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NT-05: How to permanently set the hostname with MCC

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Posted 12 May 2003 - 03:30 AM

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NT-05: How to permanently set the hostname with MCC

After setting up my network board, my hostname is DHCP-something. I want a customized hostname. The hostname command is not permanent. How do I customize my hostname using the Mandrake Control Panel?

You have a cable modem or some type of internet connection where your DHCP address is automatically assigned. Mandrake, by default, will assign a hostname similar to the MAC address of your NIC board. Typing


will change your hostname temporarily until you reboot. If you would rather have a permanent custom hostname, see below.

1.Run the Mandrake Control Center. Open a command-line console and type mcc. Or look for it in your menu. You will need to type your root password to use this.

2. In the left panel, Click on Network & Internet.

3. In the right panel, Click on the first option, DrakConnect.

4. In order to make changes, you will need to make sure your network connection is not active. Click the Disconnect button if necessary.

5. To start the configuration, click the Wizard button.

6. On this screen, there are two checkboxs that need to be checked. They are

Use Auto Detection
Expert Mode checkboxs.

Check these and then click Next.

7. This screen will list all possible network connection methods. Click only the ones that apply to you. You will have to configure each method you click. If you have a cable modem for example, you only need to click the Cable Modem option. If you are on a LANS, then the LANS option. When ready, click Next.

8. In this screen, make sure you click dhcp-client. Click Next until you see a screen containing a column of checkboxs.

9. In this screen,

Enter your DHCP host name. This is a name that you can customize. E.g. This is not your ISP service provider.

Uncheck "Assign host name from DHCP address".

When ready, click Next.

10. In this screen,

Enter the zeroconf hostname. Using the example before, this might be mybox.
Enter your hostname as typed before.

When ready, click Next.

11. Click Next repeatedly until you reach the last screen. Then click Finish. If any of the screens need additional setups, set them up.

Leaving the wizard, you will be asked to restart your network. Do so and after you exit the wizard, restart your internet by click on the Connect button.

Good luck and enjoy your new hostname!

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