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    Fedora 11

    Fedora 11 (Leonidas) is out. Some of the major new features are: Automatic font and mime-type installation Simpler volume control Intel, ATI and Nvidia kernel modsetting Fingerprint - making fingerprint readers easy to use as an authentication mechanism. IBus input method system - the new default input method for Asian languages Presto - update with delta rpms You can read the full Release Notes for more details. Download here. The list of known bugs is here.
  2. First of all Ctrl + Alt + backspace maybe doesn't work depending which edition he uses, second it's not a good idea to give an advice like this without stating what will happen if it works. So rusik if Ctrl + Alt + backspace works then it kills the X server meaning all your opened applications will be killed, any new data which was changed in the files in those applications will likely be lost, depending on the application. So it's better to just log out and restart x server there.
  3. Next week is Mandriva Linux 2010 patch review week. The main goal is to clean existing patches in our SRPMs and submit some to upstream projects. More information
  4. It's somewhat old but there's no mentioning about it here and I just found this on an other forum. So here's the list of the finalists (scroll down for info) of the Independent Games Festival. If you miss original material or visuals in recent games then take a look at these games and you can see creativity is not dead. Some truely unique, some of them brings new ideas to old genres. Some of them has Linux and\or MacOS version, though most of them is Win only of course. There's also a few flash based game which runs directly in the browser.
  5. Collecting ideas for Mandriva 2010 has begun. This time it has its own page: ideas.mandriva.com. If there's something you'd like to see in the next Mandriva release, don't hesitate to add it, comment or vote.
  6. From what I read you shouldn't build packages as root.
  7. I don't know why everybody mentions Ubuntu. Online storage services are nothing new. Maybe they are new from Linux distributors but still Mandriva is not copiing Ubuntu see: http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?p=686086#685999
  8. No rss is completely different. with rss you can see the headlines of a news site without actually visiting the site. It's text only. This way you can follow several newspage at the same time.
  9. Did you check the burned disk? K3b has an option for that.
  10. Virtualization for dummies can be downloaded for free from Sun. Originally you should fill a form here and then you get an email with the download address. But the download address is pretty general (http://www.sun.com/systems/virtualization-for-dummies.pdf) so I assume it works anyway.
  11. Mandriva intends to be newbie friendly. As such it shouldn't give advices which requires more than basic knowledge such as understanding a long list of package names which can be criptic to some new users. Even I rely heavily on rpmdrake because after all these years there are still a lot of packages I don't know what they are for. Now that I think of it a user friendly distro shouldn't give any console commands as advice. Advices like this are perfect on Arch or Gentoo etc but not on Ubuntu or Mandriva or OpenSuse etc.
  12. I don't know if it's really a sign of that but the intel drivers currently suck. On all distros not just Mandriva.And if the sound is otherwise working then it's most likely the Intel driver.
  13. dexter11


    No they're not. Not even if they were made by a Mandriva employee.
  14. I can't set the size of the panel icons here. It's greyed out. And a short Googling didn't turned out anything useful. Unless others can't do it either is useful.
  15. Mandriva and most Linux distros are using GRUB (grand unified bootloader) now. LILO is obsolete. First thing I would check is if the update went though correctly until the end. So login in command line as root, connect to the internet and then urpmi --auto-update That's the correct command IIRC but better check it. When I updated my system online I never had full success, it always stopped working for some reason. OTOH I always just had to relaunch the update process and it finished.
  16. I have a similar (or the same?) bug in my desktop computer. KDE 4 starts but the liitle applets next to the clock (kmix, net_applet etc) don't. It usually takes 10-15 minutes until the KDE desktop starts. And after it started it's still very slow. Here's the bug report I made: https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=49863 As you can see I tried the Gnome and the KDE four live cd to close out possibilities. I suggest you to do the same if you have the time and bandwidth. edited to make it more understandable
  17. Just a little correction: the current kde3 packages are entirely community work. Mandriva doesn't have the resources to do them. So a user called Neoclust stepped up and made them. They have no official support whatsoever and will be dropped from 2010.
  18. There is KDE 3 in contrib AFAIK.
  19. Please note that the NVIDIA 180.51 Linux graphics driver fixed an interaction problem that resulted in corruption of the internal flatpanel's EDID on the Fujitsu Technology Solutions Celsius H270 notebook. Using earlier NVIDIA Linux drivers on the Celsius H270 notebook will result in a corrupt EDID, which will persist across reboots. If you encounter this problem on a Celsius H270 notebook, please contact Fujitsu Technology Solutions technical support to correct the EDID. The driver is here.
  20. Mozilla Firefox 3.0.9 is out. Some of the new features in this release: Fixed several security issues. Fixed several stability issues. Many users experienced an issue where a corrupt local database caused Firefox to “lose†its stored cookies.(bug 470578) Fixed an issue where, starting with Firefox 3.0.7, inline image attachments on popular webmail services (like AOL and AIM) would not display. (bug 482659) Large forms would sometimes take a long time to submit. (bug 426991) In certain cases, new windows would not have proper focus. (bug 446568) For the complete list of fixed bugs, see the Release notes.
  21. The new proprietary AMD driver is out with the following new features: Support for New Linux Operating Systems New AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition – Display Device property page enhancement OpenGL support for Compositing managers Release notes (pdf)
  22. You can make screenshots in the installer by pressing one of the F keys. No need to use your camera. Such tutorials are better put in the Mandriva wiki. Sooner or later they will be forgotten in a forum.
  23. dexter11

    KDE 4.2.2

    As you may already heard KDE 4.2.2 is out. It's mainly a bugfix and stability release. Mandriva packages are available here.
  24. http://forum.mandriva.com/viewtopic.php?t=108450
  25. If it was personal then he should have wrote something like "I won't be here for personal\family\health reasons". It doesn't have to be any more specific than that.
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