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  1. hopefully this is the right place. basicallt i was messing around with Avidemux2, and i created a new avi file. i tried to open it in Mplayer and mplayer just froze now i use mdk 2005 LE and i am wondering how the hell do i get rid of these frozen apps its rather annoying. they refuse to close and kde hasn't noticed its crashed so it doesn't terminate the program. so i am stuck with this program hogging space on my desktop. and proberly hocking resources. so please how do i force it to terminate.
  2. ok the first thing you need to do is to open up a consol and get your self into sudo mode. su > Pass once your are sudo'd, then type urpmi ppp, this will ask you if you are sure you want to install this package and its deps. once thats installed. download the alpha drivers for the modem here: Drivers now if that url is broken you need to get the Nortek drivers from here. Driver home page once you have downloaded the drivers you need to decompress the files, i don't know the command line, so i double click and copy the folder into /home. once you all is compressed, follow the step by step in the documentation file here: Pdf Documenation if you don't like pdf files there are several different formats found on this page. also covered in different languages. Docs once you get to create the configuration part, you apply custom settings. i did this in the menu. i think there is a command line version if so it should go through them all step by step. but heres the settings i use to get onto aol dsl. user: user full user name ie: user@aol.com password: your password vpi: 0 vci: 38 check update provider dns dns1: aol.co.uk dns2: aol.com selection modem: i put bt voyager 105, IF yours is not on there, follow steps in the pdf file make sure you have the right synch .bin file mine was synch03.bin ppp mode: VCM_RFC2364 use DHCP: checked (so its on) click create config. once that is done. the consol will be ready for input. this is where you test, to see if you can get online. type eciadsl-start to start the connection u can log it by doing eciadsl-start | tee log.txt hopefully you should be online. after 10-15 seconds. you will see in the consol it sending your username if thats happening. that means shortly you will be connected. any time after you've connected, and say rebooted. you will need to be sudo'd to connect. you cannot connect to the internet without root priv's. good luck Regards Damnation
  3. Guide Follow that link, to find out how to setup aol dsl on mandrake linux. using bt voyager 105 modem.
  4. just to let u know i am now online using aol. on a bt voyager modem through linux i'll post a link to linuxquestions later, when i have documented what i have done so that anyone can do it.
  5. lol unlucky, don't get that on my aol. + on the kids accounts aol has specific settings that only let them view things of their age group they control it all. sucked ass, as i saw my bro on the other comp, saw this java game that looked cool, and i couldn't play it. because to aol it was too violent for my 8 yo brother.
  6. tried it all, trust me, she won't move off it, cause aol isn't that... bad just until recent made u use its software, on 56k u can use "its" dialer, but no waol.exe thank god. and my mother loves the protection features it provides, its save for my little brothers to surf the net and not run across porn etc. so thats the main reason she keeps it, i have statted i can get software that will do that job, but she ain't shifting. i know i can get online with aol on 56k i did, using penggy. i just need to get it working on here, i got my data light flashing now. which means i am closer, help on aol boards pointed out my vci and vpi where nto correct. but i guess just like with my 56k over time i will get online.
  7. well i carried on. and seeing as somoen got revered to this post in another post these images will help as that user needs the drivers i use. heres how i installed and setup, unfortunatly i cannot connect to aol. i don't pay the bill so i have no choice. i've heard of others being online with it. i tried with the mandrake connection thing didn't work unfortunatly attempt Get Alpha drivers for bt voyager modems
  8. Basically, i got aol working on mandrake when i had 56k i use penggy but thats for dialup now i am on a 1mb dsl connection i would be on zen broadband, but my mum pays bill so i couldn't sway her. i was wondering if anyone here is on aol and on mandrake, i once tried to get aol 8 on mandrake all failed. and i guess i'd need aol 9 because of the new dsl stuff.
  9. i feel like a fool now, installed the drivers and bam it worked fine, saves me some cash : o) thanx i'll note that somewhere for future use.
  10. you know what that could be it, i've had problems with mandrake etc, (my fault) or i downloaded kde 3.4 from thacs site and its gone foobar etc. and i guess this time (staying with 3.2) i forgot to install the drivers i'll go do that now and get back to u. if this sorts the problem i'll be happy, as it saves about £200 till end of the year.
  11. basically i have a nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE its about a year old or so in my comp, as to its real age i dunno. but when i play those games it sucks i mean i have never seen my computer run so badly. its very laggy, slow to respond, and basically unplayable, i try the mesa demos they work fine, i tried to compile tuxracer but it moans about ghx or somthing like that being to early although i got the lastest and compiled it myself. i am just wondering basically. is it mandrake 10.1 or my graphics card? if so could u advise me as to what card i should get. my pc is a dell 4550 at the end of this year i will be building my own, i want a nvidia card i prefer them, so if anyone could suggest one thats below £200 thats better than the one i have now and works fine with opengl games. please let me know [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  12. just to let you know i did what you stated, about changing the driver and it works perfectly thank you so much!
  13. i opened xmms told it to use a mp3 from my win drive. it froze no sound nothing. couldn't even shut it down till i rebooted. i moved that file to my linux drive tried it again freeze. i tried a cd apprently it was playing but no sound. nor did i get sound from kscd but from supertux i do. now because my sound card isn't working correctly i am using the onboard sound ports. any ideas on how to fix the freeze with mp3 files, and how to get it to play with sound?
  14. Hello. first off i have a hercules 7.1 digifire sound card. i found a post on these forums about this but it had no replies. i got no sound through the headphone part of my card, apprently from that post the front speaker works. i am using the snd-cs46xx and as the alternate diver : cs46xx does anyone know how to correct this? so that sound works correctly? also i downloaded the latest linux nvidia drivers installed them. and i am wondering on windows i could get 32bit and on linux only 24bit but on linux my graphics card works better, faster, etc etc. yet only 24 bit? can it go to 32 on linux or is it 24bit max?
  15. Damnation


    just to tie the ends of this. that problem is a programming error, i did try what u suggested the result was like it couldn't read the file correctly. like for example a french person talking to me. i'd go cokeyed. but thanx for all your help!
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