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MCNLive for Asus eeePC

#1 Guest_bode_*

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Posted 30 January 2008 - 05:40 PM

Who knows if there will be a version of MCNLIVE specific for Asus eeePC? MCNLIVE4eee?

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Posted 30 January 2008 - 07:09 PM

I think you better ask this on the Dutch Mandriva page ( They made the distro. Though Chris announced a few months ago that she stopped developing it. I don't know if anyone took over or not.
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Posted 30 January 2008 - 08:41 PM

At this point I don't think anyone has really picked up development from Chris, though a few people have tried. It's highly unlikely you will ever see an MCNLive specific to the eeePC. Sorry :-/

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Posted 04 February 2008 - 02:35 PM

you might try

its based on MDV and still in active development.

I believe that they have gotten it running on an eee, but I could be wrong.

since i dont own one, i just pay cursory attention.


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Posted 27 September 2010 - 07:20 AM

It sure looks and smells like SPAM this time also.

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Posted 27 September 2010 - 08:39 AM

Spam removed.
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