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  1. i tried a cd apprently it was playing but no sound. nor did i get sound from kscd


    but from supertux i do.


    Ok, am I correct in assuming you're using ALSA? Well, make sure your mixer settings for analogue CD are set correctly, just in case. Because that recurring problem makes me think that would be the problem. Oh well, what would I know, heh.


    Maybe you should also try running the xmms cd input plugin in digital mode. That copies the files straight from the CD source, basically, and plays them back.


    I don't know how useful this can be, but I hope it helped. :cheeky:

    I would try FreeEagle's suggestion, then this if nothing changes.

  2. Another thing you should know, I do this myself :P . If you want to save your favorites to a file, just in case you're paranoid like I am, you can always go to Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks, and click File->Export there. That way (if you use bookmarks as insanely as I do) you at least won't lose your bookmarks if this problem ever happens again. Good luck! :headbang:

  3. I downloaded NWMovies and NWMouse (3rd party enhancement tools for Neverwinter Nights). The trouble is, I can't get them to compile. One of the first errors was like this.


    Error: 'SDL/SDL.h' not found


    I have libsdl and sdl installed. Would I have to just replace sdl with libsdl? Or should I install a whole new rpm for the file instead?

  4. Now the real problem is: what is the meaning of 'mandrivausers' in either language? And would they pronounce it mandlivausels?


    Hahah that's comical. I like the Chinese accents, the owners of a Cantonese restaurant in my area are über.

  5. Wow, I'm such an idiot :P . I've used 7-Zip under windows, bah! I didn't know it was also for *nix hahah. Oh well, I suppose one can say there is power in sourceforge. What an amazing concept :drum: .


  6. So, being a Neverwinter Nights fan, I downloaded the Community Expansion Pack from Bioware. Trouble is, I downloaded a RAR archive. I decided to download the program called "unrar" from sourceforge. I did make and I did get some warnings, but it worked out ok. I did make install, and it did indeed install. When I went to unrar my archive, I got a bunch of errors. The directories extracted fine, but not a single file was extracted.

    So here's my question, is there a reliable software for unzipping rar files in Linux? I'm looking for something easy to install under Mandrake 10.1 that actually works. I appreciate all feedback.

  7. Ok, like I've stated once before, I'm using the 6111 drivers. Now there must have been some tremendous efforts on NVidia's part when adding all these new drivers. I'm looking to update my drivers to 7167 or 7174, IA32. The thing is, I do not know how to approach this. What I'm saying is, I don't want to fool around aimlessly and screw up my Linux once again. Call me a coward :D , but I have my drivers configured just the right way. I just want to be able to uninstall the old drivers and install more recent ones.

    I was also thinking about getting a new video card. If you think you can advise me here, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for something at a decent price that would run Neverwinter Nights at a smoother framerate :P . I have an NVidia TNT2 Model 64, and I was wondering possibly if, after I installed the new drivers, I would swap out the old TNT2 for a new one. Would this screw up my configuration? If someone has experience, please let me know. Thank you.

  8. Does your laptop's BIOS support VESA (probably)?

    I think Mandrake 10's XFree86 has a VESA driver.

    Once you're ready, you should probably install the ATi module (I believe it comes in an rpm).


    If this doesn't apply to your situation, forgive me, as I know nothing of laptops and notebooks and the like :lol: . Too expensive for me when I can just buy a $100USD 800Mhz Pentium III with an Nvidia TNT2M64 and the obsolete Aureal 8810 soundcard from a thrift store and use my 10 yr old CRT monitor and my stereo to boost the sound :cheeky: .

  9. Ok I apologize for the delay, but I haven't had net access for a while, and my Linux box doesn't have net access either (which is no help) :D . Ok so basically my dmesg (at the end) said this.

    usb 1-2: new low speed USB device using address 2


    It didn't recognize what the joystick was though.

    I modprobed for joydev, and nothing happened, according to dmesg. However I do know the joydev driver went into memory.

    I unplugged and plugged in the gamepad again.

    Basically dmesg said that the low speed device was removed, and it didn't detect it the second time.

    Alsa and harddrake (the module harddrake) are reacting oddly to the gamepad. If I boot up the computer with the gamepad in, harddrakes convenient "detecting new hardware" freezes, and when I boot out after trying to get the gamepad to work (and unplugging it properly), alsa won't shut down.

  10. Wow, thanks. I'll try it out. The sourceforge page even answers questions, and the instructional videos on the site are neat. Exactly what I was looking for. :beer: Only thing, does it do fullscreen programs, like a game? Sorry if I'm being a hassle. It must seem like that question should be asked at the xvidcap website.

  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there exists a program for Linux that captures fullscreen application sound and graphics animation and outputs it to either an avi, wmv, or divx file. I've seen one program that does this well, and it's for Windows. It's called fraps. I know there has to be a program like this for Linux. I mean, on http://www.linuxconsole.org/ there are avi videos of certain games that run under LinuxConsole LiveCD. If there is such software, I'd probably also be looking for a video file converter. If anybody can help, I appreciate it. :thumbs:

  12. Yeah, I figured such, and when I modprobe for the joystick everything seems to go fine, but no js* in /dev/input. Joydev is somewhere in /lib, I know that for certain... Hmm. I'll try some more of what has been said.

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