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  1. Memtest was clean. Running KDE, couldn't find xsessionerrors, Xorg.0.log showed nothing out of the ordinary. It is an nVidia board, but I haven't installed any drivers as everything worked on install. I've been doing some more playing and I think it may be Nicotine's fault, but I'm not sure just yet.
  2. I've been running Mandrake 10.1 for a few weeks now (dual booting Windows XP, though I haven't seen it in since I got Mdk up and running), but I'm currently experiencing a new problem. At random times, Mandrake decides to logout, forcing me to log back in. I lose everything I'm working on, as there is no option to save any of my work. The background shows full screen, monitor flashes black and then I'm confronted with my login screen. Extremely frustrating to say the least. I wish I could duplicate it, but it happens with no programs running, it happens with programs running, when I'm listening to music, when I'm browsing the internet, seemingly at random. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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