, buffer never goes below 98% and k3b gives me the thumbs up 99% of the time when I ask it to verify the cd). Cheers
  14. I believe that you are right on that one, like I said in my first post, I wasn't too sure.
  15. Has anybody tried the Club LE 2005 from a clean install?? Mine worked fine from an upgrade, but from a clean install KDE didn't install (worked fine as an upgrade though). Even though I checked KDE at install stage, it didn't install it, but did do Gnome etc, tried installing kde through rpmdrake, but no, errors galore there. And then upon a reboot, and trying to get into windows, It appears that the MBR got a wee bit messed up. Only way to fix was to go back to my bog standard download edition and get it to install Lilo on the MBR. Fun and games this weekend for me, Don't want to fuel those that moan about problems with using bleeding edge app's, but for me personally, I think I am going to stick with official releases where I can. Just my pref, not a dig at Mandriva. Cheers
  16. Well, contrary to any impression I gave in that last post, I just went ahead and installed the thing. And so far so good. Although there was a small matter of having to reconfigure my network connection again, but as you can see I have sorted that out now! Cheers
  17. So yer basically saying that I have just wasted 20 hrs of my time?!?!? Could you please elaborate, maybe comparing the club edition with download in terms of bugs? Cheers
  18. From what I have seen, all members will get the two monthly releases, the only difference being the package sizes. For example with the curent club release, standard members have can obtain the 4 cd release. I am downlowding the 6 cd version, but as I am a silver member, i'm not sure whether this is available to standard members. This is only what I know, may not be the truth though!
  19. Ditto, Downloading the 6 cd version on bittorret at home, should be finished in the next two hours (whole process has taken roughly 20 hours, not bad for 3.7G IMHO. Cheers
  20. Now I hadn't thought of that, but I believe you may have answered the problem I had first time round.......I remember vaguely that I set the level to high, as a result only root could access the mounted win partitions, all making sense now! Cheers
  21. Henner, If you are using the KDE login manager, you will have to configure this. Go to the app's (Star) menu>system>configuration>KDE>Login manager. Within this you should be able to set who can and cannot run shutdown from kde(gnome, etc) and the path to the halt and reboot commands. (Although to be fair, i did a clean install and made sure that apm was active in the bios, made the mistake of disabling that when i installed windows and linux on new hard drive, but don't ask me why!) Cheers
  22. For me, well I believe I have been receiving subtle messages telling me to choose Mandrake. A while back, there was a snippet in the local press ranting about the release of Mandrake 10. But at the time I wasn't interested in an alternative to windoze. But last month I got round to installing the hard drive I got at chrimbo. A significant upgrade from my old 15GB drive to an 80GB, with all this space free to me, I thought what the hey, might as well give linux a bash (seriously, no pun intended there!). So looking around the net reading up, hearing about how Mandriva was good for noobs, and given that the linux mag I bout recently had LE2005 on it, I started with that! And never looked back Learning linux's quirks keeps me amused, while Mandriva's GUI and apps make things simple for me when I need them to be. KDE has certainly proven to me to be far superior that the win XP GUI! Cheers
  23. Oh my! It's just like boy racers all over again, they started as immature boys, with their moded cars, nowdays you see the young girls, again with their modded cars. Now this trend extends to to modded cases........well it had to happen sometime. lol Saying that, there would be no harm getting a few more ladies chatting here, bring a bit more balance to the discussion (correct me if I am wrong, but the demographics here tend to the male sex here)! Totally off topic I know! Anyhow good job John, and all thanks for sharing your wisdom so far, planning on having a stab at building a computer myself shortly, once the money comes in and I get my head round linux......... Cheers
  24. Funny, I was just about to ask about this. I still have the same problem, using the KDE login manager (only have options for the following login managers: KDE, GNOME, and X-Windows). I have a funny feeling I am missing something but don't know what. Everything worked fine on a previous install (before I started playing with modem drivers and generally mees things up), but when I done a fresh install again, I unchecked a couple of boxes, and now I can only shutdown using a terminal window. Cheers
  25. Thanks mate, will certainly try that when I get home this afternoon.
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