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  1. directory indexing ? i.e. index.htm index.php index.html will not show pages named Default.htm or pages named Default.html check your subdirectories for the same running virtual domains ? sounds like traffic from the router is getting bounced . Why are you here? Trying Connected to adsl-158-112-148.mia.bellsouth.net ( Escape character is '^]'. ^[ <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <html><head> <title>501 Method Not Implemented</title> </head><body> <h1>Method Not Implemented</h1> <p>to /index.html not supported.<br /> </p> </body></html> Connection closed by foreign host. i see stuff on it looks like a directory listing and the other one
  2. ddmcse

    Kolab server 10.2

    i love mandriva linux and it's bleeding edge attitude but for everything you gain you lose something . i would use 10.1 or another distro for a server . i do not have enough confidence in 10.2+ yet and plus i see some strange quirks on 10.2 . 2006 is cool but they are going after the desktop market more ...which again means for everything you gain (desktop) you lose (servers) i don't recall what md versions have sata issues but i have seen complaints . i "rolled out" dotproject this week , users are happy so far. when looking at kolab i don't see anything that dotproject doesn't have ...on the surface anyway. in fact it looks like dotproject has more features .. gantt, IT tickets, and a message forum built in . both connect to ldap and have folder/file sharing (with version controls) , address/contacts and shoot emails for scheduling type stuff here's an online demo http://www.dotproject.net/demo un=admin pw=admin runs on linux and windows .. cost free . completely kills the need for msproject . ms is such swiss cheese and they get you by the short hairs .. Oh you want to connect people to this server .. oh in that case gimme more CAL's , pay for an XP license on client boxes and then gimme 2 or 300 bucks to write a letter ..THAT is BULL . it ends up being 600-700 $ worth of swiss cheese for software per seat i was thinking last week you take an XP box without office or works on it and find a calendar that you can use . not that clock crap.. an actual calendar . oh well end of my rant ... good luck and go break some windows
  3. ddmcse

    Kolab server 10.2

    i just got kolab set up on a lapper with 2006 . it was painless . take a look at webcollab and dotproject.
  4. ddmcse

    Kolab server 10.2

    lets start with the first error Warning: main(session_vars.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/kolab/admin/include/headfoot.php on line 9 Warning: main(): Failed opening 'session_vars.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php/:/usr/share/pear/') in /var/www/html/kolab/admin/include/headfoot.php on line 9 looking for "session_vars.php" to be here : /usr/lib/php/:/usr/share/pear/' there is a "session_vars.php.template: file that needs your ldap info entered and a " save as " session_vars.php . save into one of the file folders listed or include the folder you want to use in the include path .
  5. ddmcse

    Kolab server 10.2

    Hi do you have "pear"php ? /etc/hosts.allow is correct ? add drakwiz to get the mandriva server wizards for mcc, it's another option for looking at ldap
  6. use a hardware router/firewall block outgoing ports block by app name or used port block outgoing IP's block incoming ports ..allow incoming ports to different pcs on the lan share your internet connection logs all activity . some routers take action when triggered like 30 dollars yes dial -up routers are out there too i'd rather have someone knocking on my routers' door than my pc's door ICS was cool ten years ago i am sure these rouge programs you are talking about will always start doing bad things when you are sitting in front of the keybaord waiting for the "interactive" pop up . do you want to gamble your iptables knowledge vs the world ?
  7. you might want to install and use "webmin " for managing postfix and other mail server related servers. i'd also recommend installing squirrelmail assuming you are going to use apache . squirrelmail is a web based way to get the mail . each client pc doesn't need to be configured to hit the email server , you just point the web browser to your squirrelmail server . it's cheating kinda , cuz your viewing over port 80 http. once you get everything ready to go you'll find you can't touch anything on the server from the clients . firewalls and hosts.allow will be next
  8. md2006 using madwifi package i skipped ndiswrapper like i used to use in 10.x update urpmi if you don't see madwifi
  9. sometimes the GUI for this doesn't open doing it manually works try these as root unload: rmmod bttv rmmod tuner load: modprobe bttv card=X tuner=X fyi (my-X=26)(my-x=39) check for errors/ confirm settings: dmesg make sure new settings are reported card /tuner list should/could be located : /usr/src/linux-2.6.11-6mdk/Documentation/video4linux (if you have the kernel source installed ) CARDLIST.bttv CARDLIST.tuner
  10. i'm using vmware 4.5.2 on 10.2 with vmware-any-any-update93 i have installed the same versions on 2006 and it seems to be working
  11. i've tried these alternatives ... nothing is really free . your time and effort to get things to work is worth something kmymoney doesn't print checks i have been using moneydance for approx 1/2 year . you can demo moneydance for 100 transactions
  12. im d/l the powerpack dvd and the 7 cd's of powerpack dvd started very slow but it's moving good now it's about 9 g wife is pissed pages aren't loading fast . i've had unsat. results with betas and rc's of 2006 on more than one or two machines . i have a feeling the final will be the same.. 10.1 rocks 10.2 is happy . they need to pull a rabbit out of something for this version
  13. ssh into the server then start the vnc you'll see the desktop you are looking for . i've found starting the vncserver when local loads a light weight desktop i forget which one icewm i think.. but if i ssh into box then start vncserver you get the desktop you see at the server . i hadn't bothered with vncserver:1 :2 and so on it automagically numbers them .
  14. ddmcse


    try here ? https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...29entry207129 freevo is packaged for mandriva listed in add/ remove software if it didn't show up in your list you need to edit where your PC " gets the list from" urpmi look up at the top of this page ... see "Easy urpmi . go there and get the system set up for packages choose mirrors close to you . after this is done correctly you'll see a lot more packages available . i had freevo working software wise but not video wise .. now i have video but freevo won't load . ..tis ok cuz mythtv is working one of the most important things is the tuner and card setting
  15. i'm using slimserver to stream mp3's silmserver6 i use Grip to rip the store bought cd's into my slimserver collection . slimserver does the rest . sorting/playlists/stream i stream from home to work and it works very well . it usually doesn't reflect much interference/lag/skipping from the networks.... unless someone "limewires" at the home network . i've installed it on 10.0 10.1 and 10.2
  16. when you set the static IP on the PC make sure you enter DNS and GATEWAY in MCC the "setup network ... doesn't ask for the gateway add GATEWAY in the reconfigure network section your gateway is very important at this point once all numbers are good you should be able to ping your Gateway - make sure the IP you choose for this PC is outside the scope/range of IP addresses being handed out by the router .
  17. i'd save your money and get urpmi working great with the free cds im a silver member i dont pay for it company does . been a member for a few years no matter what version i install setting urpmi correctly is the best way to get acces to all the packages .. see it at the top of this page ,, it's your friend big time pick ones close to you for all of em except the ones that have nothing close to you ie. plf thats australia or thats what i pick it is nice to support the folks bringing this fine distro to you
  18. more often than not there is a version made for linux or you can find the function built in. whats the app? you might be able to use wine for heavy windows lifting i'd use vmware
  19. after months of screwing with this on and off i "got it" too i kept hammering away today unloading and loading combinations unload: rmmod bttv rmmod tuner load: modprobe bttv card=X tuner=X fyi (my-X=26)(my-x=39) missing some channels in tvtime but after nothing for a LONG time i'll take it for now . mythtv seems to have all channels check for erros and confirm settings: dmesg make sure new settings are reported card /tuner list should/could be located : /usr/src/linux-2.6.11-6mdk/Documentation/video4linux (if you have the kernel source installed ) CARDLIST.bttv CARDLIST.tuner my results so far Xawtv= have sound ,change channels but no can see kdetv=same as above tvtime=works missing a few channels mythtv=works but has speech /sound off sync and a little echo (i saw this mentioned somewhere before) freevo = doesn't start anymore but did early today (win some -lose some) WMTV= might work i just don't "get it" and it's a tiny little window anyway
  20. i ran into that with kaffeine too worked after installing all these : avifile-win32 win32-codecs xine-win32
  21. anyone have a bead on this mirror ? "Although not planned to be officially announced until Monday (barring any major show stoppers), Mandriva 2006 Beta 1 isos made their way onto mirrors today. I had been quite anxious to test Mandriva's newest efforts and watching mirrors fairly closely last few weeks. So when those long overdue isos appeared, I found a partition for it immediately."
  22. everyone's definition of logging on to a linux box is different i think this guy's X won't start and it's a newbies nightmare ...no GUI i quote: After i restarted my machine, it told to to log in (but i never have to do that before) so i did but after that the screen flashed and go back to the login screen again as if nothing has happen. after you type in the username and password and seem to get right back to the login prompt type : mcc access hardware settings and see whats up with your monitor and screen resolution. perhaps during some of this you may have changed resolution ? if it's not X starting another thing i've run into is password aging how long have you had this linux box running ?
  23. ddmcse

    Amarok & 2005 LE

    I am using SlimServer it's installed and running on a LE box at my house . i've ripped all my music cd's onto this server i connect to the server using LE2005 using amarok over the net and stream the music from my home into my office . it works great . i had it working with Kaffine but when i switched to a password protected server , kaffine didn't seem to handle authenication out of the box and amarok did . i liked kaffine better but havent spent the time investigating why authentication doesn't fly. XP users can use winamp slimserver comes as an rpm with way easy installation i use jinzora for a while and im keeping slimserver
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