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  1. Unless there's some one willing to package it right now, you will have to wait, Mandriva's main focus at the moment is to get 2006 out as final!
  2. Strange one that. As it stands right now the download and discovery versions are virtually the same, except the absence of third party programs such as flash in the download version! Both have gnome. If gnome is not to be included in Discovery, there may be a chance that gnome is exluded from Dowload, however I don't think that is likely. Maybe that discovery will be a one DE version of the distro with third party programs, which the download version will never have, so there's still some degree of marketability there.
  3. Yeah, but this guy is looking to find out how many iso's will be free. With 2005 only 1 cd was made available for free download, you have to be a club member to get the other cd's. Suppose it depends on how much of a premium Mandriva want to levvy on the 64-bit versions!
  4. You would probably be better asking some one at mandriva. As far as I know they have not conveyed how much of 2006 for 64-bit systems will be available!
  5. Like the quys say, you need to have either bought access to the service for your machine, or be at least a silver member to get one free host. Also, you need to update the mdkonline app, ad the one that is in Mandriva LE2005 was updated to accomodate the changes to server names. If you are registered with mandriva online you should be able to download the updated rpm from a link on the mandriva online homepage!
  6. Thunderbird, Used it on Windows since the beginning, serves my needs well, can't see any reason to change!
  7. Reiver_Fluffi

    Mandriva 2006

    Looks like there are clawing back the schdule here, only 3 days late with this release as opposed to 10 the last time. Not that i am that fussed at the moment though, still trying to get my on board lan to work n=on new box!!!!!
  8. How odd, I have a sidewinder too! :D Cheers for the advice!
  9. Any idea how well it works with a usb controller/joystick? I have mame on my windows partition, but never tried it on linux to be honest!
  10. Mandriva (from my experience) does a damn good job of this as well. Like ramree says, make sure you back up files before engaging in this. Good luck (not that you will need either way......) and watch out for these critters :dance: (<< I've been here waaaaaaaaay too long :D)
  11. I was kinda synically joking, .....maybe my post was lacking in the crazy banana's lol
  12. :unsure: So this conversation is about Windows XP and Religion! Either this really isn't MUB, or I need more
  13. Altenatively, you could edit the images to remove the transparent layers, like I did : https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?act=Att...pe=post&id=1842
  14. This is a bit of a lie, because the pic you see ain't the one I use, but I had to substitute it for the cute kittes, otherwise my partner would be spitting bullets, say no more!
  15. Here's a snippet from Linux Format's site: http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/modules.php?o...=article&sid=71 Doesn't seem likely that they are going to publish the full article on line though!
  16. Smart idea, not as scary as your avatar depicts! :D
  17. As much as I love KDE and it's apps, I still had to laugh with Lowe on this one, GAIM wins hands down, IMHO! Although I have had a look at knemo, on the face of it, it looks superior to the mandriva net_applet, might have a look later on this evening......
  18. John, The icons already have a transparent layer, anyone using gnome will be able to appreciate that the problem isn't the icons themselves, but the way kde sets GTK2 colours for use in KDE. Cheers
  19. "Shameless Bump" Anyone help? bvc?
  20. Ok, Here's what I found! The issue is due to the fact that the programs concenred are GTK2. Now even though KDE gives you the option to force KDE colours on GTK app's, this is limited to the windows only. The taskbar is in a way independent from the windows in terms of formatting. If you do not select a background image or transparency then the taskbar takes on the window colours, which KDE does set, and uses for GTK apps in ~/.KDE/gtkrc; your GTK icons in the system tray should be ttransparent. However the gtkrc file does not set the properties specifically for the taskbar, ergo when you apply a background image or transparency, it does not apply the settings to the gtkrc file (this is because the gtkrc file is set under colour schemes, not panel settings)! You could of course edit the gtkrc file manually to accomodate this, but AFAIK that will get overwritten the minute you change your colour scheme. Similarly, even when you set the taskbar with no background image or transparency (i.e. using the color scheme set under colours), it can sometimes be a hit or a miss as to whether you get the transparent icons. A bit of a pain I know, but I just removed these items from the system tray, I don't have any personal need to monitor my Network connection, never use that tool really, and I see no need for the Msndriva online tool as I check this place almost every day........ Depends on your functional needs I suppose!
  21. Had a closer look, don't know why I didn't pick this up beforehand, but the net_applet script calls on GTK :: TrayIcon Is this (or can it be?) a global setting or specific to gnome? Cheers,
  22. Reiver_Fluffi

    KDE 3.4.2

    Do you know of an idiots gide anwhere for this, tried it myself last night, got a bit messed up and ended up reinstalling the original packages from install disks.......
  23. Hey guys, Trying our gnome (as many of you gnomers would be pleased to know :D ). Wondering if any you themers can help me with the attached. On the window list and the panel notification app's that I run on the taskbar they often have handles, like that circled in the image. Looking to modify this, as with some themes it can be a bit on the large side and unsightly. Anyone give me insight in what to hack (GTK, or Metacity, my knowledge on this is limited, but I believe it's GTK), in order to change/remove these handles? (Waiting feverishly for a reply here.) Cheers,
  24. Arctic, I have managed to identify the pixmaps that 'appear' to be causing the problem. The one's relevant to me are png's, which includes the network icon Edd refers to in his original post. I have noticed that these images display as transparent in gnome. Could you please clarify as to what you mean by 'real' transparency, not quite sure what you are meaning by that! Cheers,
  25. No need to use urpmi, it's on the installation disks!
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