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  1. btw, when I said this, I mean, it doesn't work at all with the isp servers, but configured like before (first dns server = my router's ip) it works partially... I can ping some serveres like www.google.com but not the dns? I get no response... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i would enter the ISP's DNS servers into your router's setup one of the screens will have a place to enter the correct DNS servers
  2. when you search for kppp in "install software/packages " try just searching for kppp . when it doesn't return anything iin the list often it means it's already installed open a terminal shell and type kppp
  3. usrobotics external i have used 3 different modems 1 33k and 2 56k modems on 10.0 and 10.1 and other linux flavors . i have tried other external modems but haven't had the same luck as with the usrobotics i use kppp to configure my dial up info and configure the modem
  4. see if you can "ping" one of the dns servers
  5. get into the mandrake control center go to software management /install change the search from mandrake packages to all packages there is a package(s) for a conexant modem Name: hsfmodem Version: 6.03.00lnxt04082400full-1mdk Size: 189 KB search for kppp Name: kdenetwork-kppp Version: 3.2.3-19mdk Size: 1063 KB to run kppp type "kppp" or look in the menu internet/remote-access
  6. what is the ip address of your dns server you entered ?
  7. dell might have a driver that works http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...&l=en&s=gen&cs= don't be concerned right now with the eth0 /network card it's just trying to get an IP from a local area network atfer it can't get one the boot process continues eth refers to network cards you want to play with tty ports for modems it sounds like you have fully configured a network card with IP info and have no network to connect to. you might find installing kppp helpful and it might query the modem as is, but i doubt it without the driver. connecting an external serial connected modem will give you much less headaches , if you can get your hands on one go for it .
  8. in mcc choose network & internet then choose internet access find out what your Internet service providers DNS servers IP 's are . they will have 2 DNS servers listed maybe more . look on the providers web site under support type stuff .
  9. Add DNS server IP's the icon to the right of make a new connection don't know the dns server IP's ? using windows at a command prompt type " nslookup" hit enter
  10. it's ready to mount the share you selected you see a button "mount" if you click that you will "mount " that share .. see the share in /mnt /XYZ . only thing is "root" mounted that share a nice tool is LinNeighborhood i recommend installing it i would also recommend installing webmin and configuring samba in the servers tab be sure to check windows networking if you want all the boxes to appear in the same workgroup and make sure you edit the samba /unix users and passwords the samba server needs to be restarted for changes to take effect you might find webmin very handy
  11. su to root ifconfig and see what the IP is if you manually configured windows maybe dhcp isn't serving ? the scope/ range of the dhcp server have enough addresses to hand out ? can you ping the router ? whats it's IP ? thats considered the gateway . maually enter the gateway and see if you get a dhcp address or manually configure all the numbers( IP -subnet mask- gateway) INCLUDING DNS server IP from your ISP. in mandrake_control_center / network & internet
  12. i run the exact opposite : xp/windows on linux during the setup ,networking questions are asked and need to be configured . do you have a dhcp server handing out IP addresses for the llinux guest . the delay when booting is the result of the linux machine looking for an IP .you will see an IP address of 169.xxx.xxx.xxx as a result of the linux guest failing to get a DHCP assigned IP. most home routers handle DHCP , how is the IP address of the XP box configured ? did you manually configure it ?
  13. i've installed LE 2005 on 3 machines so far p4 2.0 intel mb 512mg nvidia gforce ide hd pII 500mhz ibm 600x 512 mg laptop w/wireless pII 400 +/- mhz 256mg intel810 graphics HP brio pc i've never had any issues with the nvidia card with any distro i've installed on the p4 and LE 2005 was no different . i am not a gamer so what do i know about a graphics card anyway, but it seems to work fine and the TV out works . the wireless has been a hassle with most distros on the laptop however LE 2005 made it a non-issue . no extra drivers,no ndiswrapper ..nothing . Orinoco PCMCIA. i plugged in a linksys (WMP11 - Wireless-B PCI Adapter v4 )and it didn't work right off the bat like the Orinoco so i moved right to the usb linksys (USB12 ) and that one was a no braniner like the orinoco . so i am happy with wireless. the option of using ndiswrapper in mcc gives joe a better shot at getting wireless to work . playing encrypted dvds is much easier than before, but maybe i just got better information for this run http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/5644 i like the download manager that allows you to slip right into installing a just downloaded rpm . the sound of broken glass when getting errors is scary at first but kinda cool in the end. the logon sound is cool the star eyed tux is questionable just like the mandriva name . stars and names change just as long as the product is good . the zoom in from the left program menu is cool i guess but it reminds me of memphis97 i like the gnome/Fedora looking welcome screen . the issue of losing the mouse after reboot when using a "higher" security setting that was still in 10.2 rx seems to be resovled ,but thinking about it now i didn't choose "higher" with these 3 installs i went with the default "high" setting . firefox is the default browser , i like mozilla better for some things but i do like the latest headlines and the way opening a page in a new tab just opens the new tab and keeps me on the current page . VPN'ing options are working better for me desktop/behaviour/device icons looks like it's working better i haven't had a great deal of time to try "everything" or much of anything but i do like what i've seen so far . gdesklets /weather ... almost works ...it doesn't crash gdesklets and shows a display just no data so it might be workable now . i don't see why openoffice 2.0 isn't default or closer to it . 1.1.4 seems so old after using 1.1.9 i haven't ran into anything thats been dropped yet i.e. for everything you gain you lose something ,,,but again i've only used it for a couple of days . i've been stuck on mandrake since 8.x , tried many others but keep coming back . i think LE2005 is worth the d/l and look forward to seeing whats in store for 2006
  14. oh man they changed the name on distrowatch that should help the ratings
  15. simply mepis http://www.mepis.org/node/5306 has the feel of lycoris
  16. lindows should have picked the name "Lindex" cleans windows http://images.linspire.com/linspire5.0intro4-6-5.swf
  17. check here : System/Configuration/KDE/System/Login Manager/ click on :shutdown" tab
  18. sounds to me like : the security settings have changed from lower level to higher ..when the security is set at "higher" you lose the logoff gui (green dragon) and just get "end session" .
  19. we can't see your logs or the error message exactly and don't know what you've check and not checked . i would seach google for the exact error message . if you're having problems i'm others have had the same problem before you. ii did i quick 1 shot search and see a few leads .. looks like some people using squirrelmail have close to the same error you have . searching google has always given me leads.. that and log files . good luck
  20. mr Scrimpshire suggested checking the php.ini file . you confirmed that is set correctly ? you need the sendmail path set in php.ini and the outgoing SMTP server to be used if you specify your own server as an outgoing smtp server and you are using an ISP it can appear to be relaying email and the email will fail or atleast not get to where u r sending . check these lines in /etc/php.ini ; For Unix only. You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i"). sendmail_path =/usr/sbin/sendmail SMTP = smtp.yourISP.com mine works and i use postfix but the path to sendmail still needs to be there
  21. 1st you have to know the IP options : top level domain name : mydot.com sub domain name : yourname.but-not-your-dot.com ddclient: tracks ip changes of the roouters and send email with changes call someone at the other place i've done/do all three top level domain register a domain name http://www.renewalregistrar.com/ you can register a top level domian for just under 10$ per year know your dns servers when ordering a dot com it makes it easier. sub domain http://dnsdyn.com/ there are a ton of these service providers that will give you a subdomain name for free yourname.butmydot.com they usually have cliient software that checks your ip all day and sends any changes to dns servers ddclient : (comes in a mdk rpm) software that monitors many cable/dsl routers for IP changes it then emails you the ip change or updates a dns service . i use zoneedit.com to host my dns records for FREE up to 5 top level domains. you can't beat that you might start out using a subdomain plan for free . i use ddclient to monitor my router for wan ip changes when it sees a change it updates the records at zoneedit.com so i can host top level domains and i do for next to nothing on a dynamic ip dsl connection . i've been doing it for around 5 or 6 years and i've used many different services and software . in fact i set up many of my clients with this same set up . i register a domain name for them for 10$ then set up a client (direct-update)at the business and it updates IP's to dns records at www.zoneedit.com many routers support dynamic serives check yours out there are other options i imagine but you will need to know the IP of the machine you want to connect to. next you would want to establish a VPN connection to the remote machine , you can't do this without the IP or the dns hostname . i use rsync to sync the files on windows machines to linux machines. everyone can host their own dot com for peanuts that ought to be enough to get you going i was checking out some software p2p type called lean on me but i don't see it now . next week we'll go over "how to host multiple top level domains off 1 dynamic IP " you'll need mirrors, magic and a llittle smoke
  22. ddmcse

    MSEC 4 and SSH

    you are behind a router/firewall doing NAT right ? and this is filtering traffic right ? only allowing traffic to the webserver on certain ports You pick. your webserver is not set as a pc in DMZ right ?
  23. ddmcse

    MSEC 4 and SSH

    do research on what you want /etc/hosts.allow to have listed in the file . you can driil down to allowing whatever IP address access to what ever port you want ..also check any internal software firewalls that may be used . the firewalls work and will block you from touching the box . i use Webmin for accessing many settings on remote and local servers , i find it works much better than the mandrake wizards found in drakwiz. i 'm pretty sure once you cross the line into "higher" security the "linux firewall " is put into place .. check that .. if all else fails and you are not sure what to add to /etc/hosts.allow you can type in ALL:ALL on it's own line .. WARNING ALL:ALL means just that. all hosts will be allowed access to ALL ports if you are not behind a firewall /router you are asking for trouble .. if you open up ssh on the local box and open ssh on the firewall/router your box will be hammered by ssh login tries all day and night . you might have confidence of the strength of your password but i've seen brute force ssh hacks hammer at a box at rate of around 4 tries per second . i might be off on the 4 in a second but it's alot and you will SH!T your pants the first time you see hundreds of ssh attempts in your logs all coming from china @ 4 am your time. btw the box that got hammered and finally broke into was a fedora core 1 that allowed ssh from root , it wasn't mine but i got called to see why it went down . check your logs not that gettting hit on from anyone from china is a bad thing it's just something you want to watch
  24. http://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/47 ndiswrapper has worked for me using a linksys wireless b- wpc11 ver.4 and a linksys instant gigabit nic model eg1032 .. not quite the hardware you are talking about but my point ndiswrapper has made it fairly easy to install windows drivers for common, easy to find hardware Quoted from the magazine "WLAN nics with native linux support are few and far between ." " most people opt for an adapter with an Orinoco chipset " i had better luck with the linksys over the Orinoco . good article great magazine
  25. try using VMWARE as an alternative option to dual or triple booting .. all 3 operating systems can run at the same time, they all share hardware ,nic , drives,sound ..each guest OS gets it's own IP so all virtual machines are fully functional and network-able .windows has a version out called VirtualPC .each has a 30day demo attached screen shot shows MD10.1 as Host PC with Win2000 server as Guest 1 and WinXp as Guest2 .. Host PC is an older AMD 1.5 + 1g ram win2000 has been setup with 384 ram ..XP has 512 ram , you can select ram amounts for the guest PC
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