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In a few words: This is about us

So we started in 2002. Paul Willard (paul) and Mark Ryan (Cannonfodder), and a few others took over where Tom Berger had left off. The board has gained semi-official status from Remi Mathieu, and Gael Duval (both from Mandriva S.A); support from the Open Source Labs at Oregon State University (; and links to non-English speaking Mandriva specfic websites. We've gone from strength to strength, and are now the largest unofficial Mandriva support forum in the world.

And we're a lot of fun... come join in!

OpenMandriva 2013.0 Final is out.

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- 02-16-14 23:49 - 0 comments

OpenMandriva 2013.0 Final was released on November 22, 2013 and work has begun on 2014!

Hopefully, this will liven up the discussion around here ;-) I am currently writing this from the OpenMandriva 2013.0 live boot.

Find it here:


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Mandriva decision delayed again

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- 01-24-12 10:31 - 5 comments

The fate of Mandriva is still in doubt. A final decision was expected on 23 January, but the deadline has now been extended to 27 January.

More at Ostatic.
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Is Mandriva Finished This Time?

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- 01-06-12 10:14 - 9 comments

Public details are still a bit sketchy, but if the various forum posts are accurate, Mandriva will most likely shut their doors on January 16. Mandriva has had a long history of financial problems and this latest one could be the one to take Mandriva out.

More details at Ostatic.
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Mandriva 2011 launched!

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- 08-28-11 17:30 - 11 comments

As of today Mandriva 2011 has been made available.


md5sum: 6b773dfde75f04fe1819c58df99cff74 Mandriva.2011.i586.1.iso

md5sum: 1aa57f412f7e06a2d0b45034f76a0d65 Mandriva.2011.x86_64.1.iso

Mandriva 2011.0 Tour: http://wiki.mandriva.../en/2011.0_Tour
Release notes: http://wiki.mandriva...en/2011.0_Notes
Errata: http://wiki.mandriva...n/2011.0_Errata
Automatic Mandriva Linux Media Setup(new looking):
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