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  1. Hehe :D I made a lil' something to test out gimp ; The background is transparant in firefox, don't know about any other linux browser actually. It's just a simple orb :P i tried to do a little 3D effect but I failed :(
  2. Seems like another thing to try :D I'm gonna try it, and i'll post what i think ;)
  3. After resseting the font paths to make the X graphical interface work again, My wireless card doesn't work anymore :S It's still there in the hardware menu, but i can't choose it in the "Make a new connection" screen. Thanks Adrian
  4. yes, another vote for the gimp here, Although , when you are familiar with photoshop's "layer styles" aka blending options, you won't find them on gimp. And you can't make the same kind of brushes as in Photoshop, but i'm sure they'll fix that in some other version ;)
  5. And what do i have to do when I run the mcc ? And how do i acces the xorg.conf ?? (i'm a noob :P )
  6. My system won't start up graphically anymore :( And i didn't change anything in the controls etc.. When i type "startx" i get info & these error messages : Fatal server error : could not open default font "fixed" XIO fatal IO error 104 (connection reset by peer ) on X server ";0.0" after0 requests ( 0 known processed ) with 0 events remaining What do I do to solve this ? And i would prefer to keep my current system, so not reinstalling. Thanks Adrian
  7. oh , i have the same problems but i don't wanna uninstall my system. I'll make a new topic about it since this one is "solved"
  8. Thanks everyone , Once i get past my problem with the graphical interface not showing up, i'm gonna try the uninstalling tutorial mentioned above
  9. Hello, My eth1 (wireless network adapter) dissapears everytime I reboot. Then when i reboot again , it shows up again :o This is kinda annoying, since I have to Start my computer >> (While rebooting i get the message that eth1 has been removed) >> Then reboot again >> ( Then i get the message that eth1 has been added) How can I solve this ?? Thanks Adrian
  10. Thanks ! But when I see the info on Anjuta, it says it is written for Gnome/GTK.. Can I use it with Kde too ?
  11. Hello , i'm new to programming in C++ , and I need a compiler for Linux ( Mandrake 10.0 ) preferably with a graphic interface. I've heard that linux has a built-in C++ compiler, is this one relatively "easy to use" ? Thanks Adrian
  12. I know how to uninstall programs that I installed with a RPM , But how do I uninstall the ones that were installed using a .sh ? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  13. Thanks :D This is becoming one of my favorite forums :D
  14. Hello , I'm a complete newbie to Linux, and i'm running Mandrake 10.0, I would wish to install Wine , but how do i do this ?? :unsure: I've doublecliked the RPM , and nothing happened.. Thanks for your help Adrian EDIT: Yay , i got it :D I followed the tutorial on this site (or was it another?) , and also installed the dependencies. [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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