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  1. the problem is tha *I haven't* been able to login remotly (sshed a machine at the university and sshed to my domain -p 666 through the remote terminal). I've forwarded port 666 in my router to my LAN IP I've opened port 666 on my shorewall rules sshd listen to 666 So think no-ip cannot forwart to tha kind of ports (only standard 80-80-21) -- though I think there are some ed2k no-ip servers... I work on it some more....
  2. I'll try 2.9, I already have XFCE.
  3. 10.1 OE How do I get cooker (actually WHAT IS cooker - like rpm cooker)? Repo url? Any specific instructions?
  4. Lime wire is as bad as kazaa... Try edonkeyclc with ed2k_gui (urpmi them). For music I recommend museekd/museeq (soulseek client) - its the BEST music client (when the sever IS up)
  5. I have the same problem but with xine... It dies on every file (all other media players work though)
  6. can no-ip domains work with sshd? I think they keep being forworded to port 80 or smthng but I want to use port 666 (for security reasons) [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  7. I used to use netlimiter on windows and it was nice!!! You know I just want to be able to update my urpmi database and dl something simultaneusly (is it the correct spelling?) the puzzling part is that there is NO executable...
  8. Hello ppl I am using mdk's default Gnome2.6. Is there a urpmi repository where I can get 2.10 or 2.9?
  9. well... I've made kdm much prettier :) and don't have a prolbem now!!! as for auto-login, well I dont consider it safe-I usualy logout (not lock screen) when I am away so anyone (my haxor mom or my 80-year-old-how-do-i-turn-the-tv-on dad) could login by just rebooting. Then they would probably use my passwords to post mediocore jokes on linux forums or log into uoa.gr protein prediction servers and mess up my cgis Marked the thread Solved - Artificial Intelligence
  10. Hello ppl! I'm using Mandrake 10.1 on an ADSL 384 line (I'm from greece and 384/128 is a privillege, most ppl just dial-up)... I use some p2p programs like edonnkey clc and museekq/museeq (soulseek client - good for demos/indie music/underground stuff/old stuff). The edonkey core has a dl and ul limit but museekd does not. Anyway I have 48 poor KBs dl and ~14 KBs ul and I've installed wonder-shaper (ofg its named after a push-up bra ). The installation finished but there is no executable/daemon or an /etc/ folder How do I use it?... The site is not very helpfull!
  11. And look here: http://www.sorgonet.com/linux/nv-online/ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OUGH! this gave me two blank screens (out of range - like, not blank), when I edited the refresh rates it gave me my old back... (one TFT, CRT on orange light -> no signal)
  12. On MDK 10.1? But all the editing I do (keyboard,mouse,screen) is on XF86Config... And everything (xcept nvidia twinview) works. ???
  13. Thanks, but dont I have to edit device,monitor,screen and server layout sections?
  14. hello again ppl I simply cant get my second mointor to work... (it works on windoze) Can someone post a WORKING XF86Config for mdk10.1 TFT leftof CRT (both 1280x1024 @ 60) and exclamate the points of interest so I can learn too... Thanx!
  15. Hello ppl I'm a gnome fanatic semi-noob. I've installed k3b (I find it more reliable than any other burner) and it came with some rpms like kdebase-kdm and mdkkdm. The previous packages knocked out my gdm graphical login and replaced it with the awfull kdm :)... When I try to uninstall kdm k3b must also go (due to deps). What can I do to bring gdm back? Which file do I have to edit (I cant find my way through mdks graphical tools)?
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