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  1. SMTP AUTH allows relaying for senders who have successfully authenticated themselves. The pop-before-smtp project is a simple daemon written in Perl, to allow email relay control based on successful POP or IMAP logins it's still relaying you've allowed it by login and so, it's not open to the whole world . if email is sent by joe@blow.com not on your lan and uses your smtp server "smtp.relayaway.com" and it's addressed to you@guessedit.com...... it's been relayed . Relaying email will get you on a reject list
  2. what email client are you using ? i just finished installing servers this morning on 10.2 2005LE . i haven't noticed how email is working yet . i'll let you know. i did run into this problem a while back but i forget what took care of it. when you send out email you're not really sending through your mandrake smtp right ? i mean when you are at work you send out via their outgoing smtp . you'll find your email getting rejected if you send out via your smtp and are behind/connected to an ISP because that is relaying, and if it works every spammer in the world will be sending out from your smtp server
  3. LPI over RH 10 yrs ago I took my first certification test and got my ass handed to me on a platter. get practice exams any cert is better than none and remember these tests have close to ZERO to do with real life situations
  4. I just installed 2006 powerpack on an HP amd 64 a few days ago start the install with the "no apci" option (sata drive issue) be ready for certain software not to work on linux and/or windows XP . i completely blew away XP from 1 pc , have 2 of these PC's i think it's HP 5150
  5. I'm dying to try my own version of this using one server dishing out desktops via LTSP two powerline ethernet adapters Ethernet over home Electrical wire and one cooperative neighbor . t should work , infact if it does work i shoiuld be able to send desktops to many of my neighbors depending on where the fun stops based on which homes are on which electrical transformers .
  6. just got this from MS Microsoft Office Live is coming. Hello and thank you for reserving your opportunity to participate in the Microsoft Office Live beta. Microsoft Office Live is scheduled to make its debut in early 2006.* When it does, you'll receive FREE access to a variety of online services designed to help give your small business the professional Web site and capabilities you need to succeed in today's marketplace. How can Microsoft Office Live benefit your business? Take a look: > Get a FREE Web site with your own domain name, free hosting, online business applications, e-mail and more. >Easily access your company e-mail, customer and project information from almost any Internet-connected computer.** > Make better use of your time and resources with one central location for your important data and smart, easy-to-use tools that can help you manage your small business. \ *At this time, participation in the Microsoft Office Live beta program is open to U.S. residents only. Due to the number of requests received for this beta, we cannot guarantee participation for every registrant. If you are selected as a beta participant, we will send you further information by e-mail. **Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Microsoft® Office 2000 or newer, and Windows XP.
  7. no offense but you're a geek most people don't want to mess with a computer all they want to do is get online ,email, chat ,that stuff maybe burn a cd at most we "geeks" are in the minority .
  8. uh? i don't understand... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> they are not going to sell computers you don't need a computer to do the things most people do online you need : internet connection (high-speed) display keyboard / touch screen a sun ray client type thing some kind of google / ajax / xul backend and the browser becomes the OS they don't want to make or sell the thing they just want to be thing that makes the thing work . at the same time it can run on windows desktops as a browser . your calendar, pictures , email , maps. word speed shets and more ... all in the same place . fire up the "google xp browser" and you are right where you left off last logon no matter where in the world or on what thing you were on . the ultimate thin client ,, for now
  9. XUL is the PC and "It"' can be delivered over the internet
  10. google pc being announced friday being sold at walmart for a couple of hundred bucks will change things
  11. click /menu/system/monitoring/NetApplet then right click and select always launch on startup
  12. it's a late christmas present . errata says there are fixes with the graphics. with 2006 i had to switch between 16bit and 24bit if i wanted to watch a dvd or if i wanted desktop icons to look normal . i've only had it installed a couple of days, . on an old laptop ibm 600x . wireless was no problem, same as with 2006
  13. add a dot then a / like this ./ then_the_file_name
  14. ddmcse

    Mouse problem

    change mouse settings to : see the section Section "InputDevice" try : Option "Device" "/dev/mouse"
  15. moneydance is another option money dance web site i used to use Quicken (5 yrs) then switched to MSmoney (4 yrs) i pulled all that data in moneydance , been using it for about 1 yr
  16. syntax? i'll have to look it up but isn't it : gcc proto.for -o proto.exe I compile C++ programs for windows using g++ code.cxx -o program.exe code.cxx being my code file
  17. you can confirm if webmin is running by typing as a regular user in a console " ps aux | grep webmin " you want to see atleast two lines with webmin one line like this 13915 0.0 0.1 2028 648 pts/1 S+ 06:48 0:00 grep webmin is not enough
  18. webmin might be helpful for configuring samba the most confusing thing about samba is understanding that samba users and access for those samba users is different than the users on the PC . you need to add the users you want to have samba access to the samba confiig . webmin makes that easy by converting users on the system into samba users . another catch is the password for the each samba user so after you convert the system users into samba users be sure and set the password for each user to match the password used by the system sorry i mis-informed you on starting webmin it's /etc/rc.d/init.d/webmin start or /etc/rc.d/init.d/webmin stop as root
  19. port 10000 needs to be opened try this in a terminal shell telnet localhost 10000 if you get [xyz@localhost ~]$ telnet localhost 10000 Trying telnet: connect to address Connection refused telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused this means port 10000 is closed or webmin is not started or both . most likely its the port open the port via the mandriva control center aka mcc under security/firewall either open "everything" ( not recommended ) or add the port 10000/tcp under advanced / other ports ssh port has zero to do with webmin restarting the pc will start webmin if webmin is configured to start @ boot however su to root and typing "/etc/rc.d/init.d/webmin start" will fire it up also if webmin is not configured to use ssl and you enter https:// you'll spin wheels try both http:// and https:// if webmin is configured to use ssl and you type http:// you'll get an error telling you to use https://
  20. i'm aiming to get my XUL connected to an mysql db .I could break some serious windows with this stuff . check this guy's XUL samples lots of potential . this is my third shot at a XUL app My Xul www.xulplanet.com has some tutorials anyone have some info to share ?, not necessarily database driven xul but any xul info fyi it's pronounced zool rhymes with cool thanks
  21. ddmcse

    Lexmark Z615 help?

    i got a lexmark usb printer to work several times on different MD versions by using the z600 driver and by forcing a prev vers of cups . searching on google pointed me to the 2 rpms one for the driver and one for the cups driver you have to force this rpm CJLZ600LE-CUPS-1.0-1.TAR.gz
  22. try changing the graphics to 16 bit instead of 24 bit i have the same problem on all versions of 2006 ..betas and rc's. switching to 16 bit worked for me except i have to switch back to 24 bit to play dvds
  23. i would ask "why hasn't mandrake/mandriva been present at linuxworld usa?" no sign of mandriva @ the last linux world in boston feb 05 and there was no sign of mandriva at last years event in NY jan 04 . also " are you planning on attending the next linux world event in boston 2006?". you might also ask if it's true that there is no word that translates to " marketing " in french
  24. can only select one ? everything except 9.x and cooker
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